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Knife and Blood Samples from the Home of slain 12-year-old Teketria Buggs

According to reports from The Houston Chronicle, detectives collected a knife and blood samples from the home of Teketria Buggs. They also seized a car that was used in the transportation of her body.

Detectives recovered a knife and blood samples from the home of slain 12-year-old Teketria Buggs and also seized a car believed to have been used to take her body to a bridge where she was dropped in the Brazos River, according to a search warrant.

Investigators seized a 4-inch folding-blade knife that had a bent tip. Six blood samples were found and police also recovered ashes from a burn pile, according to the affidavit filed Wednesday at the Fort Bend County courthouse.

The warrant affidavit revealed more details on how the young girl was killed and an attempt to destroy potential evidence such as bloody clothing.

Carrington told police he caused the death of the young girl by inflicting blunt trauma and stabbing her with a knife, the warrant said.

“He transported the body of Teketria Buggs to the Brazos River Bridge on farm market rd. 1489 in his mother’s maroon 1993 Lincoln Town Car,” the affidavit said.

The warrant says Carrington went back to the house where he put blood-stained clothing and a blunt instrument into a garbage bag. He put the bag on a trash pile near the house. Carrington said a family member burned the trash pile but the warrant did not identify the person.

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Stepfather, Steven J. Carrington, confesses in Teketria Buggs killing

Steven J. Carrington, the stepfather of Teketria Buggs has confessed to killing the 12 year old girl.

Just hours after Teketria Buggs was laid to rest in a Fort Bend County cemetery, her stepfather confessed to killing the 12-year-old girl.

Sheriff’s spokeswoman Terri Ann Carlson said today that Steven J. Carrington admitted to killing the girl to detectives overnight.

She died from either blunt trauma or stab wounds, according to preliminary autopsy results. Carrington had been the prime suspect all along although he has not been charged in the Buggs killing. Carrington, 31, is jailed and charged with murder in connection with the 1998 shooting of his cousin, Corey Brooks, 21.

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Steven Carrington is the Stepfather of Teketria Buggs confesses to killing Corey Brooks

Steven Carrington, the stepfather of Teketria Buggs whose body was found earlier this Carringtonweek in the Brazos River, has confessed to the killing of Cory Brooks. Corey Brooks has been missing since 1998.

There’s new information about a seven year old missing persons case in Fort Bend County. Investigators say Steven Carrington has confessed to killing Corey Brooks, missing since 1998. Carrington is the stepfather of Teketria Buggs, whose body was found earlier this week.

Not only is Carrington under investigation for Brooks’ death, investigators are also questioning him about Buggs’ death, too.

Corey Brooks

Corey Brooks

Corey’s mother Caroline Brooks said, that Corey and Steven Carrington were cousins living together in Fort Bend County town of Orchard when Corey disappeared. Steven Carrington at first in helping look for Corey Brooks and then it all changed.

At first she never suspected Carrington, saying he helped in the desperate search for her son.

She said, “He rode with us in the car to put up flyers for my son. And then I got an anonymous call saying the flyers we were putting up, he was pulling down.”

Caroline says she passed that information on to investigators, but no charges were ever brought against Carrington back in 1998.

Corey Brooks was last seen in the Fort Bend County town of Orchard and as coincidence would have it this was also the last place that 12-year-old Teketria Buggs was as well. Teketria Buggs was found by searchers in the Brazos River last. Coincidence? Teketria Buggs 2

Corey Brooks was last seen in the Fort Bend County town of Orchard — as was 12-year-old Teketria Buggs, Carrington’s stepdaughter, who was last seen a few weeks ago. On Thursday searchers found her body in the Brazos River. Now detectives say Carrington, a suspect in the young girl’s death, has confessed to killing Brooks.

(Full ABC13 article)

All of these revelations transpire as students and classmates of Teketria Buggs mourn her loss.

(Update) FortBendNow: Stepfather Of Missing Girl Confesses He Killed Corey Brooks

Steven Carrington, stepfather of a 12-year-old Orchard girl whose body was recovered last week, has confessed to the 1998 killing of Corey Brooks, sources confirmed Sunday.

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BREAKING: Teketria Buggs found in the Brazos River in Orchard, TX

There is some sad news to bring regarding Teketria Buggs. Teketria Buggs

Texas Equusearch found Teketria Buggs in the Brazos River in Orchard, TX (Ft Bend County) at approx 12:45pm today.

Tim Miller and four other searchers along with a well-known cadaver dog had taken the new sonar equipment (received from out of state) to search the Brazos River this afternoon.

God bless and rest in peace Teketria.

Updates to follow … Update: ABC13 (TX): Body of missing 12-year-old girl has reportedly been found

The ongoing search for 12-year-old Teketria Buggs has apparently come to a tragic end.

According to authorities with Equusearch, Teketria’s body was discovered just after noon today.

Investigators of the Fort Bend County TEKE TESSheriff’s Office confirm they have received information that an unidentified body has been located in the Brazos River just south of FM 1489. Law enforcement officials caution there has been no confirmation that this is Teketria.

