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5 Year Old Natalie Flores Abducted in Phoenix, AZ on 12/25/09 (Update: Found Safe)

5 year old Natalie Flores was abducted on Friday, December 25, 2009, in Phoenix, AZ as she played outside of her home. The Police have issued an Amber Alert.

Natalie Flores Found Safe!!!

She was playing outside with her two sisters when a man ran up and kidnapped her. He took a picture of her elder sister and also tried to lower the pants of one of her sisters according to KPHO News.

Witnesses saw the abduction and watched the man put Natalie in his truck. However, they could not stop the abduction in time.

The kidnapping occurred in the Saddleback Mountain apartments at 12430 N. 19th Avenue in Phoenix. Natalie and her sisters reside with an aunt who is her legal guardian. Her parents live in another state.

Description of Natalie Flores:

  • Natalie is age 5
  • about 4 feet tall
  • weighs around 60 pounds
  • She has curly red, medium-length hair, freckles
  • When last seen, she was wearing blue pants, a pink shirt, and white and pink sneakers.

Description of Suspect:

  • suspect is a “white male, between 30 and 40 years old
  • with blond or gray hair
  • 5-foot-8 or 5-foot-9
  • weighs 180 to 190 pounds
  • wearing a gray shirt and peach knee-length shorts.”
  • The suspect may be driving a brown truck with an Arizona state plate of 3HG-774 or 3HG-377 or GHG-337 or 3HG-774N or other similar numbers. The truck may be visibly damaged as a witness said the truck hit a vehicle as it was fleeing the scene of the kidnapping.

UPDATE I: A Christmas Miracle … 5 Year old Natalie Flores Found Safe, rescused by the police.

Finally, a good outcome to a child abduction story.  5 year old Natalie Flores has been found safe and the suspect is in police custody.

UPDATE II: Phoenix Police Find Abducted 5-Year-Old Girl

A 5-year-old girl abducted by a man as she played outside her Phoenix home Friday was rescued hours later after police chased down the suspect’s pickup and found her “alive and well” inside, officials said.

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Feds & NT State Police Arrest 11in Child Porn Investigation Distributed over the Internet

Kudos to the Feds & NY State Police.

Chalk another one up for the good guys. Federal authorities and New York State police have arrested eleven people in upstate New York in connection with an investigation into child pornography distributed over the Internet.

The arrests this week followed an investigation that led to 17 federal search warrants, U.S. Attorney Andrew Baxter said Friday. The defendants, ranging in age from 18 to 58, are charged with receipt of child pornography. Some are charged with distribution. All could face at least five years in federal prison, prosecutors said.

Authorities said computer images depicting sex with prepubescent children, including toddlers, were posted and downloaded on an Internet file-sharing server. They declined to discuss other details or explain exactly how they identified the 11 suspects.

U.S. Attorney Andrew Baxter went on to say that every image of child porn and every image downloaded  depicts a crime scene of abuse of a child.

“One of the things I don’t think people necessarily realize is that every image of child pornography depicts a crime scene of abuse of a child,” Baxter said. “Child pornography is created by the abuse of real live people, real live children. So that the demand for those images created by people downloading and trading pornography triggers abuse down the line.”

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Madeleine McCann Disappearance: British Pedophile Suspected in Maddy’s Abduction

Authorities are now investigating the pedophile direction in the case of missing Madeleine_McCannMadeleine McCann vs. accusing the parents of harming their their own child.  A British paedophile, whose name has been known to police since May, with links to Portugal was yesterday revealed as a potential suspect in the Madeleine McCann investigation. As we celebrate the holiday season and Christmas, the McCann family states they will not  be celebrating Christmas as they face it without 4 year old Madeleine McCann.

Authorities are investigating a known British pedophile as a possible suspect in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, The London Daily Mail reported Sunday.

The suspect is one of 52 British pedophiles with links to the Portuguese resort where the McCann family was vacationing when 4-year-old Madeleine disappeared from her hotel room while her parents were dining at a nearby restaurant, the Mail reported.

