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Shaun Rudy Sentenced to Life for the Murder of his Wife Christine Rudy and Unborn baby

Shaun Rudy was sentenced today to spend the rest of his life in prison for the murder of his wife Christine Rudy and their unborn baby. The court did not want to hear any excuses as they handed down the sentencing.

He says Rudy is only 24 years old and without a proper male role model. He said because of his addiction to meth and alcoholism, the crimes may have been a quote, “horrendous mistake.” Darwin Zwieg disagreed.Judge Counsel says Rudy deserves the maximum punishment and receiving anything less would be inappropriate.When the Judge asked Rudy if he wanted to address the court, Rudy had no comment.


Rudy Sentenced For Killing Pregnant Wife

The lack of remorse and empathy landed a life sentence for this vile individual that would kill his pregnant wife Christine Rudy.

According to pre-sentence investigation reports, Rudy told parole agents he believes he was right in killing his pregnant wife and wouldn’t change anything. Thursday his silence and previous comments spoke volumes. The judge handed down the stiffest punishment for Rudy’s crimes.

“That lack of remorse and repentance, the lack of empathy for the victims, past attempts at any rehabilitation have all failed,” said the Honorable Jon Counsel.

Last November Rudy shot his pregnant wife, Christine, then cut up her body. Thursday her family said their pain is doubled because they also lost Christine’s unborn son.


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Dentist: Remains are that of missing woman Christine Rudy’s

Forensic dentist has determined that the remains previously found in the Chippewa River are that of Christine Rudy.

A forensic dentist has concluded remains pulled from the Chippewa River are Christine Rudy’s, who authorities allege was killed by her husband.

A portion of the left side of a jaw was the only part available for “clinical and radiographic” comparison, but the dentist wrote in his opinion it was Christine Rudy’s.

Christine Rudy, 21, of Thorp was fatally shot Nov. 12, dismembered and dropped into the Chippewa River by her husband near the Cobban Bridge in Chippewa County a day or two later, authorities said.

Christine Rudy was six months pregnant at the time.

Investigators pulled human remains from the Chippewa River on March 28. While a DNA confirmation is still pending through a state crime lab, authorities have said a tattoo Christine Rudy was known to have was evident on the torso.
(Appleton Post Crescent)

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Heather Teschler, Second Suspect Now Charged in Christine Rudy Death (Plea Deal Reached)

Heather Teschler is facing felony and misdemeanor charges in the death of Christine Rudy. Heather Teschler will most likely be a witness in the states case against Christine Rudy’s husband, Shaun Rudy, who is accused of killing Christine and their unborn child. Heather Teschler

Eighteen-year-old Heather Teschler is facing felony and misdemeanor charges.

The criminal complaint says Teschler withheld information from authorities and harbored a felon, Christine’s husband Shaun. (WSAW)

UPDATE I: Teschler Reaches a Plea Deal

Teschler will provide full and truthful information about Shaun Rudy in exchange for immunity, and to protect her from any further prosecution relating to her testimony.

Teschler’s charge of aiding a felon will likely be delayed for a year, and she’ll likely be placed on one year probation for her charge of resisting or obstructing an officer. She could also get nine months in jail. (WSAW)

UPDATE II: Witness Expected to Reach Plea Deal in Christine Rudy Murder Case

The woman investigators say witnessed the murder of a Thorp woman may testify in the case. Prosecutors say Heather Teschler will testify against Shaun Rudy.


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Shaun Rudy Charged in Deaths of Wife, Christine Rudy, and Unborn Child

Shaun Rudy was charged with the homicide today in the death of his pregnant wife, Christine Rudy.

The district attorney filed three charges against Shaun Rudy. He’s already in custody on weapons charges. Rudy faces first degree intentional homicide for Christine’s death, another intentional homicide charge for the unborn child, plus a charge for mutilating a corpse.

Also, Heather Teschler, a witness to the murder of Christine Rudy, has also been charged with aiding a felon and obstructing an officer.

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Possible Witness in the Christine Rudy Murder

According to court documents there may have a been a witness to the heinous murder of Christine Rudy. Shaun Rudy, is the primary suspect in the case and it appears that there may have been a woman at the scene that witnessed the murder.

In the documents, Walters says 18-year-old Heather Teschler admitted to her that she was with the Rudys. Here’s what Walters says they told her.

