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Body found in car is missing S.J. doctor, Dr. Zehra Attari

Dr. Zehra Attari has been missing for weeks. Her family had few clues and leads to her disappearance. The unfortunate discovery came Tuesday night as Dr. Zehra Attari’s vehicle and body out of the water.

Attari’s gray Honda Accord was pulled out of the Oakland Estuary near the Grand Marina boatyard in Alameda at the foot of Grand Street. A body was found inside and this morning family members said it was Attari.

Attari is not the the first person to have mistaken the black water where the Grand Street dead ends at the Oakland Estuary for blacktop, said Ed Vasquez a spokesman for the Attari family.

It appears that through and unfortunate turn of events, unfamiliarity were her surrounding and being an “anxious driver” led to this terrible tragedy.

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Dr Zehra Attari missing in the Bay Area

A well-known Indian paediatrician, Dr Zehra Attari, living in the Bay Area is missing. DrZehra_attari Zehra Attari has been missing since Monday. Police in both Oakland and San Jose are searching for Dr Zehra Attari.

Her family has also offered a $10,000 reward for any information leading to the safe return of the 55-year-old doctor, who has worked extensively with the poor, and hails from Udaipur in Rajasthan.

Attari, who lives in San Jose and works in Oakland, left her office on Nov. 7 evening, for a medical conference in Alameda. She never made it to the event.

Police used a helicopter to fly over the Oakland estuary in case Attari had accidentally driven into the water. But there was no sign of her car.

“Police have searched the waters around Alemeda and checked all neighboring hospitals, but there have been no reports of accident,” Huma Ali, her youngest daughter said.

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Update: Reward has doubled for the missing Dr Zehra Attari Zehra Attari candle

A reward has doubled to $20,000 for information leading to a missing East Bay doctor. Almost 200 friends and family members of Doctor Zehra Attari took to the streets of Oakland Friday night. They were trying to find any clue to the whereabouts of the pediatrician who disappeared Monday on her way to an appointment. She hasn’t been heard from since.

Nearly 200 people walked with candles from Dr. Zehra Attari’s clinic on International Boulevard to the Fruitvale Plaza; her family, friends – and some who only know her as the doctor who cares.

Missing Doctor’s Driving Route Re-Traced

A Bay Area story is making news throughout India: it’s the case of a missing pediatrician of Indian descent. Dr. Zehra Attari left her Oakland office last Monday and never made it to a meeting in Alameda.

Sunday, friends and family retraced her route, hoping to find something that will help solver her mysterious disappearance.

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