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Remains Of Young Girl Found In Orange County, FL Less than 1/2 Mile from Casey Anthony’s Parents Home … Caylee Anthony???

Coincidence? According to WFTV the remains of a young girl have been located in Orange County, FL. The location is less than a half a mile from the home of Cindy and George Anthony, the parents of indicted tot mom Casey Anthony. Could this discovery possible be linked to the case of missing Caylee Anthony?


The remains of a young girl have been located in east Orange County in location less than a half-mile from the Casey Anthony’s parent’s home.

Eyewitness News has learned a meter reader discovered a bag in the area of Chickasaw Trail and Suburban Drive (see map), around three-tenths of a mile from the Anthonys’ home.

According to information obtained by Eyewitness News, when the meter reader picked up the bag a skull fell out. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed to Eyewitness News that the body is a young girl.

It is not clear at this point whether the body could be Caylee Anthony.

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Possible Sighting of Caylee Anthony at a Mall in Northwest Orlando, FL … Make Comparison For Yourself

According to Local 6 out of Orlando, FL there was a possible sighting of missing 3 year old Caylee Anthony. This is just one of the many sightings of Caylee Anthony since she went missing. All other previous sightings have turned out to be false leads. The picture below seems to be more and the same.


Picture of potential sighting of Caylee Anthony

A photo of a girl involved in a possible Caylee sighting at a mall located northwest of Orlando was released on Friday by a group searching for the missing girl, but a family investigator would not identify the mall nor say when the photo was taken.

D & A Investigations, an agency working with the Anthony family in the search for Caylee, obtained the photo, which was taken by a patron at the unnamed mall.

The person who took the picture has declined to comment, Dominic Casey with D & A Investigations said. Casey said the mall has not been named because of his agency’s ongoing investigation.

When asked for specifics about the photo, Casey told Local 6 News reporter, “You’re not law enforcement.”

The photo has been provided to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI, according to a news release. Investigators with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office have not commented on the photo, but the agency has said that it believes Caylee is dead.


Left: Caylee Anthony, Center & Right pics of Orlando sighting

In doing a simple comparison of Caylee Anthony to the two photos taken of a potential sighting one can notice the obvious difference of the chin and nose. Once again it would appear to be a false sighting of Caylee and another attempt to perpetrate the notion that Caylee Anthony is alive. A convenient ruse to put forth to the public and potential jurors when tot mom Casey Anthony is brought to trial in the disappearance and death of Caylee Anthony. This plays right into the hands of the acts of denial from Cindy and George Anthony. Let’s just over look the evidence of human decomposition from the trunk and continue to follow pipe dream sightings. Might we add that there are still Elvis sightings and we know The King is dead.

The picture of the potential sighting of Caylee was reportedly snapped by a shopper at the mall and was given to D & A Investigations, a firm that is working with the Anthony family

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According to WFTV Man Who Runs Kid Finders, Dennis Milstead, has Serious Problems with his Criminal Past and his Non Profit Group (Caylee Anthony)

What is going on with the Kid Finders Network?

The Kid Finders Network, a not for profit group that deals with missing children has been at the forefront of the Caylee Anthony missing persons case and also in the camp of the parents of indicted tot mom Casey Anthony. For quite some time there have been stories simmering under the surface regarding Kid Finders. There have been several allegations and rumors swirling regarding Kid Finders and their involvement in this case and several others.

Now comes this bomb shell from WFTV regarding Dennis Milstead who runs the Kid Finders Network …


Watch the above video of  Dennis Milstead getting physical once again with a camera man has he did just recently in Blanchard Park during a meeting with the Anthony’s and Leonard Padilla. Temper, temper.

He’s been arrested twice, once for assault and once for impersonating a police officer, and he’s the man Caylee Anthony’s grandparents are trusting to help find their granddaughter.

Dennis Milstead runs the so-called Kid Finders Network, but Eyewitness News uncovered serious problems with his criminal past and his not-for profit group, including the fact Kid Finders has never found anybody.

Still, the organization is out every day, collecting donations using jars with Caylee’s picture on them. Even the Palm Beach County sheriff’s sergeant who helps run their Crime Stoppers operation says Orange County deputies have been warned about Milstead.

