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Body Of Missing Teen, Kayla Reed, Found In Canal

Missing since December 5 and originally thought to be a run away, the body of 15 year old Kayla Reed was found on January 10 in a San Joaquin County canal. The San Joaquin County Coroner’s Office positively identified Kayla this morning.

A worker in the area saw what appeared to be a body in the water, according to Krull.

The San Joaquin County Coroner’s Office positively identified Kayla this morning.

Kayla was reported as a suspected runaway on December 5. Her mother last saw Kayla at their home on December 3 at 12:30 a.m.

Police announced Tuesday that they had begun investigating the disappearance as an unknown circumstances missing person case since Kayla had not made any attempts to contact family and friends.

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The San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office indicated that, when found, the condition of Kayla’s body was consistent with one that had been in the water for three or four weeks or more, according to Krull.

Krull said there is no way to tell exactly how long she was in the water.

Authorities identified Kayla by comparing a picture of her smiling to the teeth of the found body, Krull said. A torso X-ray was also used to establish her identity.
(CBS 5)

Investigators are asking anyone with information about the crime to call Livermore police at (925) 371-4900 or the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office at (209) 468-4400.

Forensic tests confirm body as missing girl’s
Police suspect foul play; remains found in remote canal

A missing 15-year-old Livermore girl was found dead in a San Joaquin County canal earlier this month, police said Saturday after forensic testing confirmed her identity.

Reed was not positively identified until a forensic odontologist compared a picture of her with the remains, and a recent X-ray confirmed a rib anomaly on her body, Herrera said.

An autopsy couldn’t determine the cause of death because the body is so badly decayed, authorities said. However, police suspect foul play, as it would be unusual for Reed to be in the area where she was found, police said.
(SF Gate)

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Kayla Reed, 15, Missing Since December 2

Kayla Reed was last seen on December 2, 2005 and according to police they have no leads. Kayla Reed

Kayla Reed, 15, disappeared sometime after 12:30 a.m. on Dec. 2, her mother, Angel Sheets, said. Sheets was the last person to see Kayla before she disappeared.

“We have nothing to go on,” Livermore Police Detective Tony Esquivel said. “Originally, it came out as a possible runaway. However, the fact is that a month has gone by and none of her friends or family have heard from her — it’s raised a flash for us.”


  • Height:5 feet 2 inches
  • Weight: between 115 and 120 pounds
  • Hair: shoulder-length blonde hair
  • Eyes: blue


The case is being investigated as an “unknown circumstances missing person,” police said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Livermore Police Detective Tony Esquivel at (925) 371-4759.

(Tri Valley Herald)

UPDATE: Missing girl’s father says he learned of case on radio Trent Reed of Stockton admits to having distant relationship with daughter

This is a tough way to learn of your child’s disappearance but just a reminder of how precious relationships are supposed to be.

LIVERMORE – The father of missing Livermore teen Kayla Reed said he had not been notified of his daughter’s disappearance and only learned of the case when his mother heard it mentioned on the radio.

Trent Reed of Stockton admits to having a distant relationship with 15-year-old Kayla, who disappeared from her home sometime after 12:30 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 3, and was reported missing two days later.

Kayla had an account with called “take me away”. It was last it was accessed on Dec. 2, the day before she vanished. The title may speck volumes as to what may be behind her disappearance.

Sgt. Jim Conley said that in missing person cases, police generally look for some sort of trail – whether it be credit card purchases or phone calls to follow. “One of the things we do with missing teens is try and track e-mails,” he said. “Many of them have cell phones.”

Kayla, however, did not have a cell phone and has made no attempt to e-mail or call family or friends, officials said.

Talking to the Herald earlier this month, Kayla’s mother said the last time she saw her daughter she suspected Kayla was preparing to go out somewhere. Kayla was sitting in her bedroom with clothes and makeup still on, Sheets said. Sheets went to bed, only to wake up later that morning and find her daughter missing.

(Inside Bay Area)

UPDATE: Police Concerned About Missing Girl, Originally Considered A Runaway

Livermore police are asking for the public’s assistance in locating a 15-year-old girl, missing since December, whose case is now being investigated as an unknown circumstances missing person.
(ABC 7)

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