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High School teacher Samson Shelton Suspect in Kidnapping and attempted Murder of Ashley Reeves

Ashley Reeves, 17, is being treated at a St. Louis hospital after being found with a broken neck and other injuries. It is believed she sustained these injuries from a teacher from another district. High School teacher Samson Shelton of Smithton was charged with two counts of attempted first-degree murder and one count. Ashley Reeves was found at 2 a.m. Saturday critically injured after lying 30 hours in dense woods in Citizens Park in Belleville.

Freeburg High School teacher Samson Shelton of Smithton is charged with two counts of attempted first-degree murder and one count of kidnapping. He’s jailed in Belleville on $1 million bond.

Authorities found Reeves early Saturday in a heavily wooded area at a Belleville park, where she apparently had been lying for about 30 hours.

Investigators say Shelton had an undisclosed relationship with Reeves.
(WFIE 14)

What a shock, he had a MySpace account.

Day after girl was attacked, suspect gave no hint of stress

Just hours after prosecutors say Samson R. “Sam” Shelton tried to murder Ashley Reeves, 17, he appeared “completely normal” as he taught drivers education

Friday morning at Freeburg High School, one of his students said Sunday.

“He was normal, joking around as usual,” said Scott Brethauer, a freshman at

the high school. Brethauer said he saw nothing to indicate anything out of the ordinary in Shelton’s behavior.

For those who thought that it was the All American family with Samson Shelton living the normal life-style, take a look at this.

Shelton’s arrest has stunned students at the school and neighbors in the upscale Wildwood Lake Estates neighborhood in Smithton where Shelton has been living with his mother and grandmother. (a little red flag) The two-story brick home with a three-car garage sits in a country club setting in the 5400 block of Live Oak Drive, with a well-manicured lawn and neatly trimmed bushes.

Shelton, 26, who wrestled locally under the nickname “The Teacher,” was active in a variety of sports. He took part in a fast-pitch softball league, and a recent profile on the team’s Web site said his hobbies included “touching hookers” and pornography. (a larger red flag)

Some who knew Shelton painted a different picture of him Sunday. One neighbor, Craig Schwartz, said of Shelton and his family, “If you’ve ever heard of the all-American family, that’s who they were.”

Check out Steve Huff’s posting, Samson’s Fall, on this bizarre situation between yet another student and teacher.

Looking through Coach Shelton’s 70 friends on MySpace revealed plenty of men his age as friends, but no shortage of scantily-clad or alluring young women, either. There was Peyton, who listed her age as 17. There was also Jamie, still in high school (neither she nor Peyton listed themselves as attending Freeburg High), but 18. She left the following comment for Sam Shelton on April 25th, 2006, around 9 at night:

“i get to see u 2morrow right?”

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Ashley Reeves, 17, Missing since April 27, 2006

Ashley Reeves, 17, was last seen about 3:30 p.m. on April 27, 2006. Ashley Reeves Ashley M. Reevesleft her home for a job interview in Belleville, IL. She has not been seen or heard from since. Police have stated that the missing teens car has been located.

Ashley Reeves is 5 feet, 5 inches tall and 120 pounds with blond hair and blue eyes.

Ashley Reeves, 17, was last seen about 3:30 p.m. Thursday when she left her home for a job interview in Belleville. Her parents reported her missing late Thursday.

About 11:30 p.m. Thursday, the St. Clair County sheriff’s department found the car she was driving parked at Laderman’s Park in Belleville, sheriff’s Lt. Steve Johnson said.

He said calls to Ashley’s cell phone have been unsuccessful. No one among her friends, relatives and boyfriend has heard from her, Johnson said.

Some of her belongings were found in the car, which is owned by her boyfriend, Johnson said. He declined to release details, and said there did not appear to be sign of a struggle in the car.

(Belleville News-Democrat, IL)

If anyone has information please call investigator Michael Hundelt at 277-3505, ext. 5716, or St. Clair County’s 911 center at 277-3500.

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