Shaun was upset about Christine using meth while she was pregnant with their baby and he was also high on meth at the time. Christine started, “flipping out” and was trying to hurt herself. Shaun stopped the car so Christine could get out, then she threatened to kill herself. He handed Christine a gun, but she reportedly told Shaun, “you do it.”

Walters says Shaun described to her how he stayed in the car, pointed a long gun at Christine and shot her in the head. Walters says Heather Teschler told her she looked away but heard the shot. Again, this is all part of a statement Jacy Walters gave to police.

However, it seems that the prosecution may have some questions regarding Heather Teschler’s credibility.

One of the big questions is if Heather Teschler will be a believable witness. She has underage drinking and disorderly conduct charges on her record, and the Clark County district attorney says that will definitely have an impact.

UPDATE: Extradition Charges Filed In Connection To Murder Case for Heather Teshler

It is believed that one of these stolen guns may have been used in the shooting of Christine Rudy.

Extradition charges have been filed against a woman investigators say could be a witness to Christine Rudy’s death. This week, charges were filed against Heather Teshler. The Clayton County Sheriff’s department says Teshler was involved in a burglary in Iowa. Investigators say Teshler stole nearly $5,000 in property, including three firearms. Last week, the Clark County Sheriff’s Department said one of those guns may have been used to kill Christine Rudy.

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Missing pregnant woman, Christine Rudy was shot and dismembered

The original story from Christine Rudy’s husband that his wife went missing after heChristine Rudy had dropped her off on the road side his six months pregnant was a little difficult to believe. Looks like many of our original thoughts and doubts were correct.

Christine Rudy, 21, of Thorp, was reported missing by her husband, Shaun Rudy, about two days after he said he dropped her off on Highway MM on Nov. 12. The couple, who were married in August, had been arguing. Christine Rudy was six months pregnant.

A pregnant woman reported missing by her husband was shot and dismembered and her body parts were dropped off a bridge into a river, Clark County sheriff’s investigators said Thursday.

Based on information that authorities have received, police believe the following occurred:

Chief Deputy Jim Backus said Thursday that part of the woman’s Christine rudy  1remains were found in a wooded area where Shawn Rudy said he last saw her.

Backus said she was killed Nov. 12 in the rural area about six miles south of Thorp and her body was taken to a rural Thorp residence where it was dismembered.

Clark County Sheriff Louis Rosandich said investigators believe the body parts were then dropped off a bridge over the Chippewa River near Jim Falls in Chippewa County. Those remains have not been recovered but searching continues, he said.

“We really don’t know if the body is in there or not. It is based on information we have received,” the sheriff said, declining to elaborate.

Although the investigation into the murder of Christine Rudy is not complete and her husband has not been charged with the crime, he is the prime suspect.

No charges have been filed in the killing. Shaun Rudy, 23, has been jailed on unrelated drug and weapons charges. Backus and Rosandich said Thursday that Shaun Rudy is the prime suspect in the killing.

“He will be charged,” Clark County District Attorney Darwin Zwieg said.

(La Crosse Tribune)

Shaun Rudy Accused of Shooting Christine Rudy

Clark County Sheriff Louis Rosandich says Shaun Rudy allegedly shot his wife, Christine Rudy, and dismembered her body.

Some of her remains were found in December. Rosandich believes body parts were dumped in the Chippewa River near the Cobban Bridge in Chippewa County. So far, nothing has been found there and more searches of the river are planned.


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Shaun Rudy is a “person of interest” in his Christine Rudy death

The Clark County Sheriff’s Department says Shaun Rudy is a “person of interest” in his wife, Christine Rudy’s, death. Its about time, many were wondering when this would occur.

Human remains were identified Friday (December 16, 2005) as Christine Rudy’s, who had been missing since November 12. That was when Shaun said the two were arguing in the car and he dropped her off on County MM despite her being six months pregnant.

Sheriff Louis Rosandich says a number of people are being interviewed, including Shaun, who’s held on drug and weapons charges. Authorities hope to pass the case to the district attorney by January 1, and then decide who to charge.

Chief Deputy Jim Backus says they hope to turn over the reports to District Attorney Darwin Zwieg by the first of the year.

Police investigating the case of a pregnant woman who went missing and then later turned up dead hope to turn over evidence to the district attorney by January first.

