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Texas EquuSearch in Boliver County, MS Looking for Missing Stacey Hazelton

After some delays due to in-climate weather Tim Miller and Texas EquuSearch have Stacey_Hazeltonfinally been able to start searching for missing Stacey Hazelton. Stacey went missing on May 2004 and has not been seen since. Her ex-boyfriend, James Arthur Fanning, has been tried and convicted of her murder. Despite many previous searches by law enforcement, Stacey’s body was never found.

Texas Equusearch arrived today in Bolver County, MS to begin searching for Stacy Hazelton’s body. A witness in the murder trial stated that Hazelton;d body was burned and buried in the woods near a creek in Duncan, MS. TES will be working in conjunction with the Boliver County Sheriff’s Department.

An update from the search informs us that TES brought in ground penetrating units and have found some ground anomalies. These points of interest have been probed and cadaver dogs were brought in and showed some interest. At this point there has been nothing definitely located. The Texas EquuSearch team will be working through the night as local authorities brought in lights and there is a threat of more bad weather in the area in the morning. Updates will be coming in as news comes forth.


(Lancaster on-line)

The parents of Stacey Hazelton have expressed their thanks and for Texas EquuSearch coming to help them find their daughter.

For Bruce and Natalie Hazelton, Stacey’s parents, Texas Equusearch aiding in the search efforts makes the possibility of finding her remains all that more real. “This feels great, I can’t thank them enough,” said Natalie. “They are traveling all that way to come and search. We are hopeful and thinking positive. My mother has really worked hard to get this organization involved. “Our hope is that we will be able to bring Stacey’s remains home,” she added. “They told us to remain positive, so that’s what we’ll be.” (The Boliver Commercial)

More can be found at the family website,

UPDATE I: Thursday 12:05PM, Tim Miller discusses results of search

According to Tim Miller, they worked until around 3:30–4:00 this morning searching for Stacey Hazelton. Tim Miller stated, “it appeared that Stacey could have been here at one point. The cadaver dogs had hits, but we did not find her. However, it was important to clear this area for possible locations of Stacey.” Although this search effort was without a conclusion Tim Miller suggested to law enforcement that maybe she may be in the area. The authorities have no idea whether Stacey was buried in the ground or just covered up. Tim Miller suggested a controlled burn of the area to rid it of the over vegetation so that the area can be searched again. This time a greater circumference surface area search. He believes the controlled burn in planned for this weekend.

We also had the opportunity to talk to Kent Schneider with the ground penetration unit. Scared Monkeys initially met Kent during the Natalee Holloway search in Aruba in 2005. Also involved in the Search for Stacey Hazelton was Dave Holloway, the father of missing Natalee Holloway.

Tim Miller wanted to personally thank the Boliver County Sheriff’s Department, those that helped and loaned equipment for the search, Kent Schneider, Dave Holloway and the other search teams that participated in the search. Tim Miller said, “It’s amazing what you can accomplish in such a short period of time when all work together for a common purpose, it all just comes together.”


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Stacey Hazelton, 21, Missing Since 2004 in Mississippi, Texas EquuSearch to Aid in Search

Stacey Hazelton, 21, has been missing since May 21, 2004. She was last seen in Alligator, MS. Although several searches have been done since Stacey Hazelton went missing, her body has never been recovered.

A witness testified during the trial that Hazleton’s body was burned and buried in woods near a creek in Duncan, Miss. Despite several police searches, the remains were never found. Burned bone fragments were recovered but a DNA match was impossible. The Hazeltons are desperate for the closure that the discovery of her remains would bring. “We can’t leave her down there,” Mrs. Hazelton said. “That’s like leaving her behind. She needs to be home. I wish there was a different way, but still she needs to be home.” (Lancaster On-Line)

Since Stacey has gone missing, her ex-boyfriend James Arthur Fanning, Jr was found guilty of her murder. However, the fact remains that Stacey Hazelton’s body has never been recovered. Tim Miller and Texas EquuSearch will being going to Mississippi this week to help in the search. Their efforts have been hampered by weather; however, they will be joining the efforts to help being home Stacey Hazelton to her family. See the family sight,

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