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New Missing Persons Alert System Training Begins

A new program called “A Child Is Missing” started Monday across Pennsylvania

It works just like this — a person goes missing, and a police officer calls ACIM. The officer gives pertinent information — such as where they were last seen and a good description. Within 15 minutes, thousands of calls go out.

The major difference between this missing persons program and The Amber Alert one is the following:

And unlike the Amber Alert system, which only is used for stranger abductions and has taken up to three hours in some cases to activate, ACIM is a rapid response system for runaways, Alzheimer’s patients, children and college students.

If you have a cell phone or an unlisted home number, you can also register those numbers with “A Child is Missing” and they contact you there. All you have to do is log on to their Web site,

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Hurricane Katrina has caused widespread destruction throughout the Gulf Coast, especially in New Orleans. As the flood waters begin to ebb, the region faces the challenges of rebuilding from this disaster and reuniting with loved ones.
Numerous sites are posting information about survivors and missing persons. In an attempt to help, Lycos will search these sites for information about victims of Hurricane Katrina.

You can search for people by name that you know were impacted by Katrina.

You can also reference the side bar to the right for other sites that are providing information and services in the aftermath of this natural disaster.

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