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Destiny Norton investigation; No breaks in the search. Lori Hackings Father Joins the Search

Five-year-old Destiny Norton has been missing since Sunday, July 16th. To date Destiny Norton 2there have been no real leads, it is like she just vanished in to the air. Hundreds of volunteers have searched in brutal 100 degree conditions for the missing Destiny Norton.

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Rachael Norton, Destiny’s mother, also spoke at Friday’s press conference, thanking the volunteers for helping with the search. With temperatures reaching over 100 degrees, searchers are being well taken care of with everything from drinks to snacks and even sunscreen. All generously donated by local businesses.

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Lori Hacking’s father joins search for Destiny Norton


Three father of past missing children come to help in the fraternity of parents of Destiny Norton postermissing persons.

Eraldo Soares, the father of Lori Hacking, who went missing two years ago this week. It was later discovered that Lori Hacking was murdered by her husband. Eraldo Soares never forgot the help and giving that was provided to him and his family by the people of Utah in searching for his daughter. He felt he needed to thank them and repay them by coming to help search for Destiny.

But Soares will be forever be grateful to the people of Salt Lake City.

“They searched with us. They cried with us,” he said. “I am here because the people of Salt Lake City are wonderful and I want to give back to them.”

Eraldo Soares lives in the Los Angeles area. But when he heard about the disappearance of 5 year old Destiny Norton, he got on a plane for Salt Lake.

Soares landed in Salt Lake around 4:00 p.m. on Thursday. He went directly to the volunteer headquarters at the old Liberty Ward House at 445 East Harvard. He signed in just like any other volunteer and then attended a briefing with his assigned team before going out to scour the around around 6th East and 300 South.

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Family web site for Destiny Norton:

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Destiny Norton, 5, Still Missing; Reward Doubles to $30,000

Five year old Destiny Norton is still missing. Police and search teams have been looking for Destiny Norton since last Sunday. VIDEO

70 of his officers are assigned to the Destiny Norton Case with more coming from surrounding agencies as well as the FBI. 250 people have been interviewed in detail. 260 tips have come in from the 799-INFO line as well as the police department’s website. 70% of those tips have been cleared — in other words, they were dead ends.

The reward for information to the return of Destiny Norton has been doubled from its original $15,000.00.

The Mayor announced that the reward for information leading to Destiny’s whereabouts is doubling. The FBI is now pledging $15,000. That will be added to what’s already been donated by Meadow Gold and the Sund Foundation, making the total cash reward $30,000. (ABC 4)

National Media Doesn’t Show Up for Destiny Norton Story

The search for Destiny Norton has generated plenty of local coverage on TV, radio, in the newspapers and on the internet.

One of the few MSM types that have at least referenced Destiny Norton’s disappearance was staunch victims rights advocate Nancy Grace, thank you. VIDEO

It is true that we have not seen any news in the Main Stream Drive by media either on the case of the disappearance of Destiny Norton. That is rather unfortunate. Upon writing this post we are sending a plea to several producers in the MSM in hopes that they will cover this story. In my opinion it has all the aspects of what they normally do cover. Sometimes they just need a nudge.

A five-year-old girl disappears without a trace, and a community searches. Among the apparent mysteries is why, so far, the national media have stayed away. Jeannie Hill/ Friend, Search Coordinator: “It is a little frustrating, especially since the fact that we haven’t found her yet. It should have national attention. It should.” The kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart drew blanket coverage in 2002, though in that case her younger sister actually witnessed a man taking the girl. The national media showed up two years later when Lori Hacking disappeared and her husband Mark became a prime suspect. Lori’s father says he’s surprised they’re not back now. (KLS)

Family web site for Destiny Norton:

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Jennifer Kesse, Missing For Nearly 6 Months. Fund-raising Events planned

Monday will mark the 6 months anniversary since Jennifer Kesse has gone missingJennifer Kesse Poster from her Orlando residence. Her family and friends plan on holding a special event Monday in support of Jennifer Kesse and a fundraiser.

Her family, friends and supporters plan to mark the occasion with a “Stand Up for Jennifer” event at the corner of John Young Parkway and Conroy Road, not far from Jennifer’s condo and the apartment complex where her car was found a few days after her Jan. 24 disappearance. The event — from 7:30 to 9 a.m. and 5 to 6 p.m. — is designed to keep attention focused on the case.

Another fundraiser is planned for this coming Wednesday, “Stand Up for Jennifer”.

“Stand Up for Jennifer” event/fund-raiser scheduled for the Improv in downtown Orlando on Wednesday, Aug. 9. Doors open at 6 p.m. and the event starts officially at 7:30.

A $10 admission/donation is encouraged but not required to the Jennifer Kesse Trust Fund, which “will be used for Jennifer’s psychological treatment upon her recovery.” All the money from admission goes to the nonprofit. (Orlando Sentinel)

For more information go to the family website for Jennifer Kesse,

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