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Michael Keith Moore Charged With the murder of Rachel Cooke … Then Pleads Not Guilty

Michael Keith Moore has been charged with the murder of disappearance of Rachel Rachel CookeCooke. Rachel Cooke has been missing on January 10, 2002. I had the opportunity to meet Robert Cooke, Rachel’s dad in Aruba searching for Natalee Holloway. We were actually roommates in Aruba and discussed his daughter’s disappearance back in July of 2005. My heart goes out to Robert, his wife and their family that they may get justice for Rachel.

The document obtained by KXAN charges Moore with killing Cooke by “striking her with a hammer, by suffocating her, by some manner and means unknown, or by a combination of these acts.”

These type of filings are usually presented when the person suspected of the crime has agreed to plead guilty. But that is not what happened. (KXAN)

Moore pleaded not guilty even though he had previously agreed to plead guilty to the crimes but double crossed District Attorney John Bradley

Bradley is not happy. He was promised a guilty plea by Moore, only to be duped by a not-guilty plea at the last minute. Why it happened is anybody’s guess.

Michael Moore

(Michael Moore)

However, seeing that Michael Keith Moore having already been convicted to 3 life sentences it is not all that difficult to understand why this piece of human debris would do such a thing. He has previously been convicted of killing Christina Moore. Michael Keith Moore had contacted the Willaims County Sheriff’s department and told them things regarding Rachel Cooke’s murder that only the killer would know.

As the sheriff points out, it was Moore who called them in August, wanting to confess details that…

“Only the person that was involved in the abduction and obviously the slaying of michael keith mooreRachel Cooke could have known,” Williamson County Sheriff James Wilson said.

So what’s next? Did Moore pull a fast one on the DA or did he set himself up for an even harsher penalty by mocking the system and the authorities? Two things they’re sure of…

“His confession was in all likelihood true,” Wilson said.

Hopefully the DA will file charges against Moore and ask for the death sentence, something he has so richly earned and deserves. (Check out his criminal past)

Rachel Cooke’s Parents Speak Out

Her father told KXAN that he couldn’t believe Moore would put them through this situation and string them along.

“We feel like we were being victimized a second time. But we’ve developed a new motto today, and that’s, ‘We’re not done yet,’” Robert Cooke, Rachel Cooke’s father, said.

“He has decided to play with us a little bit, but we’re still here. We’re not going away,” Janet Cooke, Rachel Cooke’s mother, said. (KXAN)

Why Moore May Have Changed His Plea

District Judge Jon Wisser says he’s seen people confess for all sorts of reasons.

“Maybe they just want to get out of jail. Maybe they want to get in front of the television cameras again,” Wisser said.

This is what Williamson County Sheriff James Wilson says about Moore’s confession.

“It was pretty obvious that he had to have been there, had to have been in the location,” Wilson said on Thursday. (KXAN)

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