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Body of missing 12 year old Gabrielle Bechen Found buried at a horse farm

The sad end has come in the case of missing Gabrielle Bechen. Gabrielle Bechen’s body was found late Saturday buried at a horse farm a short distance from her home. Both she and her ATV were partially buried.

Her body was found late Saturday buried at a horse farm a short distance from her home, state police said. The ATV she had been riding was also found partially buried at a large manure dump site about one mile from her body, police said.

“Once the quad was located, there were several cadaver dogs that were brought in and they searched other areas around the farm, which led us to the location where ultimately Gabby’s body was found,” Trooper Joseph Christy told reporters at a news conference.

Police have charged Jeffrey Robert Martin, a 48-year-old caretaker at the farm, with several counts. He is charged with criminal homicide, aggravated assault and four counts of tampering with physical evidence.

State police and FBI investigators questioned Martin for several hours while searchers intensified their efforts at the farm.

Christy said police assumed there had been prior contact between the suspect and Bechen because she had visited the farm several times in the past to see the horses.

Officials did not give details about the possible cause or circumstances of the girl’s death. An autopsy has been scheduled for Monday.
(NEPA News)

Missing Girl’s Body Found

Soon after, authorities took the farm’s caretaker, Jeffery Robert Martin, into custody.

Twelve hours later — at 4 a.m. Sunday — Martin led police to a shallow grave.

Police said the Martin admitted to killing Bechen and burying her on the farm.

Martin has been charged with several crimes, including homicide.

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