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16 Year Old Amy Vargas Missing in Cancun, Mexico Since Jan. 28, 2010



16 Year old Amy Vargas is missing while vacationing in Cancun, Mexico with her grandmother and great grandmother. Amy Vargas went missing on January 28, 2010 where according to Vargas’ grandmother while they were at the pool, Vargas asked to use the restroom and never returned. Vargas¬† disappeared while taking a bathroom break from a pickup baseball game on the beach Thursday. According to authorities who interviewed resort employees, they believe Amy Vargas left the property with two other men.

Family members said they checked into Great Parnasus Hotel last Saturday and Amy Vargas disappeared on Thursday shortly after she spoke to her mother by phone.

“She said, ‘I’m with grandma. I’m fine. I love you and I’ll see you soon,’” said Vargas’ mother D’An Simmons.

Vargas’ grandmother said while they were at the pool, Vargas asked to use the restroom and never returned.

The family is convinced that she did not leave willingly. Who ever may have taken her knew what they were doing as investigators tried to track Vargas through her cell phone; however,  it appears the phone was turned off shortly after she disappeared.

Eastpointe teen goes missing in Cancun

Simmons is preparing to fly to Chicago, where she will make a plea for an emergency passport to travel to Mexico to help in an effort to find Vargas.

“That is the only thing keeping me calm,” she said of the preparations. “I just want her back safe.”

Simmons said the FBI, police in Mexico and the resort’s security team are working hard to find her daughter and she praised their efforts.

The FBI office in Detroit on Saturday confirmed they had received a missing person report for an area juvenile but declined to comment further on the case.

Simmons said her daughter is no stranger to traveling safely and over the summer visited St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. She said Vargas planned this trip to coincide with mid-terms wrapping up at Dakota High School; she is in the 10th grade.

If anyone has any information regarding the missing Amy Vargas please call Cancun police at 998-884-1913.

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AMBER ALERT Issued for 9 Year old Ryan Ramos Abducted By His Father Lonnie Ramos

An AMBER ALERT has been issued for a 9 year old, Lake Forest boy, Ryan Ramos in Orange County, CA. Authorities say a man, Lonnie Ramos, who allegedly shot his estranged wife and abducted their 9-year-old son may be driving a rented RV. Lonnie Ramos abducted Ryan on July 2, 2008.


Ryan Ramos, 9 year old abducted

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children: Amber Alert

Circumstances: Ryan was abducted by his father, Lonnie Ramos, on July 2, 2008. A felony warrant for Kidnapping was issued for the abductor on July 2, 2008. They may be traveling in a red Porsche with license plates 4BWU827 or a white Chevrolet Suburban with license plates 5LTC712 or a 2005 Fleetwood Providence RV with California license plates 5EGW556 similar to the one pictured above. CAUTION IS ADVISED.

Description of father Lonnie Ramos:

  • 46 year old white manLonnie_Ramos
  • about 6 feet 3 inches
  • 180 pounds.
  • He is believed to have rented a 39-foot 2005 Fleetwood Providence purple and gold motor home Wednesday with California license plate No. 5EGW556, Brotheim said.

A man who allegedly shot his estranged wife in the face and fled with his 9-year-old son may have switched his car for a motor home, authorities said Thursday.

An Amber Alert was in effect throughout California for Lonnie Ramos, 46. He was believed to be driving a rented 39-foot purple-and-gold Fleetwood Providence motor home with the license plate number 5EGW556, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department said.

Ramos was possibly in the San Diego area and Border Patrol agents were notified in case he tried to head for Mexico, sheriff’s spokesman Jim Amormino said.

Amormino said Ramos was considered “armed and extremely dangerous.”

Ramos apparently jumped out from behind a car or bushes and shot his estranged wife in the face with a semiautomatic weapon about 6:30 p.m. Wednesday when she drove to his home in the Portola Hills area to pick up their son, Ryan, for a custody exchange, Amormino said. (Fox News)

Police ask that anyone who has information on the shooting and abduction of Ryan Ramos please contact the Orange County Sheriff’s Office at 714-628-7170 or dial 911

UPDATE I: Lake Forest man accused of kidnapping son and shooting estranged wife had financial and personal problems

UPDATE II: Amber Alert issued for child who could be in Utah

Ramos was seen with his son trying to buy plane tickets out of John Wayne Airport after the incident occurred. Ramos has family in Texas and Washington, D.C. Police say he may also have ties to Utah, although they haven’t specified what those ties may be.

UPDATE III: Orange County authorities expected to make the announcement at a press conference later Saturday morning.

They think Ramos may have rented a purple and gold Fleetwood Providence motor home with license plate 5EGW556.

UPDATE IV: Utah Amber Alert no longer in effect for Ryan Ramos

UPDATE V: Father (Lonnie Ramos) who took boy (Ryan Ramos) likely in Mexico, say police

The Amber Alert went out to Utah late Friday because Ramos has a girlfriend in Draper, police said. It was canceled at about 1:30 p.m. Saturday. A Wednesday sighting of the motor home in Utah was likely mistaken, Orange County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Jim Amormino said. 

