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Joy R. Johnson, 25, of Cincinnati Missing. Last seen Sept. 7, 2005

The family of a local woman, Joy R. Johnson, 25 of Cincinnati has not been seen since September, 7, 2005 at Tags Tap Room on Cincinnati-Columbus Road, according to police. The family of the missing woman believes foul play is involved.

Joy R. Johnson, 25, of Cincinnati, was last seen Sept. 7 at Tags Tap Room on Cincinnati-Columbus Road, according to police. However, some of Johnson’s family said they last heard from her Aug. 30 when she called one of her sisters, who asked her to come and stay at her house the next day. She never showed up, and no one has heard form her again.

“(The police) are getting their information from people in bars who sit around and drink all day,” said Sonya Lilly of Lebanon, Johnson’s sister. “Why would she not have called my sister back? I’ve talked to all of those people (at Tags) and every one of them had a different story. I’m going by the last time I heard from Joy. That’s the last time anybody heard from her.”

Lilly and another sister, Debbie Hensley of Carlan, Ky., suspect foul play, possibly from someone Johnson testified against in a court case years back. Lilly said she believes the police agree, based on reports she has given them.

Anyone who has any information about Johnson can call the West Chester Police Department at (513) 777-2231.

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