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Tara Grinstead: Interesting Findings from Dr. Maurice Godwin

Dr. Maurice Godwin, President of Godwin Forensic Consultancy will be in Ocilla, GA March 9th — 12th to investigate the Tara Grinstead missing person case.

The following is a rather interesting statement from Dr Godwin regarding the Tara Grinstead disappearance.

Released 3.19.06: Dr. Maurice Godwin has provided the following statement after his recent visit. A complete report will be posted soon. Please check back.

“Tara was attacked and abducted between 11:05 PM Sat. night and 5:00 AM Sunday morning. The perpetrator returned to Tara’s home sometime Monday morning after 12:15 am and dropped the latex glove. This suggests that the perpetrator was very comfortable with being in the area and his vehicle would not stand out for being at Tara’s house. HD did phone Faye Grinstead around 12:15 am Monday morning sitting in front of Tara’s home and Faye in turn phoned Mrs. Portier to see if she had seen Tara.”

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Find Tara Grinstead; Texas EquuSearch Needs Volunteers 1/21-1/22/06

Volunteers Needed!

Texas Equusearch is recruiting volunteers for an organized search the weekend of January 21st and 22nd missing Tara Grinstead.

Tara 11

Search efforts will originate from the Tara Center located at the Senior Center on W. 4th St in Ocilla, GA. Search teams will gather at 8am each day.

Please let us know if you can participate by calling 229-468-Tara 100667 or by email at


If you plan to be in the area, please come out and help Texas EquuSearch find Tara. They cannot do it without your help. Thank you. Go to


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New Search for Tara Grinstead in Ben Hill County

Tara Grinstead has been missing since October 22, 2005. During this time Tara grinstead 1investigators and searchers have scoured the Georgia countryside looking for the missing school teacher. The searches had concentrated on wooded areas of Ocilla and Irwin County.

Now it appears that the search is going to move to Ben Hill County. The search will begin at 8 AM Saturday, January 7 and will continue on Sunday, January 8. It will be lead by Robert Hardiman, Director of Trackers Global.

Robert Hardiman, Director of Trackers Global, a non-profit organization dedicated to the recovery of missing, abducted and runaway persons, contacted Court TV’s Crime Library about a major search effort being mounted in Ben Hill County, GA. The search will begin at 8 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 7 and will continue on Sunday, Jan. 8. Volunteers are asked to assemble at the Ben Hill County Senior Citizens Center at 253 Appomattox Road in Fitzgerald. The Senior Citizens Center is located just behind the Ben Hill County Sheriff’s Department.

Ben Hill County Map

Also go to

(Full story from Crime Library)

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Texas Equusearch; Getting Involved with Tara Grinstead and back to Aruba

Texas Equusearch and Tim Miller are going to Ocilla, GA to help aid in the search for the missing school teacher, Tara Grinstead. So far all search efforts have failed to produce Tara. According to sources Tim Miller landed in Georgia this morning and will be meeting with the LE.

Texas Equusearch (TES) in this search will be utilizing some high tech equipment that will include remote control airplanes equipped with night vision and a GPS tracking device.
TES will also be utilizing GPS devices recently donated by Academy Sports and Outdoors.

Tim Miller stated thats he is very optimistic and is very familiar with the type of terrain they’ll be searching in GA. Tim Miller said, “the LE is very dedicated in resolving the case as quickly as possible and have not let up in their diligent search efforts … we’re (TES) are simply another tool for the LE to use”.

For more updates go to

UPDATE: We have NOT stopped searching! Volunteers are needed this weekend 8am – 8pm Sat. & Sun. Please come!


Also, Tim Miller and TES will be returning to Aruba to continue the search for Natalee Holloway in the next couple of weeks. Although initial reports state that the equipment is not coming from the FBI; however, TES was able to secure a boat, equipment and divers that can go 12,000 feet below. Thus the 1000 foot depth that was previously needed will be attainable.

More to follow …

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Missing teacher, Tara Grinstead, birthday celebrated

Its been over three weeks since Tara Grinstead has been missing. Monday night friends and family spent bittersweet day as it was Tara Grinstead’s 31st birthday. Tara Grinstead 3

A tribute Monday night to missing teacher Tara Grinstead on her 31st birthday. It’s been more than three weeks since friends and family last saw Grinstead, but they haven’t given up hope.

Birthday balloons and banners decorate Tara’s small home, but it’s not a celebration. Grinstead is still missing.

Along with family and friends, a town paid tribute to one of their own. Tara Grinstead missing for 23 days.

With candles in hand, Anita and nearly 200 other people in Ocilla honor her sister’s birthday. “I have faith she’s going to come back to us and she’s going to unwrap the rest of her presents when she gets back,” says Gattis.