The suspect, whose identity has not been revealed, is the only person on the list of pedophiles who has not been cleared in the case. (Fox News)

British paedophile ‘with links to Portugal’ suspected of abducting Madeleine

read the rest here…

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Two Kidnapped teenage girls Found Safe in Atlanta, Part of Prostitution ring

Two previously abducted teenage girls have been found safe in Atlanta, GA. The kidnapping of the two teens are believed to be part of a prostitution ring. Arrest warrants have been issued for Javier Ronal, 21, of Dumfries, Erick Estrada, 23, and a 17-year-old Dumfries girl with two counts each of abduction with the intent to defile.

Two teenaged girls from Herndon were kidnapped Monday — and found safely in Atlanta today — and Fairfax County police are investigating whether their abductors planned to sell them to a prostitution ring, authorities said.

Police began looking for the girls Monday evening, and called in help from federal marshals and the FBI when it became apparent that the teens had not run away and were possibly being held against their will. The authorities eventually pinpointed a house in Mableton, Ga., a suburb west of Atlanta, and found the girls and their alleged abductors about 3:30 a.m. today, police Officer Camille Neville said.

The girls knew at least one of the two men charged in the case, said Barry Boright, a supervisor with the U.S. Marshals’ Capital Area Regional Fugitive Task Force, “and originally they were with them willingly.” (Washington Post)

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Kent A. Proffit Sr.Convcited on 8 Counts of sexual assault Against Teen

Kent A. Proffit Sr. was convicted on all 8 counts of sexual assault against 16 year old Bryce Chavers. The would be witness and victim, Bryce Chavers was later found shot to death in his bed prior to the original trial for Kent A. Profit Sr.

Proffit was scheduled to go to trial in late 2005 on those charges, but the trial was postponed when Bryce Chavers, 16, was found shot to death in his bed. Authorities initially described Chavers as a witness, but eventually revealed that Chavers was the victim in the sexual assault case.

Proffit, the ex-husband of Chavers’ mother, was sentenced earlier this year to life without parole after he was convicted of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder for ordering three other teens to kill Chavers. He also was sentenced for the murder of Jeremy Forquer, 19, whom he also ordered killed. (AP)

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Rachel L. Holt, 35, Pleads Guilty to Second degree Rape for Sex with 13 Year Old Boy

35 year old Rachel Holt is charge with raping a 13 year old boy 28 times. She was sentenced to a maximum of 25 years for the offense. Holt’s defense attorney complained that the sentence was too long as compared to other such cases. Maybe that’s part of the problem Mr. Defense attorney. If harsher sentences were handed down to teachers that committed these acts maybe it would act as a deterrent.

Holt’s attorney, John S. Malik, said the sentence was much longer than what teachers convicted in similar cases got. He reviewed 40 such cases and found the average was 18 months to two years.

In her brief comments to the court, Holt apologized “to everyone who suffered” as a result of her actions, including the victim and his family.

“I hope you can forgive me,” she said. “I know what I did was wrong.” (FOX News)

Teacher charged with raping student 28 times

(CNN) — A Delaware schoolteacher was charged Tuesday with 28 counts of raping a minor after she allegedly engaged in a weeklong sexual relationship with a 13-year-old student, police said.

Rachel L. Holt, a 34-year-old science teacher at Claymont Elementary School, faces additional charges that she allowed a 12-year-old friend of the victim to watch them have sex at her home, and that she gave both boys beer, New Castle County acting Police Chief Scott McLaren said.

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Danielle Cramer, Missing for 1 year Found in Home in room under Stairway

15 year old Danielle Cramer had been missing since June 14, 2006. Danielle Cramer was discovered by police in the home of an acquaintance of her parents. It would appear that Danielle Cramer was locked in a small room underneath the stairs.

(Danielle Cramer)

Police from Bloomfield went to the home of an acquaintance of her parents with search warrants and to obtain DNA, and found the girl; she was locked in a tiny, 3-foot-tall, 4- or 5-feet-deep room under a staircase, blocked by a dresser, reports the Associated Press.

Her parents had not seen or heard from her in the year in which she was gone, no one around the neighborhood had seen her; there was no indication that anyone had, anyway, and the girl was quite pale. It is probable that she’d been indoors for a long time.

Adam Gault and Ann Murphy were arrested by police and taken in for further questioning.

