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Amber Alert Issued in Montana for Missing 3 Year Old Loic Rogers (UPDATE: Found Deceased)

An Amber Alert has been issued for 3 year old Loic Rogers in Montana. Loic Rogers was last seen on Wednesday night at approximately 7pm at his residence on Maple drive in Evergreen, Montana.


  • Loic is 3 feet tall
  • weight 40 lbs
  • blond hair
  • blue eyes
  • Loic’s nickname is “Tank.”

Montana Amber Alert

When last seen, Loic was wearing a red, white and blue coat, blue jeans, a long-sleeved T-shirt, tan leather boots and a multi-colored beanie hat. (Fox News)

The event occurred at , Evergreen MT on Wednesday, January 24th at 7:00PM.
Subject missing from relatives residence on Maple drive in Evergreen, Montana. Subject was outside residence awaiting parent. Parent went inside momentarily and when returned child was missing.Search commenced soon after and is ongoing.

Amber Alert for Montana Toddler (Loic Rogers – 2)

UPDATE I: Authorities in the Flathead say that they are treating the case of a missing 3-year-old boy as a kidnapping

“I would just hope that he would just turn him over to somebody, go to a convenience store, tell them to call the police, take him somewhere and just give him up, because he needs to be back with his dad and mom.”

Neighbors have searched just about every driveway, dead-end, and corner surrounding the property where he was last seen on Maple Drive.

At a Thursday morning news conference police said that the parents are divorced, and that they are NOT suspected in having any involvement in the incident. Also, there were reports of a salesman in the area when the abduction occurred, but police say he has been cleared of any involvement.

Flathead County Sheriff Mike Meehan says that they are using search equipment, including three thermal imagers to detect any kind of heat including body heat. But, so far there is still no sign of Loic. (Montana News Station)

If you see Loic, or have any information about where he may be, please contact the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office at 758-5874.

Sexual & Violent Registry in Montana

UPDATE I: Missing toddler found dead near Kalispell

The sad news is being reported that the body of missing 3 year old Loic Rogers was found. The boy’s father has stated that he was only gone for a minute and when he returned his son was gone. Our prayers are with the family. Rest in peace Loic.

KALISPELL, Mont. – The remains of a 3-year-old boy apparently kidnapped from outside his grandparents’ house in Evergreen were discovered late Friday, Sheriff Mike Meehan said today.

Meehan declined to release further details on the death of Loic J.M. Rogers. A press conference was scheduled Saturday afternoon at the Flathead County sheriff’s office. Meehan thanked community members and officials who searched for Loic.

UPDATE II: Missing Montana Boy, 3, Found Dead in Septic Tank

The 3 year olds death remains a bit of a mystery. The little boy found in a septic tank drowned. Police are questioning how he could of climbed in the septic tank and closed the lid. It would be nearly impossible to do.

The body of 3-year-old Loic Rogers, who disappeared outside a home in Kalispell, Montana, was found in a septic tank late on Friday evening. The septic tank is less than 10 feet from where he was last seen alive, said Flathead County Sheriff Mike Meehan. An autopsy performed in Missoula showed that Loic drowned.

Authorities said they had looked in the septic tank during their initial search, but did not see anything. They found the boy’s body after draining the tank.

The manhole-sized lid to the septic tank was closed. Sheriff Meehan declined to characterize the boy’s death as a murder, but said investigators do not believe he could have climbed into the tank on his own and then put the lid back on.

UPDATE III: Why does it seem that in so many cases like this the parents are going through a separation or divorce? Custody battles take precedence over the safety and welfare of the children or in some cases a spouse goes completely over the edge and murders their husband or wife.

In an interview with The (Kalispell) Daily Inter Lake, Ariel Rogers confirmed Friday that she and her husband are divorcing and are involved in a custody battle for their three children. Mark Rogers was given temporary custody during their separation.

”I want the kids and so does he,” Ariel Rogers said Friday. ”We love our children. (Mark) would never do anything to hurt our children.”

Ariel Rogers, who is expecting her fourth child, was hospitalized so doctors could monitor her after she learned of her son’s death.

”I want to know that my other two children are safe in that man’s care,” she said in a tearful interview with KAJ-TV Saturday. ”He was supposed to be looking after him, he was supposed to be safe there, and he wasn’t.”

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