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Stacy Peterson, Lisa Stebic Missing: More Evidence Found (Leg Bone) from the Des Plaines River … Related to Remains Earlier Discovered

More Evidence Discovered …

It is being reported that more evidence was found Saturday from the Des Plaines River near Channahan, Ill where sources are saying it is related to a body found on the river bank on Wednesday.

The additional evidence was found Saturday afternoon. State police would not confirm what was found Saturday or if the items were related to the remains found earlier. According to media sources, the evidence found might have been a leg bone.

Chemical plant worker Jeff Triplett says he escorted state police and two workers from the Will County Coroner’s office through a brush and back into the woods along the bank of the Des Plaines River…

Tera Williams: What did they find…
Jeff Triplett: They found a human leg bone… they said they found it on the side of the river…
They had their forensics kit and they all had their laptops and they were bagging it up.

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Daily Commentary – Friday, May 22nd, 2009 – Remains Found by Des Plaines River … Is it Stacy Peterson or Lisa Stebic?

  • Could this be related to one of the two high-profile missing persons cases in Chicago of Stacy Peterson or Lisa Stebic? Dana comments.

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It has been quite a while since Stacy Peterson and Lisa Stebic went missing; however, suddenly there have been breaking events that could bring an end to one of the two cases. 23 year old Stacy Ann Peterson went missing on 10–28–07  in Bolingbrook, IL, while 37 year old Lisa Stebic went missing on 5–01–07 from Plainfield, IL.

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Ill– A caucasion, badly decomposed body of a woman has been recovered from the DesPlaines River, near Channahan, Ill this afternoon.

Police discovered the body near the Big Basin Marina, near I55. CSI recovery teams and State Police detectives have set up command on the riverbank and remain there this evening.

Go to Blink on Crime for update:

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Stacy Peterson Missing Persons Case: New Evidence, Large Blue Barrel Moved Out of Drew Peterson House (Update: Truckers Help?)

Do police have Drew Peterson over a barrel?Drew_peterson3

There appears to be a new development and potential evidence in the case of missing Stacy Peterson. At the focus of the development is a large blue barrel that was removed from the home of Drew Peterson with the help of a mystery person. Police have stated that the barrel was large enough to put an individual in.

There is a new development in the search for Stacy Peterson – Illinois State Police have identified who they think may have helped Drew Peterson move a large blue barrel out of his house – a barrel which is now considered a key piece of evidence. Now searchers are looking for that barrel – along with Stacy. Fox News Chicago Reporter Craig Wall is covering the story in Bolingbrook . (Fox-Chicago)

Peterson kin: I didn’t help move barrel

The tightlipped law has kept a lid on a neighbor’s report of Drew Peterson allegedly loading a large barrel into the back of his Denali soon after his wife vanished, but the former cop’s brother says he didn’t lend a hand.

“I don’t know anything about it,” said Paul Peterson, the brother of recently retired police Sgt. Drew Peterson, when asked about reports of a neighbor telling police that Drew and another man hauled a mysterious blue barrel from his residence to his Denali.

Pressed about the barrel and whether he helped his brother carry it, Paul Peterson said, “No, no,” and retreated to the Pheasant Chase Court home of Drew and missing wife Stacy Peterson.

Cops ask: What was in the barrel, Drew?

2ND MAN SOUGHT | Sources say neighbor told police he saw Drew Peterson and someone else loading barrel ‘big enough to put someone in’ into former cop’s SUV

A neighbor of Drew Peterson told police he spotted the former Bolingbrook police sergeant and a second man loading a large blue barrel into Peterson’s sport utility vehicle hours after his young wife was last seen alive, sources said.

The identity of the second man isn’t known, a pair of police sources said. “That’s who we’re looking for,” one of the sources said.

UPDATE I: Police Identify Person Believed to Have Helped Ex-Cop Drew Peterson Move Large Barrel

Illinois State police have identified the person they think may have helped former police sergeant Drew Peterson move a large blue barrel from his bedroom to his vehicle the day after his 23-year-old wife was reported missing.

A law enforcement source tells WFLD FOX Chicago that the man who helped load a barrel into Peterson’s SUV tried to commit suicide the next day.

Illinois State Police told FOX News on Sunday that “new information” prompted its appeal for more information about possible sightings of the cars that belong to Stacy Peterson or her husband, Drew, around the time that the woman vanished.

Investigators are asking anyone who may have seen the vehicles on Oct. 28 or 29 — the time of the 23-year-old Bolingbrook mother’s disappearance — to come forward.

Police have released photos of the vehicles: A dark Blue 2005 GMC Yukon Denali belonging to Drew and the second a purple 2002 Pontiac Grand Am, belonging to Stacy, and asked the public to call its tipline at 815-740-0678 or “America’s Most Wanted” at 800-274-6388.

Both vehicles were impounded by police on Nov. 1, and are still in police possession because of search warrant seizures.