UPDATE: From Bob Dunn, editor & publisher of FortBendNow just left the following information in our comments. Fort Bend Now has been doing a fantastic job following the missing persons story of Teketria Buggs. Here is what they forwarded:

Here’s our latest update on the Teketria Buggs story:

Searchers Recover Missing Girl’s Body

Searchers have found what they believe is the body of Teketria Buggs in the Brazos River, about 2 miles from the 12-year-old girl’s home where she was reported missing Dec. 3.

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Search for Teketria Buggs slows but does not stop completely

There have been no new developments in the search for missing 12-year-old Teketria Buggs which prompted Darryl Phillips of the Texas EquuSearch Mounted Search and Recovery Team on Sunday night to called off the full-force active search for the missing girl.

“Last night we called a meeting and talked with the family to let them know we were going to stop the search,” Phillips said. “But we’re still out here evaluating what we did and what we need to do to see if we’ve missed anything. We’ve just stepped aside for now, and we’re waiting until more information comes in that we could look into.”

However, according to EquuSearch this does not signify the end of the search but only a chance to regroup and weigh their options. They still plan to put boats in the water and await any further leads to investigate.

Phillips said although the ground search has slowed down, the team still plans on putting boats back in the water on Tuesday to continue searching for Buggs, and a few teams on four-wheelers will be out searching the area Monday.

“We haven’t been able to find anything. Right now, we’re just playing it by ear and following any leads that may come in,” Phillips said.

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Search for missing Teketria Buggs goes to nearby home

A tip led authorities to expand their search to include a home near where Teketria Buggs’ home is.

There have been no leads and no clues about what happened to the young girl. Each day, searchers return from the field without finding anything, but still with hope.

“If it was our baby, we’d be out there searching. I’d be out there searching. I wouldn’t stop. I couldn’t stop, you know?” said searcher Jaime Schumann.

Although they won’t talk about it, several investigators are again searching the neighboring home.

(full article from KHOU)


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Teketria Buggs’ stepfather, Steve Carrington, arrested on Unrelated Charge

A missing Orchard girl’s stepfather, Steve Carrington, who is a person of interest in her disappearance, has been arrested on an unrelated charge according to the Fort Bend County sheriff.

Authorities have not said when Teketria Buggs’ stepfather, Steve Carrington, was taken into custody on an unrelated family violence charge, but said he has not admitted to committing any crime.

Carrington was arrested on failure to appear in court on domestic violence charges.

Once again another case of a person of interest being arrested on an unrelated charge.

Missing Girl’s Stepfather Linked To Another Disappearance

At a news conference Thursday, authorities said Teketria’s stepfather, Steve Carrington, is the only suspect in her disappearance.

“He continues to agree to speak with investigators, however, he has not been forthcoming with facts,” Brady said.

Carrington was arrested on an unrelated domestic violence charge. However, authorities said he has been a person of interest in the case all along.

Carrington has taken a lie-detector test, but Fort Bend County authorities have not yet released the results.

Investigators believe Carrington might have been the last person to see Teketria before she vanished.

It seems that during the investigation authorities have discovered some leads and one bizarre similarity.

We have reason to believe that a vehicle left that residence around 2 a.m. in order to go purchase a small quantity of gasoline,” Brady said.

Coincidence or repeat offense, you make the call. No matter how one looks at it, it can’t be good.

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Search Resumes For Teketria Buggs, 12, Who Vanished From Couch

An Amber Alert issued for Teketria Buggs, 12, Sunday and remained in effect in Teketria Buggssoutheast Texas. She was last seen asleep on her couch at her home in the 9000 block of Johnson Road in Orchard late Friday night.

Teketria known by friends as Teeky Bugg, was last seen asleep on a couch at her home in the 9000 block of Johnson Road in Orchard late Friday night. She was reported missing at about 10 a.m. Saturday. None of her belongings, including a jacket, had been taken from the home.

On Monday night, Teketria’s mother told CNN’s Nancy Grace that she thinks someone Teketria trusted might have taken her.

Texas EquuSearch and the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Department widened their search Tuesday morning near Teketria’s rural home and asked for help from the Texas Department of Transportation.

“They are going to help us, being guides. They know the ditches, and the bridges and the culverts,” EquuSearch founder Tim Miller told KPRC Local 2.

Tim Miller of Texas Equusearch also went on to describe the many search methods that they would have at their disposal to search for Teketria Buggs. TES Buggs

Dive teams searched the Brazos river Tuesday afternoon. Miller said divers are searching several areas of the water where sonar equipment detected something. Miller said searchers would use remote control airplanes, high-vision scopes, 4-wheelers and Sonar to search more than 12 acres of heavily wooded land and the Brazos River near her home.

“I don’t see where there is to go. We understand she’s scared to death of the dog. She won’t even go to her aunt’s house, which is right next door, when it was dark. So for her to take off and go to some place on her own, I think that’s out of the question,” EquuSearch founder Tim Miller told KPRC Local 2.

