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New Charges Against Walter White in Death of Samantha Mikesell

Its been two months since the body of Samantha Mikesell was found as she Walter A. Whitedied of an overdose from drugs given to her by previously convicted sex offender Walter A. White.

Walter A. White, 39, was charged in 2nd District Court with child-abuse homicide, a second-degree felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

Prosecutors have now amended the charges against White as follows:

In the amended charges filed Wednesday, there is an implication Mikesell tried to commit suicide, too. In a probable cause statement, prosecutors say White attempted suicide and gave Mikesell medication “to effect her death. The defendant provided planning, instruction, transportation and the location to facilitate the victim’s death.”

Police have said White ingested the booze and pills, passed out and regained consciousness. Mikesell died. Her body was recovered from Mueller Canyon the next day.

White had already faced six felonies related to his alleged sexual relationship with Mikesell and for allegedly moving her body and evidence on the night she died.

(The Salt Lake Tribune)

Man charged with homicide in girl’s death

A registered sex offender has been charged with second-degree felony child abuse homicide in the death of a 16-year-old Bountiful girl who took a lethal dose of antidepressant pills.

Walter Andrew White, 39, of Woods Cross is accused of providing the pills to Samantha Mikesell.

Charging papers say he provided the “planning, instruction, transportation and the location to facilitate the victim’s death.” White appeared in 2nd District Court on Wednesday.

He also is charged with third-degree felony unlawful sexual activity with a minor, third-degree felony unlawful sexual conduct with a 16- or 17-year old, third-degree felony dealing in harmful material to a minor, third-degree felony obstructing justice and third-degree felony desecration of a human body.

(Desert News)

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Body Of Missing Teen, Samantha Mikesell Found In Utah, Walter Andrew White held as Suspect

The body of missing 16 year old Samantha Mikesell was found in Meuller Park, a Samantha Mikesellwooded area in the Bountiful foothills in Utah. Police were lead police to the area of  Samantha’s body search where dogs located her. She had been missing since Sunday.

Police have found the body of a missing teenager while acting on information from her suspected abductor.

Police first believed the girl may have run away until information from their investigation led them to a man that may have been with her when she disappeared.

Body of missing teen found

BOUNTIFUL — Police found the body of a missing 16-year-old girl today in Mueller Park Canyon. A convicted sex offender who has been living in Woods Cross is being questioned about any role he may have played in her death.

Search dogs discovered the body of Samantha Mikesell in some brush and undergrowth near the backyard of a home on Wood Hollow Drive. Police said they found empty pill bottles nearby.

Walter Andrew White

Officers on Thursday were questioning Walter White, 38, who admitted that he had been with Mikesell since Sunday. Bountiful police said White admitted to picking up Mikesell on Sunday at Dee’s Restaurant in Bountiful, where she worked, and taking her to the canyon.(Desert News)

It was originally though that the two had met on the internet; however, later determined that Samantha had met her assailant through the man’s son. What were the odds that Samantha Mikesell’s alleged killer was a previous sex offender?

The unnamed man is a registered sex offender with the State of Utah. In 1996 he was convicted of lewdness involving a child, a class B misdemeanor. He has not been charged with a crime involving Mikesell.


Police said Mikesell met White through his son, and the two were friends. Officers seized a mattress and a computer from White’s apartment on Thursday. However, police said there was no evidence of a sexual relationship between White and Mikesell.

Cardall said Mikesell’s family may have recently learned of her friendship with White and disapproved. (Desert News)Walter White

Walter Andrew White is just another example of the system giving sex offenders ever chance in the world so that they can ultimately kill. What in the hell is wrong with out legal system that provides opportunity after opportunity for sex offenders to commit crimes until they finally kill? Only then do we take it seriously. What purpose would a 38 year old registered sex offender and a 16 year old girl need to have a relationship? 

Bountiful Detective Paul Cardell noticed White, who was convicted in 1996 of lewdness involving a child, had scratches on his arms and face, and he admitted picking up Mikesell Sunday from her job at a Dee’s Restaurant in Bountiful.

At that point police took him to the station for questioning and searched his home and car, confiscating his computer and a mattress, Lt. S.A. Gray said.

White told detectives he had been with the Viewmont High School student in the foothills east of Bountiful but does not remember anything between the time he was with her and the time he woke up in the Lakeview Hospital.

Officers said Davis County sheriff’s deputies found him disoriented in the foothills earlier this week and had him taken to the hospital.

Police said others have told them the pair went into the canyon intending to commit suicide.

White met the teen through his son or stepson, police said, and they would talk on the Internet.

(Salt Lake Tribune)

UPDATE: Walter White Had Past Says Relative

Walter White’s family and estranged wife knew that he was seeing a 16–17 year old girl, obsessed over her and was a registered sex offender. All this and they told no one? The family urged him to stop seeing Samantha. Did they warn her family? Either the answer is no or if they did, then Samantha’s family knew their 17 year old daughter was associating with a sex offender. The latter I find hard to believe.

Walter White’s family and his estranged wife say he met Samantha Mikesell about a year ago and the two saw each other often.

White’s family told us they met through one of White’s sons. Several family members told us it was a friendship that broke up Walter White’s marriage. Another family member told us it was more than a friendship and seemed a lot like obsession.

Walter White and Samantha Mikesell met a year ago. Some family members say they were just friends and never alone, others say it was more than that. All agreed it was not healthy, and both had a history of suicide attempts.

White’s sister-in-law says the relationship was obsessive; they talked about being in love. She says he admitted he could not leave young girls alone.

Sister-in-Law: “Walter has a horrible, sexual abuse, um past, where he’s been in trouble with the law.”

The family urged him to stop seeing the teen. They tried to stay in touch and make sure he was getting counseling and taking his medicine.


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