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Missing Madeleine McCann, PI Marcelino Italiano Says She was Kidnapped by Portuguese Pedo Ring & Possibly in the US

Could there finally be a break in the case of missing Maddy McCann?

Madeleine McCann, 3 years old at the time, disappeared in 2007 while on vacation while on vacation with her family in Praia da Luz, Portugal. It has often been speculated that Maddy McCann was abducted by pedophile. Now comes the following breaking news from private investigator Marcelino Italiano.

Read the full story at Scared, Maddy McCann kidnapped by Portuguese Pedophile ring?

February 19th, 2011 at 12:45pm Posted by | abduction, Madeleine McCann, Missing, Pedophiles, Sex Trafficking | one comment

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  1. I live in Germany, where we have also had coverage of Madeleine’s kadnipping. It has been repeatedly stated, and indeed must be true, that the likelihood of her still being in Portugal is minimal. (I saw footage on television of the Portuguese police, who were supposed to be checking all cars leaving the country, huddling in their own patrol car during a cloudburst, and then standing around chatting among themselves for at least an hour afterwards, while all kinds of cars including a white van with blacked-out windows whizzed past them )Short of a global milk-carton campaign or a Coca Cola label ad (you’d probably have to use the caps of the glass ones, which are rather small) it is hard to come up with a coherent suggestion. She could literally be anywhere The wave of support that this abduction has triggered seems to have an element of last-straw , as we ask ourselves, finally, what kind of a society is it that preys on not only its most vulnerable members, but indeed on precisely those who represent our future on this planet? Madeleine, in addition to being a little girl tragically snatched from her appalled and grieving family, is fast becoming a symbol of the horror we feel when the innocence of children is violated, when they are forcibly removed from their loving homes and families either in the midst of normal everyday life, or in the maelstrom of war zones or places of unspeakable poverty and want.It is time to act globally there has been much talk about organisations that would appear to be ideal vehicles for a seek-and-destroy action against the evil individuals who rob others of their children, but they seem not to walk their own talk. Who will stand up and set up a workable global platform incorporating all the ideas we have heard so far, rein in and marshal the forces of the UNICEFs and data bases, and carry out these ideas on the ground in a sustainable, long-term campaign to eradicate this abhorrent crime? I wish the McCanns strength and fortitude, and can only hope and pray that Madeleine is returned to them unharmed.

    Comment by Yhorley | December 17, 2012

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