UPDATE II: Drew’s relative attempted suicide, source says
Drew Peterson’s relative said to be distraught over Stacy’s disappearance

UPDATE III: Police: Truckers say Peterson sought aid

The information in the case of missing Stacy Peterson seems to get stranger and stranger. First there was a report of a blue barrel that was removed from the Peteson home, now two truckers have come forward stating that they were asked to “transport a package to an undisclosed location.”

CHICAGO – Two truckers said a former police officer suspected in his wife’s disappearance may have asked them early on the day she was reported missing to carry a package for him, police said Saturday.

The truckers said two men, including a man they now believe was former Bolingbrook police officer Drew Peterson and another man in his 50s with salt-and-pepper hair and stocky build, approached them at about 3:30 a.m. on Oct. 29 at a Bolingbrook truck stop, Illinois State Trooper Mark Dorencz said in a written statement.

The men asked the truckers to “transport a package to an undisclosed location;” after reaching the location, the men would “regain possession of the package and continue transporting it to a location not accessible by semi-trailers,” the statement said. (Yahoo News)


For more updates or to discuss the case of missing Stacy Peterson, go to Scared Monkeys Missing Persons Forum: Stacy Peterson.

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Drew Peterson Named Suspect in Stacy Peterson Missing Persons Case, Kathleen Savio’s body to be Exhumed

Drew Peterson, the husband of missing Stacy Peterson, was officially named a Drew Peterson5suspect today by police. Although previously not named a suspect, it was rather obvious that all signs pointed to Drew Peterson as the most likely individual that police were focusing on in the disappearance of his wife.

His actions have been peculiar to say the least and it would appear according to reports that the pressure may be reaching a breaking point.

“I would say right now that Drew Peterson has gone from being a person of interest to clearly being a suspect,” in the disappearance of Stacy Peterson, Illinois State Police Capt. Carl Dobrich said during a news conference. “I would say this case has shifted from a missing-person case to a possible homicide case.”

Pictures of Stacy Peterson

Also today, authorities have announced that they will exhume the body of Drew Peterson’s 3rd wife, Kathleen Savio, who died in 2004.


(Kathleen Savio)

Peterson’s third wife was Kathleen Savio. Her niece, Melissa Marie Doman, said family members support the decision by the Will County state’s attorney’s office to exhume Savio’s body.

Family members have long suspected that Savio didn’t drown accidentally in her bath tub as ruled by the coroner’s office, Doman said.

“I am all for it, along with the rest of my family, because something just was never right,” said Doman. “I can’t really say who, but someone did something. I don’t think it was an accident.”

Officials may exhume body of Drew Peterson’s 3rd wife

Cop Suspected in Wife’s DisappearanceStacy_Peterson

JOLIET, Ill. (AP) — Authorities probing the disappearance of a police officer’s wife said Friday he is now considered a suspect in a potential homicide investigation, and that the death of an ex-wife three years ago appeared to have been staged as an accidental drowning.

Authorities received court approval to exhume the body of an ex-wife of Bolingbrook Sgt. Drew Peterson as they continued the search for his wife, Stacy, who was last seen Oct. 28.

Illinois State Police Capt. Carl Dobrich said Peterson, 53, has moved from being a person of interest in the disappearance of his 23-year-old wife to “clearly being a suspect.” Dobrich also said the case was now a potential homicide investigation.

“We have mixed emotions right now,” said Pamela Bosco, Stacy Peterson’s adoptive stepmother. “We’re sad, but we needed to move on, and this is something we’ve needed to hear for a long time.”

Authorities: Cop is a suspect in wife’s vanishing

Stacy Peterson’s Close Friend, Pamela Bosco, Speaks Out

UPDATE I: Geraldo interviews Drew Peterson

With the media camp growing outside his Bolingbrook home, Sgt. Drew Peterson took his case to Geraldo Rivera Saturday.

Off-camera, he insisted he had nothing to do with his wife’s disappearance and complained to the Fox Network broadcaster that stress caused by media coverage has caused him to lose 25 pounds.

The interview came on a day when more than 100 volunteers — though not Peterson — scoured forest preserves and ponds looking without success for 23-year-old Stacy Peterson.

In another twist, two of Stacy Peterson’s relatives entered the couple’s home and removed the ashes of Stacy’s deceased sister, who died last year of cancer.


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Texas EquuSearch Joins the Search for Missing Stacy Peterson in Bolingbrook, IL … They Need Your Help

TES and the Family of Stacy Peterson needs your HelpStacy Peterson

Tim Miller and the volunteers of Texas EquuSearch have joined the search to help find missing Stacy Peterson. The family of Stacy Peterson contacted TES, the non-profit search organization,  in an effort to help find their missing loved one. Stacy Ann Peterson has been missing since 10/28/07.

Speaking with Tim Miller this evening he asked that anyone in the Bolingbrook, IL come out and help search and also take part in helping out with the Command Center located at the Westbrook Christian Church in Bolingbrook.