When Eyewitness News confronted Milstead about his criminal past, he got very quiet and then he grabbed WFTV reporter Kathi Belich’s microphone and pushed the camera while WFTV photographer Adam Liberatore was holding on to it.

Pictures of the confrontation can be seen here.

WFTV also goes on to report that Milstead in the past claimed he was a law enforcement officer, was arrested for a felony but plead down to a misdemeanor and seven months later another arrest for assault.  Eyewitness News also reported that the president of Crime Stoppers in south Florida had a restraining order against Milstead.

Milstead’s pickup truck had a “Gotcha” emblem on the side of it instead of the Kid Finders emblem he has now. West Palm Beach police say he flashed phony blue lights and claimed he was a law enforcement officer. He plead his felony down to a misdemeanor and seven months later another arrest for assault.

Eyewitness News has also learned that the president of Crime Stoppers in south Florida had a restraining order against Milstead after he allegedly tried to connive a 90-percent cut of any donations he solicited for the group. At the time, Milstead was operating a business called Gotcha Billboards, but he was reportedly representing himself as an employee of the non-profit Crime Stoppers.

Milstead’s Kid Finders Network mentions its intentions to raise funds a number of times, mainly so it says it can build more billboards to report on missing children. Its list of accomplishments does not include finding any missing children.

So the grand parents of missing Caylee Anthony are putting all their eggs in the Kid Finders basket? A basket that has never found a missing child and has no track record of success. Bizarre to say the least.

Are Caylee Anthony’s Grandparents Trusting The Right Organizations?

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So Why is Cindy Anthony Looking to Start a Foundation for Caylee Marie Anthony? (Registration of Fictitious Name)

Isn’t this interesting …

Caylee Anthony is still missing, Casey Anthony has been indicted by a grand jury on murder one and Cindy Anthony appears to be forming a foundation. So why is Cindy Anthony forming a Foundation for Caylee Anthony and for what purpose will it serve? One question would be whether this Foundation is a Private or Charitable Foundation. Or is it a Foundation in registration name only?

The question that needs to be asked and answered is why now is a Foundation being created in the name of Caylee Marie Anthony?

OnLine Fictitious Name Registration for Florida

865.09 Fictitious name registration.

Fictitious Names – Frequently Asked Questions


larger version of application

To discuss the case, provide your opinions and get further updates go to Scared Missing Persons Forum: Caylee Anthony.

However, is this application for the Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation really a foundation in the 501(c)3 sense that people have known to understand?

Florida, like many states, has long required by statute that any person operating a business under a fictitious name file a certificate in a public office disclosing the true names of the owners of the business. (Some states refer to fictitious names as assumed names.) The purpose for this registration is to provide notice to the public, and especially to creditors, of the identities of persons who are doing business under fictitious names for the purpose of protecting creditors from fraud and deceit. (See Jackson v. Jones, 423 So.2d 972 (Fla. 4th DCA 1982), review denied, 436 So.2d 99 (Fla.1983); 1957 Op. Att’y Gen.Fla. 057-283 (September 17, 1957)).

read the rest here…

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Missing Caylee Anthony; Leonard Padilla Says Casey Anthony had an Accomplice?: “So there had to be somebody giving her a hand”

Leonard Padilla discusses new ideas and theories in the case of missing 3 year old Caylee Padilla_LAnthony.  Why would an FBI agent and a lead investigator from Florida fly all the way to California to talk with Leonard Padilla and three others on his team? Padilla states its because they wanted an official statement as to what Casey Anthony told him with regards to Mom Casey dropping Caylee off with the so-called babysitter.


Another interesting comment came from Texas EquuSearch spokesperson who said, “she is in constant contact with folks here at the Sheriff’s office and according to her there are big developments to come in this case as she puts it will surprise us all.”

However, it was on Nancy Grace Show that Leonard Padilla made the following eye opening comment and accusation. Full transcript from the September 17, 2008 Nancy Grace Show.

LEONARD PADILLA, BOUNTY HUNTER: Well, the situation is, she ran out of gas at the checking cashing store on the 26th. And there was a tremendous amount of communication on her phone on the evening of the 26th and also on the 27th, when she called her boyfriend to come pick her up, that the car had run out of gas. And it goes on into the 28th and then it stops. It just stops. No communication with hardly anybody. And the car naturally got towed off on the 30th.

