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19 Year Old Brandon Swanson Missing Since May 14, 2008 in southwestern Minnesota

19 year old Brandon Swanson has been missing since May 14, 2008. Brandon Swanson has not been heard from since he was talking with his father Brian Swanson of Marshall early in the morning on May 14, when he abruptly lost cell phone contact. Brandon had called to say his car was in a ditch. His car went into the ditch along the Lincoln and Lyon County line near Taunton.

Brandon Swanson

Brandon Swanson

Still no sign of missing Marshall man

Another weekend search has ended with no sign of a missing 19-year-old Marshall man.

About 100 searchers gathered in Taunton over the weekend to look for Brandon Swanson. Authorities say he was last heard from in a cell phone call to his parents on May 14. His car was found in a ditch near Taunton.

Fathers, David Francis and Brian Swanson Share a Heartache Searching for Missing Sons … Jon Francis and Brandon Swanson Missing

Foundation to help in Swanson search

The search continues for missing Brandon Swanson with no results. However, the family of Brandon Swanson could not be more thankful for all of the help that they have received from volunteers.

On Saturday, volunteer crews will continue to look for the missing teen. They plan to expand their search and concentrate on the Yellow Medicine River. Brandon’s dad Brian says that every weekend dozens of people volunteered their time and he couldn’t be more thankful.

“In our society, you know, just sometimes it seems everybody is out for number one, but this has proven to me that people care about others and they’ll do anything for you,” said Brian. The Swansons welcome volunteers to join their search this weekend.

The Search for Brandon Swanson

UPDATE I: Missing Marshall man probably drowned, sheriff says

The Lincoln County sheriff says a missing Marshall man probably died accidentally in the Yellow Medicine River.

After weeks of searching, Sheriff Jack Vizecky says he’s convinced 19-year-old Brandon Swanson’s body is in the river. There was no evidence of foul play.

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Monique Berkley Confesses to Murdering her Husband Reservist Paul Berkley, Milblogger (Legibletrout)

Monique Berkley has confessed to the murder of her husband, Navy reservist Paul Berkley. Paul (Legibletrout) was murdered last Sunday and his wife was taken into custody.

At a news conference at police headquarters, Sergeant J.C. Perry says Monique Berkley told police she planned to get Paul Berkley’s insurance money.


Sergeant J.C. Perry also confirmed that Monique Berkley was having an affair with Andrew Canty, one of the other two suspects.

Read the full story at Milblogger, The Military Outpost.

God Bless You Paul Berkley and Rest In Peace.

Also Citizen Smash; Monique Berkley Confesses

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Photographer Ben Fawley A Suspect Again in Taylor Behl case

I do not think many people gave it much credence when police and authorities originally claimed that Ben Fawley was not a “person of interest” in the Taylor Marie Behl disappearance. Police state that clues that lead to the discovery of Taylor Behl’s body came from pictures that were on Ben Fawley’s web site.

Police found the body of Virginia Commonwealth University freshman Taylor Marie Behl, 17, after examining photographs on the Web site of an amateur photographer who was one of the last people to see Behl alive.

“I don’t think that I would be too far off base to say that he is a suspect in this case,” Richmond police chief Rodney Monroe said Friday on CBS News’ The Early Show

However, Ben Fawley has still not been charged in the Behl case but is being held on other non-related charges.

Photo led police to student’s body

Police found the critical photo that led them to Behl’s remains on one of Fawley’s Web sites, where he had posted a gallery of his digital snapshots.

Internet Central In Behl Case

The Early Show correspondent Tracy Smith reports that the two met through Web sites where people post photos and messages. Taylor shared intimate details of her life on these sites, Smith reports.

“There seems to be a lot of information on here that someone who didn’t know her would have a pretty good idea who she is and what she’s all about,” one computer expert told Smith.

While the Internet can put young people like Behl at risk, Smith reports, experts also say it can provide clues when they go missing.

“It really can offer nearly a complete profile of the individual,” one expert told Smith. “Who they spoke to, when and where they expect to go, where they’ve been in their past.”

On Taylor’s Web site, there are numerous messages from Fawley, who took and posted pictures of Taylor on the Internet.

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Taylor Behl’s internet blog Aides in the Investigation

While the investigation goes on in to the disappearance of Taylor Behl, Taylor’s blogs give Richmond Police an intimate look into lives of teen and her friends.
Prior to her disappearance Taylor had an opportunity to put many things into her own personal blog.

Before she disappeared from a Richmond university four weeks ago, Taylor Marie Behl recorded her moods, her crushes, her insecurities in 50 entries she posted online over the span of 12 months. In language both spare and pensive, she detailed rites of passage, from earning her driver’s license to preparing for university.

With her chronicles, Behl, 17, of Vienna gained entry into a vast virtual community, a very public arena in which her writings were there for anyone to see at any time, a personal diary with no key.

One does wonder as to why so many provide so many personal accounts and details of their personal lives in forums open for all to see.

Now police also are privy to the disagreements that Behl had with her parents, her emotions on any given day, even her sexual exploits. By combing through the missing student’s online journal and profiles, they learned not only about her favorite musicians and movies but also about the many people with whom she was acquainted on the Internet — users with such online identities as “Citizen Cope” and “Chaos.”

As it turns out the internet has become are great forensic tool for investigators to get leads and clues.

The Internet, police said, has emerged as a virtual tip machine that often maps the course of an investigation. Within seconds, detectives are able to amass a great deal of information about someone, either through a search engine such as Google or on Web logs, such as the one that Behl maintained at, where more than 8 million people, most of them teenagers and college students, document their thoughts.

“It’s real surprising what people put out on the Internet about themselves, what they’re interested in, what they’re thinking,” said Richmond police Detective Jeff Deem, one of several officers assigned to Behl’s case. “Every case is different, but if we know that someone is a heavy Internet user, we’re going to go online and look around.”

Taylor Behl blog begins as follows:

Behl created her Web log, or blog, April 6, 2004. In her first entry, titled “Oh la la,” Behl wrote that her mother found out a boy had visited while she was out. “I’m just trouble,” she wrote. Two weeks later, she “decided that all boys suck.”

Mostly, Behl’s online writings captured the angst and mood swings typical among teenagers.

There were moments of sadness: “I now know that everyone is useless and really doesn’t care.”

There were moments of anger: “I’m so (expletive) tired of everyone making decisions in my best interest. Don’t I get a (expletive) say? NO. Sorry, not ’til you’re 18.”

And there were moments of utter and exposed joy: “I’ll have my own car on Sunday . . . yesssssssssssssss!”

(The rest of the article)

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