Police are planning to search the motor home, a 2005 Fleetwood Providence, for possible clues and then work with Mexican authorities to pursue Ramos, Amormino said. 

Mexican law prevents its citizens from being extradited to the United States for death penalty charges, but Ramos is neither a Mexican citizen nor a death

UPDATE VI: Ryan Ramos Found Safe in Mexico

Ryan Romas has been found safe in a church in Juarez Mexico. His father is still a fugative.

Authorities on Sunday announced that Ryan Ramos, allegedly kidnapped by his father last week, has been found safe in Mexico.

Lonnie Ramos, the boy’s father, allegedly shot his estranged wife and then kidnapped Ryan, according to Jim Amormino of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

Officials said that the boy will be reunited with his family shortly. His mother, Gynnae Ramos is recovering from the shooting.

Lonnie Ramos has not been found, according to authorities.

Kidnapped 9-year-old found in Mexican church

A 9-year-old boy missing from Southern California has been found at a church in Mexico, just across the border from El Paso, Texas.

Ryan Ramos was found alone but safe in Juarez Sunday afternoon and is now with U.S. officials there. He’s said to be in “excellent condition”.

UPDATE VII: Fugitive Dad Killed By Bus

A desperate five-day search for a 9-year-old boy abducted by his father in Southern California ended in Mexico, where the man died after being hit by a bus and the boy was found safe in a Mormon church building, authorities said Monday.

Ryan Ramos was found alone Sunday in a Mormon church building in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, and arrived in Orange County early Monday, where he was reunited with his family, sheriff’s spokesman Jim Amormino said.


To further discuss the case or get updates go to Scared Monkeys Missing Persons Forum: Amber Alert Issued for 9 Year Old Ryan Ramos

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Pregnant Marine Maria Lauterbach Reported Missing on December 19, 2007 … Claims of Rape (UPDATE: Remains Found)

Maria Lauterbach was reported missing December 19, 2007 by her mother, Missing_marine_pregnantwho last spoke with her daughter on Dec. 13. Lance Cpl. Maria Lauterbach is reported to be 8 months pregnant. Her cell phone was found Dec. 20 near the main gate at Camp Lejeune. Documents: Missing Marine Claimed Rape

JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (AP) — A pregnant Marine who vanished last month before she was to testify in a military probe had claimed that a superior officer raped her and that the investigation had “gone sour,” according to court documents. The woman complained about the investigation to her stepmother, who also told authorities that the 20-year-old lance corporal had bipolar disorder, once known as manic-depression, and a history of lying, the documents say. Authorities said Thursday that they plan to question the Camp Lejeune officer she accused of rape, as well as a roommate of hers who was ordered to return to the base from a training mission. They stressed the case remains a missing-person investigation.

Police: Mom told us pregnant Marine is a ‘compulsive liar’

Investigators Seeking Missing Pregnant Marine’s Male Roommate

A North Carolina sheriff said Thursday that detectives wanted to interview the man who lived with 20-year-old Maria Frances Lauterbach and was possibly the last person to talk to her before she disappeared.

Onslow County Sheriff Ed Brown said investigators were working on getting Sgt. Daniel Durham to come back to North Carolina from a training deployment in California “so we can look him in the eyes and ask him some questions.”

UPDATE I: Missing Marine Investigation: Bus Ticket Purchased but never used

The Onslow County Sherriff’s Office has confirmed that 20- year old Lance Corporal Maria Lauterbauch bought a bus ticket to Texas on December 15th–the day after she last had contact with her family.

But they say she never used it.

UPDATE II: Authorities Believe Marine’s Body Found

JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (AP) – Authorities said Friday they believe they found the shallow grave of a pregnant Marine in the back yard of a comrade she accused of rape, and a person close to the case said the suspect left a note insisting the woman had killed herself.

After some slight digging in a fire pit discovered in the yard of Marine Cpl. Cesar Armando Laurean, detectives found what “appeared to be burnt human remains,” Onslow County District Attorney Dewey Hudson said Friday night.

UPDATE III: Police Say Pregnant Marine’s Body Found

Authorities say they found the burned remains of 20-year-old Lance Corporal Maria Lauterbach buried in the backyard of Marine Corporal Cesar Laurean.

Investigators say they also found blood stains in the house.  Lauterbach had accused Laurean of raping her. He has not yet been charged. And no one seems to know where he is.
Before he took off, he left a note saying Lauterbach killed herself.  Police say the evidence points to murder.

Missing, pregnant Marine’s burned remains found buried

UPDATE IV: Adult, fetus found in shallow grave may be missing Marine

An arrest warrant has been issued for Cpl. Cesar Armando Laurean in the death of Lance Cpl. Maria Lauterbach.

