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Crime Stoppers and Joe Mammana To Divide Reward In Julie Popovich Case

Joe Mammana offered $50,000 reward money for information leading to an arrest in the Julie Popovich case. He was told by Crime Stoppers that there were many leads that lead to the arrest of Adam Saleh. Joe Mammana was pleased to hear that several tips lead to the arrest of the alleged murderer of Julie Popovich.

Central Ohio Crime Stoppers officials said benefactor Joe Mammana was excited to hear Wednesday that detectives determined several tips were instrumental in reaching an indictment in the Julie Popovich murder.

Adam Saleh, 19, was charged last week in connection with Popovich’s death.

Detectives now say there were six important tipsters who should be rewarded.

Joe Mammana has recently been the benefactor of several rewards/bounties for missing person cases.

Mammana will help Crime Stoppers determine how much each tipster will receive.

“He’s putting up the money, so we’ll listen to what he says. We’ll listen to what the detective says, and the final decision will be the board of Crime Stoppers on who should get what,” said Kevin Miles, of Central Ohio Crime Stoppers.

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1 Comment

  1. joe mamana is a punk criminal and a deadbeat who promised to pay central ohio crimestoppers money and then lied to deny he did. they filed suit against him today. but he (joe) claims his signature is forged sounds like a criminal lie to get out of paying promised money is joe broke?


    SM: Don’t be so quick on the draw my son. I have seen the document, it is one of the most poorly written things ever. It is hard to imagine it would stand up in court.

    Also, Joe Mammana has never stated that he would not pay. If the individual who was arrested and indicted is convicted of the murder of Julie Popovich, Joe has stated he would pay.

    It is absurd to think that anyone would pay for and arrest and indictment … whether it was Joe M or John Q. Public. All we have to point to is the Duke Lacrosse rape case as an example.


    Comment by jeffrey hodson | November 15, 2006

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