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Family Intensifies Hunt for Missing Hiker, Roger Jung

A 30-year-old graduate, Roger Jung, of Lake Washington High School and graduate from the University of Washington and an advanced degree from the University of California at Berkeley is missing, perhaps on a hike in a rugged area of the Cascades, and his father is working the Internet hard to find him.

A missing person’s report was filed in Everett on Wednesday, but for now, no one is sure whether Roger Jung is lost in the mountains or simply decided to disappear.

Jim Jung doesn’t think his son disappeared on purpose. He has led a successful life, he said, and “he loves the Cascades.” It’s possible he ran out of challenges in Washington and moved on to British Columbia or elsewhere.

Roger Jung is a good route finder, and it’s unlikely he would get lost, his father said. But Jim Jong and his wife have to face the worst — the he fell or tripped and was injured.

Jim Jung has spent this week mobilizing friends in the climbing fraternity via phone calls and emails. His next step is to reach out to off-roaders and hunters through the Internet.

Please read the following and be on the look out for Roger Jung and the vehicle he drives.

Anyone who spots a 1990 red Jeep Cherokee with license plate 421PDV is asked to call police authorities in the area. The Jeep could provide a key clue in finding mountain climber Roger Jung of Everett who grew up in Kirkland and may be missing in the Cascades. Other offers of help can be made by calling Jung’s father, Jim, at 425-828-6201.

Update: Wed, October 26, 2005 05:22 PM: ALERT: MISSING CLIMBER (Roger Jung)

Roger Jung has been missing for three days and is believed to have been climbing in the Cascades. His family have issued a missing persons report.

If you have any information, please contact Jim Jung at (425) 828-6201.

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