Christine Rudy, of Thorp, was reported missing by her husband, Shaun Rudy, about two days after he said he dropped her off on Highway MM on November 12th. The newlyweds had been arguing.

Clark County Sheriff’s Department officials on Friday said the remains found in a rural wooded area in the county were those of the 21-year-old.

Chief Deputy Jim Backus says they hope to turn over the reports to District Attorney Darwin Zwieg by the first of the year. He will determine if charges should be filed against one or more people.

Once again the last known person with the victim is a person of interest and may most likely have charges brought against him. At the very least, who allows their six month pregnant wife to get out of a car in the middle of November in Wisconsin and does not go back for her?

WISN; Police Call Husband ‘Person Of Interest’ In Wife’s Death

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Human Remain Identified as those of Christine Rudy

According to findings by the crime lab in Madison, WI the remains found last week have been positively identified as those of the missing pregnant woman Christine Rudy.

Human remains found in rural Clark County are identified as those of Christine Rudy of Thorp. The 21-year-old pregnant woman had been missing over a month. The remains were positively identified Friday by analysts at the state crime lab in Madison, according to the Clark County Sheriff’s department.

The search for Rudy started when she was reported missing November 14th, two days after her husband Shaun Rudy claims to have left her along the side of a road in a forest area in bitter cold temperatures. Rudy said he dropped off his wife at her request during an argument, about 12 miles from their home.

Previously the sheriff’s department has said 23 year old Shaun Rudy was not considered a suspect. It is hard to imagine whether a suspect or not in the actual death of Christine Rudy, which cause of death is still to be determined, how anyone in good conscience could leave their six month pregnant wife on the road side.

Authorities did not release any further details.

No other details were released, except that the investigation into her disappearance had changed from a missing person case to a criminal investigation.

read the rest here…

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Christine Rudy Case: Waiting for Word from the crime lab in Madison

Family, friends and investigators are waiting for results from the crime lab in Madison in the Christine Rudy case.

Investigators sent remains to the lab to see if they are connected with the case. Investigators are still not discussing the condition of the remains or where they were found. News 18 confirmed the remains were not found in Eau Claire, Chippewa, Taylor, or Marathon counties.

A relative of Christine’s told News 18 that the family is hoping for a positive ending, but is preparing for the worst.

If you have any information, call 715-743-3157.

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Human Remains Found in Clark County Could be that of Christine Rudy

It appears that there may be a break in the case of Christine Rudy. A grim one in fact. Clark County authorities who have been searching for, Christine Rudy, a missing pregnant woman report tonight that investigators found what appeared to be human remains.

But the Clark County Sheriff’s Department released no details about the discovery, except that the items were transported to the state crime laboratory for analysis and identification.

In a news release, the department says it doesn’t know how long that process will take.

The hunt for 21-year-old Christine Rudy of Thorp has continued since she was reported missing last month.

Her husband says he last saw her the afternoon of November 12th when he left her along a road in a forest about 12 miles from their home at her request after they were arguing.

Authorities are not commenting on whether the remains are that of the missing pregnant Christine Rudy until the tests come back from the State Crime Lab in Madison.

Authorities are not saying where the remains were discovered, but say the State Crime Lab in Madison will analyze what was found. They are also not saying if this is connected to Christine Rudy’s disappearance, but say they notified her parents on Wednesday night about what they found.

Christine has been missing since November 12th. Chief Deputy Jim Backus says the sheriff’s office is still asking the public for information that could help in their investigation into her disappearance. “We’re still leaving the investigation wide open,” he says, “This is just another part of the puzzle that we’re trying to complete the investigation so we’re still continuing on with what we have been doing. We will be waiting for this testing to be completed which sounds like it may not be done until next week.”

More troubling news in this missing persons case. On Wednesday, Shaun Rudy as in Court facing unrelated charges of felony firearm possession. Its always the ones with multiple unrelated charges.

Shaun Rudy is charged with felony firearm possession. He made his initial court appearance in Clark County. The arresting officer says he pulled Rudy over for driving with an obstructed window. That’s when he says he found a gun in Rudy’s car. The officer says Rudy claimed the gun was not his, but police say a witness says the opposite. Rudy is a convicted felon, which means he is not allowed to carry a firearm.

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