So there had to be somebody giving her a hand at that time because if you`re dealing with a body in a garbage bag, it`s, like — you know, it`s an awful thing to say, but if you talk to a coroner or somebody that`s handled cadavers, they`ll tell you it`s like having 30 pounds of stew in a garbage bag. And if you have a bone breakthrough, it`ll just literally cover the trunk of the car with fluids. So you basically have to have somebody with you to help you keep somewhat your composure and also to get it over into the dumpster.




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The Search for Missing Caylee Anthony Temporarily Called Off by Rexas EquuSearch

According to reports out of Orlando, FL the searching for missing 3 year old Caylee Anthony has been temporarily called off. Please note that according to Tim Miller, founder of the non-profit search group Texas Equusearch, they are only temporarily suspending the search until weather and environmental water levels improve.

To further discuss the case and get updates, go to Scared Missing Persons Forum.

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The Casey Anthony Three Ring Circus Continues … Chloroform, Another Bail and A Gun Removed from Home

What is the latest in the 3 Ring Circus that is supposed to be about little Caylee Caylee_Anthony_2Anthony?

In Circus Ring #1 we have the recent announcement that significant levels of chloroform were found in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s trunk. We also learned that on Casey Anthony’s hard drive were recent searches made regarding chloroform and its uses. Because everyone knows that chloroform should be a naturally existing gas in a trunk.

In Circus Ring #2 we are presented with the second release from jail by Casey Peterson on a $500K bail. It was a mob scene when Casey was released from the Orange County, FL jail as protesters yelled, “baby killer”.  Does anyone wish to speculate as to how the Anthony family suddenly was able to secure $50,000? It couldn’t be that the family may have already signed a book or movie deal?

And in Circus Ring #3 w are presented with the search this morning of the Anthony residence where they discovered and removed a gun from the vehicle owned by George Anthony.

The case is supposed to be about a missing now 3 year old Caylee Anthony. Little Caylee went missing on June 9, 2008; however, was not reported missing until July 16, 2008. That was the first red flag that this case was going to have some twists and turns. The second was when Cayle’s grandmother Cindy Anthony initially stated that her daughter Casey Anthony’s trunk smelled like a dead body was in it only to later have Cindy tell us it was really a pizza.

Why is it that the grandparents were initially skeptical of Casey and have now closed ranks insulting everyone’s intelligence as to the story and insulted law enforcement and searchers as well as to their efforts to help find missing Caylee?

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Missing Caylee Anthony: Chloroform is Found In Casey Anthony’s Car

First it was decomposition found in the trunck of Casey Anthony’s car, now reports are stating that traces of chloroform have also been discovered in Casey Anthony’s vehicle. It is also known that Casey’s computer that was previously confiscated showed visits to web sites regarding chloroform.

How is this one going to be explained away by the family?  The evidence is munting against Casey Anthony. At this point they could probably re-arrest Casey without a body.

To discuss the case and get further updates, go to Scared Missing Persons Forum

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Caylee Anthony Missing: Body Decomposition Detected In Casey Anthony’s Trunk

The much anticipated results are in from the tests of the car trunk of Casey Anthony. The University of Tennessee Body Farm reveal that the smell in the trunk of Casey Anthony, the mother of missing 3-year-old Caylee, is human decomposition.

Air sample tests taken from Anthony’s trunk were sent on Aug. 10 by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office to be analyzed at the University of Tennessee Forensic Anthropology Facility, known as the “Body Farm.”

According to two sources, including one with direct knowledge of the investigation, initial tests on that foul odor in Casey Anthony’s car have come back positive for human decomposition. The finding is the first scientific signal that a dead body was in Casey Anthony’s car.

DNA Tests From Car Trunk Indicate Caylee Anthony Is Dead

Concrete results were back from FBI DNA tests on physical evidence found in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car. The samples, which included hair that investigators said was scientifically linked to Caylee, a stain and dirt, came back positive for signs of decomposition. Investigators said more results were expected from tests done on other evidence but all indications are Caylee Anthony is dead.

More at Scared

Also discuss the case and get further information at Scared Missing Persons Forum.

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