He is charged with first-degree murder, although authorities have not positively identified the body as hers.

“This is consistent with what we were looking for: A pregnant lady who is the victim Maria Lauterbach and her unborn child,” Brown said.

UPDATE V: Manhunt for Marine who killed Maria Lauterbach

UPDATE VI: Suspect in Marine’s death sighted on the move

JACKSONVILLE, North Carolina (CNN) — Police said Sunday they had credible information that put them “less than two hours behind” the suspect in the death of a pregnant Marine.

Earlier Sunday, Onslow County Sheriff Ed Brown said Cpl. Cesar Armando Laurean had been sighted several states away from North Carolina.

Brown did not specify a state, but police in Shreveport, Louisiana, told The Associated Press the fugitive Marine had been seen there, getting on or off a Greyhound bus.

“We don’t know if he is still in the area. We believe it may have just been a pass-through. We received information he may be headed into Texas,” Shreveport police Chief Henry Whitehorn Sr., told the AP.

 Suspect, Marine Cpl. Cesar Armando Laurean, in slain Marine case seen in Louisiana

It would appear that this guy may be headed for the Mexican border to avoid the law.

Marine Cpl. Cesar Armando Laurean was seen getting on or off a Greyhound bus in Shreveport, La., Saturday night, said Shreveport police Chief Henry Whitehorn Sr.

“We’re working with the U.S. Marshal’s Service and other law enforcement agencies trying to locate him,” Whitehorn told The Associated Press. “We don’t know if he is still in the area. We believe it may have just been a pass through. We received information he may be headed into Texas.”

UPDATE VII: Missing US Marine, Cesar Laurean, Spotted near Guadalajara, Mexico

Missing Marine Cesar Laurean, wanted in the slaying of a pregnant colleague, visited relatives in Mexico last week, a man who said he was his cousin told The Associated Press Tuesday.

CNN first reported that Laurean had briefly stopped by the liquor store of Juan Antonio Ramos Ramirez in Zapopan, just outside Guadalajara. Speaking to The Associated Press late Tuesday from his store, Ramos Ramirez said Laurean walked into his store last Monday or Tuesday and the two cousins exchanged about 10 minutes of small talk about their respective families.

Laurean then told Ramos Ramirez, whose mother is Laurean’s sister, that he had to get back to two friends waiting outside.


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US Ambassador Tony Garza to Pressure Mexico on Missing Americans

United States Ambassador to Mexico Tony Garza promised to maintain pressure on the Mexican government until it finds 22 Americans who are missing in the border city of Nuevo Laredo.

In a letter sent to Sen. John Cornyn on Wednesday, Garza said that relieving the suffering of the victims and their families, most of whom live in Laredo, Texas, is a priority for the U.S. mission here.

“John, I want to assure you that my personal attention and our U.S. mission’s efforts will not cease until Mexican officials thoroughly and openly investigate any cases involving missing American citizens,” Garza wrote in the letter to the Texas senator.

Last week, Cornyn, a Republican who chairs the Immigration, Border Security and Citizenship subcommittee, wrote to Garza expressing concern about the situation on the United States’ southeast border.

Nuevo Laredo, a city of 330,000 across the river from Laredo Texas, has been caught up in a violent turf war between rival drug gangs.

Nuevo Laredo, a city of 330,000 across the river from Laredo Texas, has been caught up in a violent turf war between rival drug gangs fighting for billion-dollar smuggling routes into the United States.

Since Jan. 1, the city has had 84 killings, most of which have been execution-style shootings.

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Mexican crime scene investigator leaked pictures in Ianiero murder

Dominic and Nancy Ianiero, a Woodbridge, Ontario couple, were murdered while attending their daughter’s wedding in Cancun, Mexico. Initially Mexican authorities considered two Canadian women from Thunder Bay, Ontario,as suspects in the case. Now a crime scene investigator, Jorge Frenandez Lopez, in Mexico leaked graphic photos of a murdered Canadian couple to a tabloid newspaper.

The photos show the bodies of Dominic and Nancy Ianiero, a Woodbridge, Ont. couple, lying in a large pool of blood in their hotel room at a Cancun holiday resort.

Attorney General Bello Melchor Rodriguez said Jorge Frenandez Lopez, an investigator in the case, had admitted to releasing the photos. No decision had been made on whether Lopez would face criminal charges, but Rodriguez delivered a stern scolding.

The pictures that were released were met with much warranted outrage from the family of the Ianiero’s. I hope MR. Lopez made some nice money with the release of these photos as he should be fired and prosecuted for what he did.

“This type of employee doesn’t deserve to stay inside this institution,” he said in a statement.

The gruesome images were run on the front page of the Mexican newspaper Quequi, on Thursday, as Prime Minister Stephen Harper met with Mexican President Vicente Fox and U.S. President George Bush.

Dominic Ianiero is shown with his throat slashed, while Nancy Ianiero is pictured lying face down near the door, wearing what appears to be a night gown.


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