Description: Teketria is a black female, about 4 feet 10 inches tall and weighs about 95 pounds. She has black hair, brown eyes, and light brown skin. She was last seen wearing a red and white long-sleeved pullover shirt, blue jeans and white tennis shoes.

Anyone with information should call the Fort Bend County Sheriff?s Office at (281) 341-4665 or Fort Bend County Crime Stoppers at (281) 342-TIPS.

Fort Bend Herald: Search for missing girl expands

The search for 12-year-old Teketria Buggs, who disappeared in Orchard Saturday evening, continued Tuesday morning with additional personnel joining the search.

A prayer vigil for Buggs will be held at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 7, at of the Pilgrim Journey Baptist Church, 2022 Ransom Road in Richmond, where Buggs is a member. Deacon Robert Willis will conduct the service, which is open to the public.

Search for missing girl focused on Brazos River


The search for a missing Fort Bend County girl moved to the water Tuesday as dive teams went in into the Brazos River.

Tuesday was an especially emotional day for the searchers and volunteers.

Although the town of Orchard has a population of only 400, they have big hearts. Letters from the girl’s schoolmates, thanking searchers for their efforts, inspired investigators and searchers.

Several veteran deputies wiped away tears as they read the letters posted on the board by volunteers.

Searchers continued to search on land and in the water.

Investigators said they didn’t have any new leads, but divers were concentrating on one area of the river. They said sonar had picked up some images Monday.

The river is about a mile from Buggs’ home, where she was last seen sleeping on her couch.

“It’s been successful in the past. We’ve done many, many dives where it ended up that it was an old barrel or something like that,” said Tim Miller of EquuSearch.

Volunteers came back again to continue the ground search on horseback and four-wheelers.

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Teke Buggs`s mother on Nancy Grace with emotional plea for her missing daughter

NANCY GRACE: 12-Year-Old Missing, Teketria Buggs


December 5, 2005

Nancy Grace interview’s LARONALD FOY, the mom of the missing 12 year old, Teketria Buggs. In an emotional interview Teke’s mom pleas for th safe return of her daughter.

FOY: No, she`s in the 3rd grade because she missed too many days out of school last year. So she`s in the 3rd grade, but she`s a smart girl. Last year, she passed the highest in her school (INAUDIBLE) She`s really, really bright. She`s a really bright girl, really, really bright. And I just can`t see somebody coming in my grandmother`s home and taking her and her not trying to put up a fight or anything. She`s too bright. I just feel like if she had time to put on her shoes, whoever she left with, she trusted him. She knew (INAUDIBLE) her heart.

And all I`m asking is, if you have her, please bring her back to me! I can`t make it without her! Please bring her back to me, please!

The rest of the interview:

But first, tonight, please help us. We are searching for a 12-year- old missing Texas girl. She disappeared from her own home, Orchard, Texas, Friday, last seen sleeping on her own sofa.


LARONALD FOY, MISSING GIRL`S MOTHER: She (INAUDIBLE) to go to her aunt`s house right here without her sisters and her brothers. So for her just to get up and put on her shoes, that`s impossible for me to believe. God himself would have to come and tell me that.


GRACE: Very quickly, I want to go straight out to the news director with KFNC, Laurie Kendrick. Laurie, bring us up to date.

LAURIE KENDRICK, KFNC NEWS DIRECTOR: Hi, Nancy. How`re you doing? Well, the Amber Alert has been issued for Teketria Buggs. She`s age 12, as you mentioned, last sleeping on the couch in her living room in the small rural community of Orchard in Fort Bend County, maybe about 30 miles southwest, due southwest of Houston proper. Her family issued — or reported her missing around 10:00 AM Saturday morning.

And what has authorities so baffled, Nancy, is what they`re not seeing. They found no signs of struggle, no signs of foul play. And what`s more disconcerting is they have absolutely no indication that a crime occurred, and they can`t find this 12-year-old child to save their lives, despite the fact we have quite a few experienced searchers checking about a 12-mile area not far from the community of Orchard. The land was adjacent to the Brazos River. It`s a very woody are. But so far, absolutely nothing, and that is perhaps the most disconcerting sign about this entire event.

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Search for missing Teketria Buggs not encouraging

An Amber Alert has been issued for Teketria Buggs. She was last seen on Saturday sleeping on a couch inside her home.

Authorities say they’ve found no signs of struggle, no signs of foul play and no indication that a crime occurred. But maybe the most disturbing thing is that they’ve found no sign of this missing girl.
Search crews lowered an infrared underwater camera into the Brazos River in the hope of finding anything that might lead to Teketria.

“For her just to get up and put on her shoes, that’s impossible for me to believe,” said Laronald Foy, Teketria’s mother. “God himself would have to come and tell me that.”

Authorities are searching the 12 acres surrounding the home, as are volunteers from Equusearch. Director Tim Miller is not optimistic about finding the 12-year-old alive.

“There are a lot of things we don’t like about this one,” Miller admitted. “It just doesn’t feel good.”

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Teketria Buggs, please call Fort Bend County Crime Stoppers at 281-342-TIPS.

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