Prayer bags line the front of Tara’s house. They light a path for Tara’s way back home. “I wish she could be here to all we’ve done for her,” says former student Kenyatta McDonald. Tara Grinstead 2

As a crowd listens to a CD of Tara singing, others decorate her doorstep with gifts and roses.”This summer my house burned down. We lost everything. Ms. Tara was right there all the way. She got me everything I needed,” says McDonald.

The community had one common birthday present for Tara Grinstead. Those of us at Scared Monkeys send you a birthday wish as well. God bless.

“We’re never going to stop looking for you. And you will be home and we will find you,” says neighbor, Susan Oakley.

If you have any information about Tara Grinstead’s disappearance, call the anonymous tip line at 229-468-TIPS.

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Tara Grinstead Still Missing, Why a community Finds her so Special

The Macon Telegraph article in the Sunday edition, ‘An open wound’: Community desperate to find missing teacher, tells all the reasons why a community loves her so and the reasons for their desperation in finding Tara.

From Tara’s selfless acts of helping others like Kenyatta McDonald when her house burned down and lost everything to the purchasing of student’s prom dresses who could not afford them; Tara Grinstead saw fit that they had them. It is no wonder that this caring school teacher was so adored by so many and why her community cares to deeply in her return.

When Kenyatta McDonald’s house burned down this summer and she lost everything, it was Tara Grinstead who made sure the high school senior had what she needed.

Grinstead bought her things she wanted and things she needed, such as clothes and shoes.

“She was right there, even if I needed a hug or a shoulder to cry on she was there,” McDonald said.

She’s a teacher who bought students prom dresses when they couldn’t afford them. The students paid her back over time. But she put her students in a fake jail when they didn’t pay fake taxes with their “Grinstead dollars” – part of her lesson on taxation without representation.

“She’s just been so close to students in her classes,” Conner said. “Any type of kid she could talk with, the A-plus students who are basically care free and those kids who are at risk.”

What makes a community love someone as much as they have come to care for Tara Grinstead? Maybe the fact that as her step mother, Connie Grinstead stated, “Grinstead didn’t move to Ocilla intending to stay.” The fact that Tara embraced her community and cared for its people as especially her students. Wanting to become part of a community and wanting to be a role model, one would be hard pressed not to have seen a small town community like Ocilla not embrace someone so caring and thoughtful like Tara Grinstead.

Grinstead didn’t move to Ocilla intending to stay, her stepmother, Connie Grinstead, said.

During her senior year at Georgia Southwestern State in Americus, she did her student teaching at Irwin County High. She fell in love with the town and its people. When the school system offered her a job eight years ago, she accepted, her stepmother said.

Connie Grinstead said her stepdaughter loves history and loves helping people, but there were other reasons for her career choice.

Pageants gave Grinstead self-esteem and confidence, and so she encouraged her students to do them, too, her stepmother said.

“It has helped her so much in her life that she knew it could benefit other young ladies in the same way,” she said.

“She just liked young people. She always wanted to be a good role model for them,” she said.

(Read the full article)

Also for further information, news and events go to

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Search continues for missing Irwin County teacher, Tara Grinstead

The search continues for Tara Grinstead as authorities and volunteers continue to search for a popular high school teacher who has been missing for two weeks.

But so far, authorities have found few clues as to what may have happened to Grinstead.

The clothes she wore Saturday night and her cell phone were found at her home. Her car was outside and unlocked, which her sister, Anita Gattis, said was unusual. Her pocketbook and keys were gone, police said.

Grinstead is single and lives with her dog and cat. There was no clear sign of a struggle at her home, police said. But a broken lamp was found in her bedroom and her alarm clock was found under her bed.

It is possible she was kidnapped, authorities have said. But Irwin County Sheriff Donnie Youghn said there are no suspects in the case.

As per the WMAZ 13, Town Searches for Missing Teacher

The family of Tara Grinstead, who has been missing for two weeks, now is offering a reward of $80,000 and has hired a private investigator in hopes of finding clues into the disappearance of Tara Grinstead.

The family of a woman who disappeared two weeks ago has now offered an $80,000 reward in the hopes of finding her.

The family of Tara Grinstead has also hired a private investigator to look for clues in the case.

There are no solid leads or suspects in the investigation, police said. Detectives are urging anyone with information to contact the Iwrin County Sheriff’s Office.

Also see for more information

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Tara Grinstead Investigation: Anita Gattis; “her sister left the house under her own will and then something went very wrong after that.”

Its been nearly two weeks and there have been no solid clues or leads as to the disappearance of Tara Grinstead. Several volunteer search parties have been organized on multiple days and have turned up empty.

Searches have been conducted every day in various ways, including on foot, by horse, with helicopters and with all-terrain vehicles. Wednesday, cadaver dogs were used, though authorities stressed it wasn’t because they were looking for a body.

