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Hans Reiser,Linux Filesystem Creator, Held in Murder of Wife Nina Reiser as Reward stands at $25,000

Hans Reiser is being held without bond as even with no body, police have enough circumstantial evidence to keep him locked up. Amazing that murder crimes make strange bed fellows as one of Reiser’s attorneys is Daniel Horowitz. Howrowitz’s own wife was murdered last year.

Reiser, 42, is being held without bail in the Santa Rita jail in California pending a hearing on November 28, when he is supposed to enter a plea. His lawyers, who now include Daniel Horowitz, whose own wife was murdered last year in a highly publicized case, said they delayed entering a plea so they could review the evidence against him.

The cops don’t have a body, only circumstantial evidence, but enough to lock Reiser up. According to a police statement, “We interviewed a host of individuals. All avenues led back to Mr. Reiser being responsible for the death and disappearance of Ms. Nina Reiser.” (Open Source Magazine)

The reward for information leading to the location of the missing Nina Reiser has increased from $15,000 to $25,000.

For further information, go to

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Trenton Duckett’s Toys & Picture Found in Trash During Initial Search of Duckett Home

It is no surprise that law enforcement probably considered Melinda Duckett a suspect fromTrentonduckett cfn the out set of the disappearance of Trenton Duckett. Melinda would have been the last one to have put Trenton to bed and the first one to have noticed he was missing. The disappearance also took place under Melinda’s roof. However, now we are learning some more details to the original searches performed by the police upon gaining the initial search warrants.

Police asked to search her apartment on Aug. 27 — the night she reported Trenton missing. Investigators went to court to get a search warrant, and they searched her home early Monday morning.

“There were two search warrants served. One on the original night of the disappearance, or I guess that would actually be the following morning, early in the morning hours, and that was as the case wore on and it became apparent after interviewing the parents that the child had indeed disappeared,” said Capt. Steve Rockefeller of the Leesburg Police Department.

Upon searching the home the police found some interesting items:

Law enforcement officials told the WESH 2 I-Team that police found freshly painted walls in some places, and in the back, trash that was allegedly thrown out by Duckett was filled with Trenton’s toys.

But what grabbed investigators’ attention were the pictures, officials said. They said a lot of pictures of Trenton, including the sonogram printout from when Duckett was pregnant, were all thrown away in the trash.

Learning such details it becomes all that much more tragic that Melinda Duckett committed suicide. Authorities being able to question her in whatever manner might have shed some light on all of this as to “Where is Trenton Duckett”?  Authorities have been searching at Ocalla National Forest and have turned up the following so far.

1. This past Sunday, divers in Farles Lake in the Ocala National Forest found a white garbage bag.

On the bag, investigators discovered a substance that some believed was blood and holes that appeared to be from alligator bites. The bag was sent to a Florida Department of Law Enforcement lab in Jacksonville for analysis, and forensic tests showed that the substance on that bag is not blood.

2. Law enforcement officials also said divers found a large piece of asphalt about 10 feet away from the bag. The lake is in a remote woodland where there are no paved roads.

3. The search in the Ocala National Forest has also turned up what could be a child’s shoe. Forensics experts are examining the shoe. (WESH)

The family is trying to work out the details to offer a $5000.00 reward.

The Eubanks’ church fund is in addition to the reward offered by Crimeline. In order to get that reward, tipsters need to call 800-423-TIPS. Police are also urging anyone with information to call the main investigative number at 800-CALL-FBI.

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Destiny Norton, 5, Still Missing; Reward Doubles to $30,000

Five year old Destiny Norton is still missing. Police and search teams have been looking for Destiny Norton since last Sunday. VIDEO

70 of his officers are assigned to the Destiny Norton Case with more coming from surrounding agencies as well as the FBI. 250 people have been interviewed in detail. 260 tips have come in from the 799-INFO line as well as the police department’s website. 70% of those tips have been cleared — in other words, they were dead ends.

The reward for information to the return of Destiny Norton has been doubled from its original $15,000.00.

