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Wendie A. Schweikert, 36, Teacher Accused of Having Sex with 11-year-old student

In what has been a rash of older female teacher/young male student sexual offenses, Wendie A. Schweikertcomes yet another. This time a 36 year old teacher and an 11 year old student. Wendie A. Schweikert, 36, a former fifth-grade teacher is accused of having sex with her 11-year-old student. She was ordered held on $100,000 bond.

Schweikert was arrested Friday on two counts of criminal sexual conduct with a minor after the boy’s mother accused the teacher of having sex with him at school at least twice, said Laurens Police Chief Robin Morse.

The former teacher admitted in a statement to having sex with the boy, Morse said.

(Yahoo News)

Only On FOX: Teacher Who Confessed to Having Sex with Student Also Owned Training Center for Cheerleaders

Investigators say the former 5th grade teacher confessed she had sex with her student at E.B. Morse Elementary School. Detectives say the teacher had sex with the boy twice on top of her desk after school.

She had been at the school for 5 years and taught at Pleasantview Elementary School for four years. This leads to the obvious question, had she done this before?

Schweikert taught at E.B. Morse for five years, before that, she taught at Pleasantview Elementary School for four years. Now, some are concerned that there could be more innocent victims. “We have nothing to indicate that any other student is involved at this time.”commented Morse.

Maybe this time when doling out a sentence for this individual the judge and jury will look at it as if it were a 36 year old male teacher and an 11 year old girl? Also, the fact that there has been such a rash of female teachers crossing the ethical boundary of having sex with under age students is beginning to be troubling.

Investigators say Schweikert asked the 11 year-old boy’s mother if she could take him and a group of other students to Frankie’sFun Park in Greenville. The mother later found out only Schweikert and the boy went. Her son told her that’s where Schweikert forced him to rub her thighs. The boy says they then went to a Dillard’s parking lot where she performed oral sex. However, before the mother learned about the sexual abuse she started getting suspicious. “The mother thought that she was getting too friendly.

(FOX News – Carolina)

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Donna Haddad, 24, Missing Since Wednesday

Donna Haddad has been missing since Wednesday. Her family believes she was kidnapped as she never attended her night class. Donna Haddad

Donna Haddad, 24, hasn’t been seen since Wednesday afternoon. That’s when her family in Hammond, Indiana, says Hadded went to the library. She was supposed to attend a night class that day but never made it.


Family anxious about woman’s whereabouts

HAMMOND: Donna Haddad was last seen Wednesday at Cal College library

The family didn’t worry until late that night because she had a night class on campus, Haddad said. She never showed up for class, and her car, a four-door, 2000 white Buick Century, also was missing. (

Northwestern Indiana Times)

According to reports her cell phone, bank account and credit cards haven’t shown any activity since she has gone missing.

Anyone with information should call the Hammond Police Department’s detective bureau at (219) 852-2983.

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Reward Increased to $21,000 for Missing Ali Gilmore

Ali Gilmore, a 30 year old pregnant Tallahassee woman who has been missing for three weeks. The reward for information for the missing pregnant woman has been increased. The Police now believe foul play may be a factor in her disappearance based on the length of time that Ali Gilmore has been missing.

Publix Super Markets added $10,000 to the reward money being offered for information leading to the whereabouts of Ali Gilmore.

The donation matches the $10,000 that Tallahassee police announced earlier this week. Crime Stoppers (891-4357) also is offering $1,000 for information, making the total $21,000.

To help aid the search and information process, the Nancy Grace show plans to cover the case of the missing Ali Gilmore.

“Nancy Grace Show,” a CNN program that often highlights missing-person cases across the country. The segment is scheduled to air at 8 p.m. or 10 p.m. Tuesday
(Tallahassee Democrat)

Anyone with information on Gilmore’s whereabouts may call police at 891-4200 or Crimestoppers, 891-HELP (4357).

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Missing Plympton girl, Adrianne Delaney, calls family from Aruba

Adrianne Delaney, a 19-year-old Plympton woman, missing for the last week, called her family from Aruba to tell them she was ok. Delaney’s mother said that she was going to fly to Aruba to make sure that her daughter is ok in person. In what has been a truly bizarre missing person case, at least has a happy ending.

A 19-year-old Plympton woman, missing for the last week, called her family and local police from Aruba on Friday, bringing an end to a police search that had involved the offices of U.S. Rep. Bill Delahunt, state Rep. Tom Ryan and officials in Aruba and Venezuela.

According to Plympton police Chief Matthew Clancy, Adrianne Delaney called her home town Police Department and spoke to officer Steve Teri “at length,” Friday afternoon.

Delaney then called her parents to let them know she was fine.

Her parents have no idea why their daughter left for Aruba without telling them. In a cross between a missing persons case that resembles “the run away bride” story, Adrianne Delaney caught a flight from Boston to Aruba sometime Wednesday.

Barbara Delaney said her daughter went out with her girlfriends that Friday night after getting paid from her part-time job in Marshfield. She was last seen dropping off friends at 3:30 a.m. the following morning.

Police found Delaney’s SUV in Weymouth on Thursday and later learned she’d caught a flight from Boston to Aruba sometime Wednesday.
(The Enterprise)

As reported earlier when Adrianne Delaney was considered missing and no one had any answers as to what could have happened.

”She had no problems at school, no problems at home. She was just a typical 19-year-old. No one has any clue what could have happened.”
(Boston Globe)

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