In an interview with CBS, The Early Show co-anchor Hannah Storm, Tara Grinstead’s sister Anita Gattis discusses her ideas of what may have happened the night that her sister went missing.

Anita Gattis, Grinstead’s sister, says police “didn’t find a lot” when they searched Grinstead’s home in Ocilla, Ga.

“The house was locked,” Gattis told The Early Show co-anchor Hannah Storm Friday. “Her cell phone was back in the charger. She always takes her cell phone with her everywhere she goes. Her purse and her keys were missing. The car was home but it was unlocked, which is very unusual. Tara always kept her car locked.”

Gattis says she suspects her sister left the house under her own will “and then something went very wrong after that. I don’t know if it started out to be an abduction and she was just lured out of her home, or she went with somebody and then something happened. I’m just not sure. But I really do feel like it is an abduction at this point.”

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Georgians pull together for missing teacher, Tara Grinstead

The disappearance of Tara Grinstead has captured the hearts of many in Georgia and nationally. Tara’s disappearance has made national news as family, friends and volunteers search for the missing 30 year old school teacher.

And news of the missing teacher is gaining national and even worldwide attention. Monday, Tara Grinstead’s sister spent the day in Atlanta doing interviews. Volunteers say several national cable news channels have picked up on the story and they’ve even received emails from as far away as Canada.

Volunteers have even had to change fliers to reflect a new reward amount. It’s now up to at least $25,000, some of which has been donated by people who’ve never met the missing teacher. “The word’s getting out there and we’re not going to rest until we bring Tara home,” says search volunteer Linda Fletcher.

As in all searches the volunteers remain cautiously optimistic and to be ever present and vigilant when searching as one never knows what they might find as a clue or lead.

Still Fletcher, like many others remains optimistic, but warns everyone to be careful and keep their eyes open. “Be aware of everything around you because we don’t want anything to happen to anybody else,” Fletcher says.

The searches continue for Tara Grinstead in Ocilla and all the surrounding areas and counties. She has been missing for ten day and hundreds of people continue to search for the missing school teacher.

The search continues for missing Ocilla teacher Tara Grinstead. The 30 year old disappeared 10 days ago. Now, a search and rescue operation from Albany is going to help in the search.

Hundreds of people search by foot, by horse, and by air. Now, four more people, this time with Albany-Dougherty County Search and Rescue are going to help find Tara .

“Anytime the surrounding counties contact us to help out, we’re glad to help out. We have a mutual aid agreement with any of the counties in Georgia. This is what we train for and we’re always glad to assist,” says Commander Chuck Mitchell.


TIP LINE: 1-229-468-TIPS (8477)
Private Anonymous Tips: 912-386-2564

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Tara Grinstead Search: Family & Friends makes plea on Nancy Grace

NANCY GRACE; October 31, 2005

Tara Grinstead’s family came on CNN’s Nancy Grace to make a public plea for the where abouts and any clues that people may have in to her disappearance. They do bring a couple of issues to light in that her car door was found unlocked, her keys and purse were missing and her radio clock by her bed on the floor.

GATTIS: Well, her car was left unlocked. Tara never leaves her car unlocked when she is at home. Her cell phone was in the charger. Her door was locked, but her keys and her purse were missing.

GRACE: Keys and purse missing. I understood that there was a radio clock by her bed on the floor.

GATTIS: That`s correct. The GBI found it under the bed when they were looking for evidence. And there was also a broken lamp on her bedside table.

More from the interview with regards to Tara Grinstead’s disappearance. For more information go the the website for Tara Grinstead;

GRACE: Thirty-year-old Tara Grinstead now history teacher following a beauty pageant winner missing. Please help us bring home Tara Grinstead.

Let`s go straight out to a reporter with “The Tifton Gazette.” Joining us is Dusty Vassey. Dusty, bring us up to date.

DUSTY VASSEY, “TIFTON GAZETTE”: Tara Grinstead went missing last Saturday night — well, that was last time anyone saw her — at 11:00 PM. She went to a beauty pageant, where she was helping people do their makeup. And she was reported missing after Monday morning when she didn`t show up to work where she`s a local high school teach.

GRACE: Dusty, where did she work, exactly?

VASSEY: She was a history teacher in Irwin County High School in Osceola, Georgia.

GRACE: And how long had she been there?

VASSEY: I`m not sure how long she had been there.

GRACE: You know, I want to go straight out to Tara`s sister, joining us also from Osceola, Georgia. Anita Gattis is with us. Anita, how long had your sister been at that school?


GRACE: What can you tell me about the night she went missing, Anita?

GATTIS: She had helped some girls in the afternoon work on their makeup, their hair for a beauty pageant. She went to the beauty pageant. She went to a local superintendent`s house for dinner, watched a football game. We assume she went back home. And after that, we do not know.

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