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Anonymous donor Pulling their $100,000 of reward for Missing Jennifer Kesse over Dispute

Jennifer Kesse has been missing since January 23 and now it appears that previously donated reward money to find Jennifer Kesse is being pulled. With a girl missing it is unfortunate that such a conflict exists whereas reward money will soon be pulled from the missing persons case.

An anonymous resident who donated $100,000 of reward money in the Jennifer Kesse missing person case is pulling the cash after a “behind the scenes” conflict with Crimeline, according to a Local 6 News report.

Tuesday, the anonymous donor said the $100,000 will be pulled by March 15. The move is supposed to help the case and force someone to come forward this month.

However, there is a behind the scenes conflict between the anonymous donor and Crimeline, Local 6 reporter Louis Bolden said.

The controversy lies in the condition to collect the reward, according to the report.

The controversy is over the following wording:

The donor has reportedly said from the time the donation was made that the money was to only to be paid if Jennifer Kesse is returned home safely, the report said.

But the money was turned over to Crimeline and the organization offers rewards for information leading to arrests even if the person is not returned.
(Local 6)

Let’s just hope and pray, reward money or not Jennifer Kesse is found safe.

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  1. Hey fella, if I was financially able to donate a hundred grand, I would pay the “promised funds” no matter what. You, my un-friend are a coward and should be ashamed of yourself. How can you even sleep at night

    Comment by Jim Lindsay | March 9, 2006

  2. Though we should judge lest we be judged, I know he is worried about how the money will be spent, but I was always taught that if you give money to someone, then it’s a gift, and they can use it anyway they wish – as long as they pay it back to you…that’s the only part you can worry about – because once you lend it (money) it becomes theirs…not yours.

    Even if there were stipulations to this money being handed out, we don;t know everything until we hear ALL sides of the story – and the news will only say what it can – and everyone has their own “truth” to tell.

    No judgements here – just concern.
    That’s the REAL question here, right?

    Comment by Reverend | March 19, 2006

  3. It is a sad “state of affairs” to know that the idea of a dollar amount may deter someone from giving truthful, helpful and positive information leading to Jennifer Kesse’s safe return to her worried family.

    Comment by sharon perry | September 26, 2006

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