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Hans Reiser,Linux Filesystem Creator, Held in Murder of Wife Nina Reiser as Reward stands at $25,000

Hans Reiser is being held without bond as even with no body, police have enough circumstantial evidence to keep him locked up. Amazing that murder crimes make strange bed fellows as one of Reiser’s attorneys is Daniel Horowitz. Howrowitz’s own wife was murdered last year.

Reiser, 42, is being held without bail in the Santa Rita jail in California pending a hearing on November 28, when he is supposed to enter a plea. His lawyers, who now include Daniel Horowitz, whose own wife was murdered last year in a highly publicized case, said they delayed entering a plea so they could review the evidence against him.

The cops don’t have a body, only circumstantial evidence, but enough to lock Reiser up. According to a police statement, “We interviewed a host of individuals. All avenues led back to Mr. Reiser being responsible for the death and disappearance of Ms. Nina Reiser.” (Open Source Magazine)

The reward for information leading to the location of the missing Nina Reiser has increased from $15,000 to $25,000.

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Nina Reiser Husband Arresred, Hans Reiser To Be Charged With Murder

Hans Reiser, estranged husband of Nina Reiser arrested in her disappearance


NBC11 News has learned the Alameda County district attorney’s office will charge Hans Reiser with one count of murder Thursday morning.

The arrest comes a day after police and FBI agents searched Hans Reiser’s Exeter Drive home for a second time, and while police did not reveal specific evidence found Monday night, they did say that they served a search warrant for documents as well as forensic and biological evidence. Cadaver dogs were also used in the search.

UPDATE: Police: Books, Bloody Sleeping Bag Led To Reiser Arrest

Police said they believe the couple’s children were in the house when Hans Reiser allegedly killed his wife that day, according to a probable cause statement filed by investigators Thursday. Interviews with the children revealed that the two were allegedly arguing upstairs while the children played downstairs.

At one point, the boy went to his parents, and his father told him to leave and “not to come back upstairs, not even to the kitchen area,” Officer Ryan Gill wrote in the statement.

According to a probable cause statement, police found a roll of large trash bags, two books, “Homicide” and “Masterpieces of Murder,” and a bloodstained sleeping bag.

Hernandez reported the passenger seat of Hans Reiser’s 1998 Honda hatchback is missing. (NBC 11)

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Website & Billboards started for Missing Nina Reiser

A new web site has been started to help provide awareness and information for the missing Nina Reiser. The web site is


(Click on picture to go to

Nina Reiser’s friend Anthony Zografos said today that 20 billboards would be posted in Oakland and surrounding neighborhoods Monday.

Anyone with information about Reiser is asked to contact Oakland police at (510) 777-3333. Callers can also leave information on the Police Department’s tip line at (510) 637-0298.  (Mercury News)

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Police Conference Discussing DNA taken from Missing Nina Reiser’s Husband, Hans Reiser

Watch Video here of DNA Police News Conference

During the news conference, Jordan confirmed they detained Hans Reiser Thursday night in order obtain a DNA sample. Jordan said police will use the DNA and compare it to evidence in the missing person’s case.

Police said they did not question Reiser, adding his lawyer was not present.

Jordan said of Reiser, “He is not a suspect now because we don’t have a crime.” (WNBC 11)

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Police Take DNA samples from Hans Reiser in Missing Nina Reiser case

Although still not considered a suspect in the case of missing Nina Reiser, police on Thursday took a DNA sample from her estranged husband, Hans Reiser.

Oakland police investigators obtained DNA from the husband of a missing Oakland woman Thursday after serving a search warrant on Hans Reiser’s person, Police Department spokesman Roland Holmgren said today.

Holmgren said Reiser is not a suspect in the investigation into the disappearance of his wife, Nina, a native of Russia who was last seen about 2 p.m. on Sept. 3 when she dropped off the couple’s children at Hans Reiser’s home in the 6900 block of Exeter Drive in Oakland.

There’s no evidence a crime has been committed in Nina Reiser’s disappearance, Holmgren said. (CBS5)

VIDEO – See Hans Reiser run. Police collect DNA.

Missing woman’s husband detained for DNA sample

According to reports, Hans Reiser has been less than helpful and cooperative with the investigation into his missing estranged wife, Nina Reiser. Police were forced to obtain warrants to get the information they needed. Hans Reiser has stated in the past that he does not trust the police; however, what does he have to hide? Why is he not cooperating?

The estranged husband of a woman who has been missing for nearly four weeks was detained Thursday night for a DNA sample, Oakland police said today.

Deputy Chief Howard Jordan said Hans Reiser, 42, has declined to cooperate with the investigation so officers were forced to obtain a search warrant in order to collect a DNA sample.

“He has not cooperated, he has not answered questions,” Jordan said. “He was released after we received a biological sample.” (San Francisco Chronicle)


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$15,000 Reward Offered for Missing Nina “Nenasha” Reiser

Nina “Nenasha” Reiser has not been seen since September 3, 2006. The 31 year old mom, Nina ReiserNina  Reiser, dropped her two children off at their father’s home in Oakland’s Montclair District before stopping by the Berkeley Bowl. She was never seen again.

Reiser’s tan 2001 Honda Odyssey minivan was found on Sept. 9 in the city’s Thornhill district with groceries inside. Neighbors first spotted the minivan parked on Sept. 5, the same day she failed to pick up her children from school, police said today.

