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Mexican crime scene investigator leaked pictures in Ianiero murder

Dominic and Nancy Ianiero, a Woodbridge, Ontario couple, were murdered while attending their daughter’s wedding in Cancun, Mexico. Initially Mexican authorities considered two Canadian women from Thunder Bay, Ontario,as suspects in the case. Now a crime scene investigator, Jorge Frenandez Lopez, in Mexico leaked graphic photos of a murdered Canadian couple to a tabloid newspaper.

The photos show the bodies of Dominic and Nancy Ianiero, a Woodbridge, Ont. couple, lying in a large pool of blood in their hotel room at a Cancun holiday resort.

Attorney General Bello Melchor Rodriguez said Jorge Frenandez Lopez, an investigator in the case, had admitted to releasing the photos. No decision had been made on whether Lopez would face criminal charges, but Rodriguez delivered a stern scolding.

The pictures that were released were met with much warranted outrage from the family of the Ianiero’s. I hope MR. Lopez made some nice money with the release of these photos as he should be fired and prosecuted for what he did.

“This type of employee doesn’t deserve to stay inside this institution,” he said in a statement.

The gruesome images were run on the front page of the Mexican newspaper Quequi, on Thursday, as Prime Minister Stephen Harper met with Mexican President Vicente Fox and U.S. President George Bush.

Dominic Ianiero is shown with his throat slashed, while Nancy Ianiero is pictured lying face down near the door, wearing what appears to be a night gown.


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