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Jenny Pope Missing since January 9th in Ecuador

British police are awaiting permission from Ecuador before flying to South Jenny popeAmerica to help in the hunt for missing backpacker Jenny Pope. Jenny, from Mossley, has not been heard of for nearly a month after vanishing in South America.

Greater Manchester Police have now written to their counterparts in Ecuador offering assistance in the search for clues to trace the 50-year-old mother of one. Detectives are awaiting a formal invitation before flying out.


From Jenny Pope’s MySpace account:

Jen was last heard from on the 9th January 2006. She was traveling through Ecuador and contacted her Yahoo Live Journal on that date. This was the last time anyone has heard from her. She was is Banos and intended to travel To Quito. Please use an email address that has been set up by Jenny’s friends as a contact point if you have any information (no matter how small) that could help to find her:

Jenny Pope’s bank account emptied.

Her cash card was used to withdraw the equivalent of £2,500 over one week and the account was closed after it exceeded its £1,500 overdraft limit.

It is not known if the 50-year-old nurse – who has vanished on a solo backpacking holiday – withdrew the money herself or if someone else has gained access to her account.

Throughout her journey, she Mrs Pope withdrew only 20 US dollars a day for spending money to prevent her becoming a target for robbers. But analysis of her bank account has revealed a series of withdrawals of up to 200 US dollars which started the day after she last contacted her family.

The following was Jenny’s last entry in her Journal.

Hola Chicos! In the last entry I think I left you at the point where I was about to move from Cochabamba. Well….. Never trust a Bolivian Bus company – they tell lies and rip you off!

(read the rest of her journal)

Anyone with information is asked to contact 0161 856 9252.

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Search continues in Landfill for Darlene Kay VanderGiesen

Darlene VanderGiesen has been missing since February 1, 2006. During a search of a landfill, body part were found that are thought to be that of the missing Vander Giesen. On Friday, Daphne Antranette Wright was arrested on a murder charge in the disappearance of Darlene Kay VanderGiesen.

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Body parts believed to be those of a missing woman were found Saturday as a search continued at the Sioux Falls landfill, police said.
On Friday, Daphne Antranette Wright, 42, was arrested on a murder charge in the disappearance of Darlene Kay VanderGiesen, 42.

The Sioux Falls women, both of whom are deaf, knew each other, police said.
VanderGiesen has been missing since Feb. 1.

The search at the landfill was to continue Sunday, according to police.
(Aberdeen News)

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Reward Increased to $10,000 for Michelle Bullard

Michelle Bullard has been missing since January 2, 2006. Police believe the was Michelle Bullard 3kidnapped during a violent home invasion; however, has not been heard from or seen since. The reward for information regarding Michelle Bullard was increased to $10,000 on Saturday. The authorities and family ask the public for your help.

“We know somebody out there knows something,” said Amanda Cristello, Bullard’s cousin. “If they can’t come forward out of the goodness of their heart, maybe they’ll come forward to collect the reward money.”

Karen Riojas, Bullard’s mother, offered a personal plea.

“You can remain anonymous. You do not have to tell your name,” she said. “Michelle, if you can hear me, we love you. We miss you, and we need you back home, baby. I’m not going to let this go.”

(ABC 11 TV)

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Cryptic Message Sent By Police to Public in the Jennifer Kesse Disappearance

On Saturday the Orlando police delivered a cryptic message to the public in hopes of getting a response from those who may be involved in the disappearance of Jennifer Kesse.

“Now is the time to distance yourself from the person that is responsible,” said a police spokesperson.

The hope that this will motivate those responsible or who may have information in Jennifer’s disappearance to come forward. Jennifer Kesse has been missing for 18 days.

“If there are people out there that participated in this, you need to come forward or the deals are going to run out as time goes on,” said the spokesperson.

Hopefully the $115,000 reward will provide some incentive as well.

New Search Launched For Missing Orlando Woman Jennifer Kesse on Saturday

Another massive search was launched Saturday for a missing 24-year-old Orlando woman, according to Local 6 News.

Kesse’s friends and family members spent Friday registering volunteers in the Mall at Millenia community room for the weekend search.

Last weekend, nearly 1,100 people volunteered their time in the search. This weekend they are expecting even more volunteers, according to Local 6 News.

Teams search again Sunday for Jennifer Kesse

Orlando Police are warning anyone who may have played a part in the disappearance of Jennifer Kesse to speak up now or pay the price later.

“If this is a situation where there’s more than one person involved, and you may have gotten caught up in an accident or something you didn’t want to get caught up with, now is the time to distance yourself from the person that is mainly responsible,” Sgt. Richard Ring said.

On Saturday, more than 500 volunteers came out to search for Kesse.
(Central Florida News 13)

If you know anything about Kesse’s disappearance call CrimeLine at (407) 423-TIPS or 1-800-423-TIPS. There is a $115,000 reward.

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