The command center for the Texas EquuSearch team will be the Westbrook Christian Church at 1175 Lily Cache Lane in Bolingbrook. All search volunteers for tomorrow need to be there at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow

 Stacy Peterson – search update 11/05/07

Cassandra Cales, Stacy’s sister, contacted EquuSearch and asked for the national organization’s help, said Cindy Wisdom, case manager for the not-for-profit group founded in 2000 to help authorities find missing people.

“We don’t enter a case unless family or law enforcement contacts us, and we don’t move forward with a case unless law enforcement agrees to work with us,” Wisdom said, adding the group has opened cases on more than 800 missing people and found 300—and the remains of 76 others. “The idea is to bring home missing persons, dead or alive.” (Chicago Tribune)

Texas search team to help in Peterson case

Meanwhile, representatives from The Texas EquuSearch Mounted Search and Recovery Team, an all-volunteer group with resources that include divers, helicopters, dog teams, horses and foot teams, were set to help in the search.

Family friend Bruce Zidarich said Peterson’s relatives had reached out to the group last week, and they had agreed to help.

For more updates and information go to

To discuss the case and for updated go to Scared Monkey Forum: Stacy Ann Peterson 23, Bolingbrook IL – Missing 10/28/07


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23 Year Old Stacy Ann Peterson Missing Since 10/28/07 in Bolingbrook, IL (UPDATES)

23 year old Stacy Ann Peterson, the wife of Bolingbrook police Sgt. Drew Peterson, is missing. Stacy Ann Peterson was last heard from at 10 AM Sunday when she called a friend and made plans to meet him. Drew Peterson has not been named a suspect or a person of interest. He has been cooperating with police; however, some of his behavior has been a little on the strange side.

Stacy Peterson

(Stacy Ann Peterson)


  • She was last seen in Bolingbrook wearing a red jogging suit
  • Height: 5-foot-2 
  • Weight: 100 pounds
  • brown hair
  • brown eyes
  • Peterson has a tattoo of a blue and yellow carnation on the small of her back and a scar across her stomach.

Go to the Scared Monkeys Missing Persons Forum, read and leave your comments UPDATE I: Stacy Ann Peterson Vanishes, Americas Most Wanted

Sgt. Peterson says he received a phone call from Stacy on Sunday at 9 pm.  But, no one else heard from her after a Sunday morning phone call with relatives. Now, Stacy’s family has asked the Illinois State Police to look into her disappearance since her husband is a cop with the local police.

UPDATE II: One Wife Dead & One Wife Gone

Three years ago, Bolingbrook Police Sgt. Drew Peterson’s ex-wife was found dead in her bathtub. It was, police said at the time, an accidental drowning.

But now, prosecutors plan to take a fresh look at Kathleen Savio’s death, as police investigate the disappearance of Peterson’s current wife, Stacy Ann Peterson.

UPDATE III: Missing wife wanted to get a divorce

Two days before she disappeared, the wife of a Bolingbrook police sergeant told her husband she wanted a divorce, the missing woman’s aunt said Thursday.

A day later, on Saturday, Stacy Peterson told her sister she feared for her life, said Suzan Robison, Stacy’s paternal aunt.

Sgt. Drew Peterson, Stacy’s husband, “was a very jealous, very controlling person,” Robison said. “He followed her. He tracked her with GPS on her cell phone, called her constantly.”


UPDATE V: Divers Search Pond Near Home of Suburban Chicago Cop in Missing Wife Probe

Divers were searching a retention pond Friday near the the home of a missing mother of two married to a Chicago police sergeant.

Police executed a search warrant Thursday and seized two vehicles from the Bolingbrook, Ill., home of Drew and Stacy Peterson in what is still being described as a missing persons case.

 UPDATE VI: Husband of missing woman wears mask, glasses and hat as cops search residence

The bizarre behavior by the husband of missing Stacy Peterson makes one scratch their head. Seen here trying to disguise himself and remain anonymous from the media, yet he granted some media outlets in his home.

UPDATE VII: Search for Stacy Peterson November 3, 2007


 UPDATE VIII: Wife’s e-mail shows troubled marriage

Friends and family of missing Bolingbrook mother Stacy Peterson vowed to continue their search today through a heavily wooded area near her home, while a recently uncovered e-mail sent by Peterson sheds new light on the troubled relationship between her and her cop husband in the days before her disappearance.

 UPDATE IX: Coroner: Death of Illinois Officer’s 3rd Wife Should Have Been Ruled ‘Undetermined’

The death of the third wife of a police sergeant whose new spouse has been missing for more than a week should have been ruled “undetermined,” a county coroner said on Wednesday.

No charges were filed after a coroner’s jury ruled as accidental the death of Drew Peterson’s former wife, Kathleen Savio, whose body was found in a bathtub in March 2004. Savio’s death is being reviewed since Peterson’s current wife, Stacy, went missing Oct. 29.

 Stacy Peterson – family of Kathleen Savio Speaks Out


UPDATE X: Search for Missing Stacy Peterson to Focus on Water

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