The Mayor announced that the reward for information leading to Destiny’s whereabouts is doubling. The FBI is now pledging $15,000. That will be added to what’s already been donated by Meadow Gold and the Sund Foundation, making the total cash reward $30,000. (ABC 4)

National Media Doesn’t Show Up for Destiny Norton Story

The search for Destiny Norton has generated plenty of local coverage on TV, radio, in the newspapers and on the internet.

One of the few MSM types that have at least referenced Destiny Norton’s disappearance was staunch victims rights advocate Nancy Grace, thank you. VIDEO

It is true that we have not seen any news in the Main Stream Drive by media either on the case of the disappearance of Destiny Norton. That is rather unfortunate. Upon writing this post we are sending a plea to several producers in the MSM in hopes that they will cover this story. In my opinion it has all the aspects of what they normally do cover. Sometimes they just need a nudge.

A five-year-old girl disappears without a trace, and a community searches. Among the apparent mysteries is why, so far, the national media have stayed away. Jeannie Hill/ Friend, Search Coordinator: “It is a little frustrating, especially since the fact that we haven’t found her yet. It should have national attention. It should.” The kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart drew blanket coverage in 2002, though in that case her younger sister actually witnessed a man taking the girl. The national media showed up two years later when Lori Hacking disappeared and her husband Mark became a prime suspect. Lori’s father says he’s surprised they’re not back now. (KLS)

Family web site for Destiny Norton:

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Kesse News Conference: Kesse Family Raises Reward to $250,000 for Jennifer Kesse

Jennifer Kesse has been missing for three months. Today the family has increased the reward to tips into locating their daughter to $250,000.

Her family announced that the reward is now $250,000 at a news conference Monday morning, WESH 2 News reported.

Westgate’s President and CEO David Siegel put up the reward hoping to get people motivated to call police.

“I hope and pray that I’m able to write that check in the near future. We’re making that reward good for one month from today, until the 24th of May.

Kesse Announcement

It’s expected the family will release new information about the reward leading to information about their daughter’s safe return, but exact details have not been released.

Of course, if you have any information about the whereabouts of Jennifer Kesse, you’re asked to call CrimeLine at 1-800-423-TIPS.
(Central Florida News 13)

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Family of Missing Jennifer Kesse increase Reward by $10,000

The parents of Jennifer Kesse, who has been missing since January, increased the reward by adding $10,000 of their own money. This is actually a separate reward from that of Crimeline. The Kesse family is desperate for tips and has created a separate phone line for tips as well. The new tip line to the Kesse family is (407) 722-2162.

The new reward is not associated with Crimeline or police, and phoned tips about the person of interest will go directly to the Kesse family.

“We are desperate,” father Drew Kesse said. “We need help as a family. Now, the best thing we can do is to try to find this person of interest.”

The family hopes the $10,000 reward and new phone line will appeal to those who may be afraid of going to the police.

“At this point, through the grapevine, I’m sure many people have to know who that person of interest is because people talk,” Joyce Kesse said.
(Local 6 via Yahoo News)

Anyone with information concerning her disappearance is urged to call (800) 423-TIPS (8477).

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Anonymous donor Pulling their $100,000 of reward for Missing Jennifer Kesse over Dispute

Jennifer Kesse has been missing since January 23 and now it appears that previously donated reward money to find Jennifer Kesse is being pulled. With a girl missing it is unfortunate that such a conflict exists whereas reward money will soon be pulled from the missing persons case.

An anonymous resident who donated $100,000 of reward money in the Jennifer Kesse missing person case is pulling the cash after a “behind the scenes” conflict with Crimeline, according to a Local 6 News report.

Tuesday, the anonymous donor said the $100,000 will be pulled by March 15. The move is supposed to help the case and force someone to come forward this month.

However, there is a behind the scenes conflict between the anonymous donor and Crimeline, Local 6 reporter Louis Bolden said.

The controversy lies in the condition to collect the reward, according to the report.

The controversy is over the following wording:

The donor has reportedly said from the time the donation was made that the money was to only to be paid if Jennifer Kesse is returned home safely, the report said.

But the money was turned over to Crimeline and the organization offers rewards for information leading to arrests even if the person is not returned.
(Local 6)

Let’s just hope and pray, reward money or not Jennifer Kesse is found safe.