Since Nina Reiser’s disappearance, her ex-husbands home and property has been searched. However, Hans Reiser is no longer cooperating with the police. He states he does not trust them.

A $15,000 reward has been issued.

The $15,000 reward is being offered by the Carole Sund/Carrington Memorial Reward Foundation, a nonprofit started on behalf of relatives of two of three slain Yosemite tourists.

Doren said today that the reward was “great news.” “I hope that it will make people come out and give police information that they’re looking for.” (San Francisco Chronicle)

Pictures of Nina Reiser, have you seen this woman?

Anyone with information please contact the Oakland police missing persons unit at investigators at (510) 587-2528 or e-mail Callers can also leave information on the Police Department’s tip line at (510) 637-0298.

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Candlelight vigil for missing Oakland mother, Nina “Nenasha” Reiser

As police continue to search for Nina Reiser, missing for nearly two weeks, a candle light vigil was held Friday night.

Dozens of people attended an emotional candlelight vigil Friday evening for an Oakland mother of two who has been missing for nearly two weeks, as police said for the first time that her estranged husband has agreed to be interviewed by investigators.

Hans Reiser did not attend the candlelight vigil Friday at Montclair Park, which his wife frequents with their children. Authorities said they believe he is in the area because he attended a court hearing in Oakland earlier this week that dealt with the custody of their children, who have been placed with Child Protective Services.

(San Francisco Chronicle)

Even though Nina Reiser’s estranged husband Hans Resier has not been called a suspect, police have wanted to interview him. His attorney now says that Hans Reiser will make himself available for questioning.

Police have already searched Hans Reiser’s home and property ,see array of picture here.


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Nina Reiser, 31, Missing since September 3 when she dropped children at home of Hans Reiser

Nina Reiser, 31, was last seen on September 3, 2006. Nina Reiser dropped her children off NinaReiserat the home of estranged husband, Hans Reiser. She has not been seen nor heard from since.

Police describe Nina “Nenasha” Reiser, 31, as a white woman standing 5 feet 5 inches tall, weighing 114 pounds, with brown eyes, black hair and a fair complexion. Reiser was last seen about 2 pm on Sept. 3, driving her 2001 Honda Odyssey with license plate 4UBB491. (CBS5)

Anyone with information about Nina Reiser please contact Oakland police at (510) 777-3333. Callers can also leave information on the Police Department’s tip line at (510) 637-0298.

Oakland Police Search Husband’s Home for Missing Wife

San Francisco (KCBS/AP) — Oakland police and a cadaver dog from the Alameda County sheriff’s office are searching the home of a software developer whose estranged wife hasn’t been seen for ten days.

Law-enforcement officials received a warrant to search the home of Hans Reiser in the city’s Montclair District.

Police issued a bulletin on Monday that said the woman is “at risk” and could be a victim of foul play. The children have been placed with Child Protective Services.

Hans Reiser has not been termed a suspect in her disappearance, and police have yet to speak to him.

Man’s home searched — wife is missing

A dog that can smell a cadaver searched a crawl space underneath the six-room home, located on a winding street off Skyline Boulevard in a steep wooded canyon, as well as the backyard and neighboring yards. Also on scene were agents with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. The Reisers, who acquaintances said met through a Russian dating service, frequently traveled to Russia.

Looks like another terrible, contentious divorce that may have gone terribly wrong. The words back and forth and accusations during this divorce have been awful.

The Reisers married in 1999 and separated in May 2004. Nina Reiser filed for divorce three months later, citing irreconcilable differences and saying their children “hardly know their father” because he’d be out of the country on business for most of the year, records said.

Nina Reiser, who is trained as an obstetrician and gynecologist in Russia, was granted custody of the children. The couple’s divorce has not been finalized.

Nina Reiser accused her husband of subjecting their son, then 4, to violent video games and movies, causing him to have nightmares.

“This is an activity that Hans does almost obsessively to relax,” Nina Reiser wrote in her divorce filing. “Hans believes a child should ‘know the real world’ and sees nothing wrong with this behavior. He doesn’t seem to grasp that children are not little adults.”

Hans Reiser, in turn, denied that movies were to blame for their son’s nightmares and accused his wife of having an extramarital affair with Sean Sturgeon, a former friend of his, and that Sturgeon was a danger to the children. In an interview Wednesday, Sturgeon, 42, of Oakland denied having been a threat to the kids. Sturgeon said he became romantically involved with Nina Reiser only when her husband made it clear that the couple were through.

Nina Reiser’s boyfriend seems to be casting suspicion on Hans Reiser.

Nina Reiser’s boyfriend, Anthony Zografos, said he wasn’t surprised that police were investigating Hans Reiser. “(He) is really the only person I know who dislikes her. They really don’t get along.”

(SF Chronicle)

No clues in Oakland house search

Husband Hans Reiser, 43, was not at the house, where he grew up with his parents. His mother, Beverly Palmer, was home. Wiley said she was “very cooperative” and had left to stay with friends.

Wiley said police know where the husband is, but have not been able to contact him. He would not elaborate. Police broadcast radio alerts to officers to look out for two cars the husband has access to.

Reiser has hired an attorney, but has not been named as a suspect in his estranged wife’s disappearance.

(Mercury News)


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