Authorities have yet to say exactly what Cramer may have been subjected to during her time in captivity. Gault has been charged with unlawful restraint, reckless endangerment, and custodial interference, and is being held on bond. Murphy is facing conspiracy and risk of injury charges.

(Adam Gault arrested)

(Ann Murphy arrested)

(Adam Gault, Ann Murphy and Kimberly Cray all face multiple charges for imprisoning a Connecticut teen)

Captive Teen Found Under Hidden Staircase A Yr. After She Disappeared

An incredible story of terror and survival has led to the freedom of a long missing 15-year-old girl in the U.S. Danielle Cramer disappeared from her West Hartford, Connecticut home in June 2006, and authorities had been searching for her ever since. Many had given up hope she was still alive. But incredibly on Wednesday, they found her safe in a place no one ever thought to look – a locked space hidden under a stairwell in a couple’s West Bloomfield home.

UPDATE I: Video Trove Of Porn: Sexual Material Reportedly Found On Tapes Seized From Man Charged With Holding Girl

This bizarre story just got even more strange as the man accused of imprisoning a 15 year old girl is now found with a treasure trove of homemade porn. However, Bloomfield police are disputing the information, saying that they don’t yet know what is on videotapes seized from Adam Gault’s home.

Police have found homemade pornography on videos seized from a man charged with unlawfully keeping a teenage girl from her family for a year, a law enforcement source close to the investigation said.

The source said investigators are trying to determine the identities of a number of girls in the videos, which are of poor quality and were apparently posted on the Internet at various times. Adam Gault, a West Hartford dog trainer, is charged in the disappearance of 15-year-old Danielle Cramer of Bloomfield.

Danielle has told authorities that Gault was using her for Internet sex shows and modeling. It was not clear whether Gault, 41, participated in the shows. (The Hartford Courant)


Adam Gault, 41, had a collection of grainy videos – some of which were posted on the Internet – that featured various young girls who have yet to be identified, sources told The Hartford Courant.

The videos were taken at Gault’s home, sources said.

Gault has been held on $1 million bond since Wednesday, when cops found Danielle Cramer, 15, locked in a secret room under a staircase.

Gault’s common-law wife Ann Murphy and a friend, Kimberly Cray, are also in custody.

UPDATE II: Just Like a Typical Defense Attorney … States Clients were only Harboring 15 year old Against Abusive Parents.

So these people were saving her from abusive parents and exploiting her to do porn on the internet? Isn’t that rich.

The parents’ attorney, Marc Needelman, also dismissed as “a total fabrication” defense claims that the girl had been abused at her own home and that she had found a safe haven in the home of Adam Gault, a 41-year-old man who had once worked with her stepfather. Police also have contested the claims.

“The Bloomfield police department has been involved in the investigation for over a year. They publicly stated yesterday in no uncertain terms that (the girl’s parents) have absolutely no responsibility, have committed no crimes or engaged in any improprieties,” Needelman said. (Houston Chronicle)

UPDATE III: Police Dispute Attorney’s Claim That Suspects Offered Safe Haven to Girl Who Disappeared

UPDATE IV: Accused kidnapper may have more victims

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Charles Bickerstaff, 56, Ex-Boy Scout Official Charges with 4 Counts of Sexual Assault

Ex-Boy Scout official, Charles Bickerstaff, has been charged with 4 counts of criminal sexual abuse and 4 counts of criminal sexual assault. He is accused of sexually assaulting a 16 year old boy.

DIXON, Ill. (AP) — A former regional Boy Scout official has been charged with sexually assaulting a 16-year-old Scout at least four times since July.

Charles Bickerstaff, 56, of Dixon, was charged with four counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse and four counts of criminal sexual assault, Lee County Correctional Officer Larry Schremp said Sunday. Bail was set at $2.5 million at a hearing Friday, and Bickerstaff remained in custody Sunday.

Bickerstaff retired last year as district executive for the Blackhawk Area Council, covering northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin, of the Boy Scouts of America. He recruited and trained volunteers and helped organize fundraisers.

The boy alerted authorities to the alleged abuse in late April, and investigators discovered journals in Bickerstaff’s house that detailed facts supporting the boy’s account, Lee County Detective Sgt. David Glessner said.

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Is this Junior girl in a bikini Giorgio Armani advertisements Appropriate? Hardly.