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Reward offered for missing UTSA student, Naomi Fuentes

Naomi Fuentes, a UTSA student, has been missing since February 19, 2006. ANaomi Fuentes $5000 reward has been offered by Crime Stoppers for any information to her disappearance.

Fuentes, 40, was last seen at the school’s downtown campus, where a surveillance video showed her arrive that afternoon in the Durango Street parking lot in a 2001 gold-colored Nissan Maxima.

Fuentes last was seen wearing blue jeans, a dark gray hooded rain jacket and black Sketchers boots. She was carrying a black leather purse with brown trim and a black-and-blue book bag.

(San Antonio Express News)

For those with information, call 224-STOP (224-7867).

UTSA Student Missing

Forty-year-old Naomi Fuentes was studying late Sunday on campus, and did not make it home, authorities said.

“A family member reported her missing late last night, and the UTSA Police Department immediately began an investigation,” UTSA spokesperson David Gabler told News 4 WOAI Monday.

Naomi Fuentes’ car was found in the campus parking lot.

Fuentes is described as a Hispanic woman about 5’1,” and she was last seen wearing blue jeans, a gray hooded jacket and black boots, authorities said.


University of Texas at San Antonio Police Department

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Reward Increased to $21,000 for Missing Ali Gilmore

Ali Gilmore, a 30 year old pregnant Tallahassee woman who has been missing for three weeks. The reward for information for the missing pregnant woman has been increased. The Police now believe foul play may be a factor in her disappearance based on the length of time that Ali Gilmore has been missing.

Publix Super Markets added $10,000 to the reward money being offered for information leading to the whereabouts of Ali Gilmore.

The donation matches the $10,000 that Tallahassee police announced earlier this week. Crime Stoppers (891-4357) also is offering $1,000 for information, making the total $21,000.

To help aid the search and information process, the Nancy Grace show plans to cover the case of the missing Ali Gilmore.

“Nancy Grace Show,” a CNN program that often highlights missing-person cases across the country. The segment is scheduled to air at 8 p.m. or 10 p.m. Tuesday
(Tallahassee Democrat)

Anyone with information on Gilmore’s whereabouts may call police at 891-4200 or Crimestoppers, 891-HELP (4357).

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Crime Stoppers and Joe Mammana To Divide Reward In Julie Popovich Case

Joe Mammana offered $50,000 reward money for information leading to an arrest in the Julie Popovich case. He was told by Crime Stoppers that there were many leads that lead to the arrest of Adam Saleh. Joe Mammana was pleased to hear that several tips lead to the arrest of the alleged murderer of Julie Popovich.

Central Ohio Crime Stoppers officials said benefactor Joe Mammana was excited to hear Wednesday that detectives determined several tips were instrumental in reaching an indictment in the Julie Popovich murder.

Adam Saleh, 19, was charged last week in connection with Popovich’s death.

Detectives now say there were six important tipsters who should be rewarded.

Joe Mammana has recently been the benefactor of several rewards/bounties for missing person cases.

Mammana will help Crime Stoppers determine how much each tipster will receive.

“He’s putting up the money, so we’ll listen to what he says. We’ll listen to what the detective says, and the final decision will be the board of Crime Stoppers on who should get what,” said Kevin Miles, of Central Ohio Crime Stoppers.

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Reward Increased to $10,000 for Michelle Bullard

Michelle Bullard has been missing since January 2, 2006. Police believe the was Michelle Bullard 3kidnapped during a violent home invasion; however, has not been heard from or seen since. The reward for information regarding Michelle Bullard was increased to $10,000 on Saturday. The authorities and family ask the public for your help.

“We know somebody out there knows something,” said Amanda Cristello, Bullard’s cousin. “If they can’t come forward out of the goodness of their heart, maybe they’ll come forward to collect the reward money.”

Karen Riojas, Bullard’s mother, offered a personal plea.

“You can remain anonymous. You do not have to tell your name,” she said. “Michelle, if you can hear me, we love you. We miss you, and we need you back home, baby. I’m not going to let this go.”

(ABC 11 TV)

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