What is Giorgio Armani thinking with this junior ad? The following ad is taking all kinds of fire in Spain. This coming on the foot heals of a previous ad having to be pulled. What is wrong with these people? If you have to ask whether one thinks the ad is inappropriate … the answer is yes.


The advertisement shows a little girl in a bikini. The decision was taken a few days after Dolce & Gabbana was forced to pull an image from Spain showing a woman pinned to the ground by a man as other men looked on.

A Giorgio Armani advertisement showing a little girl in a bikini has drawn the attention of Spanish authorities who are debating whether it depicts a child in an improperly sexual manner.

The Madrid regional government’s child protection chief said on Monday he would ask the advertising industry self-regulator to consider whether the image visible on the Italian fashion house’s Web site ( should be withdrawn.

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Chilling … 60,000 Sexual Predators Missing in the United States

It is paramount that we know the location where sex offenders live in the United States. All too often we let these predators slip through the crack and melt into society, only to offend again. It should be mandatory upon their sentencing and parole that they “must” register. This is and should never be an option. More attention should be given to sexual predators as its only a matter of time before they strike again and escalate the assaults.

Annual registration is required for 10 years for people convicted of kidnapping, luring a child, indecent assault, incest and promotion of a child for prostitution and six similar crimes.
Rape convictions and convictions for eight other types of crime, including those convicted of a sex crime while classified as a sex offender, are sexually violent predators who must report quarterly to state police for life.

Offenders must file a report with state police within 48 hours after changing their address, workplace or school they are attending, or after leaving prison.

Sexual offenders moving into the state or leaving the state must notify state police within 48 hours. (Daily Courier)

Why do we let sex offenders off the hook? Their movement from state to state falls under the radar when they fail to re-register in their new locality. It is obvious that not having an updates registry can lead to tragedy. We need to look no further than the heinous abduction, rape and murder of Jessica Lunsford. We need to know where these people are. It is not about their rights. This is about the rights of innocent and unsuspecting children. Innocent people’s rights should not be trampled by animals.

States don’t know where to find at least 60,000 sexual predators because the offenders fail to report their address to police, a national children’s advocate said.

There is no doubt that sex predators non-compliance in registering should be considered a felony. Non-registration should result in a trip back to prison, no questions asked. A sex predator’s non-registration should be considered intent to commit another act. It is actually shocking the number of states who just seem not to care about protecting children and adults against sex predators. What are these politicians thinking? Are they pandering to the sex predator vote?

Unlike Pennsylvania, where noncompliance is a felony, there are 25 states where it’s a misdemeanor. Allen notes there are about 26,500 offenders in Ohio, 24,000 in New York and 11,000 in New Jersey.

Pennsylvania notifies neighbors when a violent predator moves in or enrolls in a college or university after serving a prison sentence. Some states rely on offenders to do that, Allen said.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children estimate there are a staggering 603,000 registered sex offenders in the US. There is at least another 100,000 that are non-compliant. A new Special Analysis Unit has been created by NCMEC
to search databases, analyze information, and help identify and locate
these fugitives.

The question remains as to why so many states do not take sexual predators serious. Why have they not passed harsher penalties for those that have offended? Especially when they know there is such a high percentage of those that will repeat and in doing so trying to hide from their past actions by not registering. The following state laws are a disappointment, to say the least.

There are 25 states where noncompliance with one or more registration duties may be treated as only a misdemeanor: Alaska, California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

  • In four states, when a sex offender moves from one state to another state, the responsibility to notify the new state is placed solely on the offender himself: Delaware, District of Columbia, Kansas, and Utah.
  • In eight states, the law is ambiguous as to whether the state or the sex offender must notify a new state when the offender moves: California, Kentucky, Montana, New Jersey, North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota and Tennessee.
  • In only seven states, when a sex offender fails to register, it is mandatory for parole to be revoked and the sex offender to be returned to prison: California, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, North Dakota, and West Virginia. (NCMEC)

In July of 2006, Congress passed the Adam Walsh Child Protection and
Safety Act.
Politicians, stop dragging your heals. This is about protecting the publics safety and children. This is nothing to politicize. This is problem that needs to be addressed NOW! When dealing with sex predators, you are either with us or against us. There is no middle ground.

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