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Craig Roger Gregerson in Court Waives Prelim Hearing Rights in Murder of Destiny Norton

20 year old Craig Roger Gregerson waived his preliminary hearing rights today in the murder case of 5 year old Destiny Norton. Gregerson will be back in court on November 27, 2006 for an arraignment on a capital murder charges.

The neighbor accused of suffocating 5-year-old Destiny Norton and then sexually assaulting her body waived his right Friday to a preliminary hearing on the evidence against him.

Craig Roger Gregerson, 20, will return Nov. 27 for an arraignment on a capital murder charge and child kidnapping in the July 16 abduction of the girl from her backyard. Prosecutors said they haven’t made a decision on seeking the death penalty.

Both defense lawyers and the family of Destiny Norton did not speak to the media following the hearing.

Destiny’s mother Rachael showed up, but declined to talk to reporters. Rachael’s mother was also there to get her first view of Gregerson. Family friends attended, along with a contingent of Bikers Against Child Abuse. (KSL)

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Destiny Norton, 5 year old Angel Laid it Rest … God Bless You

On Saturday the parents of 5 year old Destiny Norton did what all parents dread and fear the most; burying their child. It is a parents worst nightmare. However, yesterday in Utah the funeral for Destiny Norton took place. Far too soon than it ever should have.

Destiny Norton RIP

“It doesn’t matter, rich, poor, black white, everybody has come together.”

“Destiny is alive in all of our hearts and she will always be a hero.”

Public grief from friends, family, even strangers for Destiny Norton.

“Our tears have flowed freely until there seems to be no more.”

Such acts by those who would perpetrate such an act upon a defenseless 5 year old tug at our minds and out heart strings. It makes many question, why?

The emotions run deep in such a terrible situation. Many took the time to remember Destiny Norton as the angel she was.

Vicki Scott, Family Friend: “She was a vibrant little child, always smiling, happy to be around.”

Duncan Chadwick, Uncle: “She was just happy;she was an angel.”

Nearby, a maple tree was planted in her memory. One shovel at a time, the planting was completed. Salt Lake City’s mayor and police chief, Elizabeth Smart and her father pay their respects.


Funeral Held for Destiny Norton

God Bless you Destiny Norton …

Family spokesman, Jeannie Hill added, “Today was a day to celebrate because Destiny is a hero and she’s an angel. She’s in Heavenly Father’s arms right now.”

Hundreds of mourners came together to pay their last respects to Destiny Norton. The five-year-old girl’s memorial service was held on Saturday morning at a chapel just across the street from her Salt Lake home.

Destiny’s mother, Rachael Norton, made a brief, tearful remark at the service. She said, “Destiny was a brilliant little girl who had high dreams. She enjoyed learning new things and she wanted to become a veterinarian.”

(ABC 4)

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Missing Destiny Norton, The Media Has Heard our plea for help … Thank you

The other day we posted and began an email and call campaign to the main stream media to draw more attention to the case of the disappearance of 5 year old Destiny Norton. In a short period of time it has been a success. Tonight, Nancy Grace is stepping up to the plate and doing a segment on Destiny Norton tonight at 8:00 EDT.

Monday’s show

Destiny Norton

Why a false alarm has renewed hopes that a missing five-year-old Utah girl will be found. Tune in Monday at 8 p.m. ET.

Also Dana Pretzer of C-Band Talk Radio will also be doing a segment tonight on the 5 year old missing Destiny Norton. However, Dana’s show is not the MSM, its “MAIN STREET MEDIA.”

We have also received positive feedback from Rita Cosby “Breaking News” and the producers of Joe Scarborough that they would do their best to mention the missing 5 year old. We realize that the MSM gets caught in news cycles; however, they need to realize that numerous stories can be handled at the same time and the law of diminishing returns comes into play when a cable network goes wall-to-wall on one story.

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Destiny Norton; AMBER ALERT Issued Due to Possible Sighting

An AMBERT ALERT was issued late Sunday for missing 5 year old Destiny Norton. An individual reported seeing a child matching Destiny’s description in Farmington at 8:10 p.m. at the intersection of U.S. 89 and Shepard Lane.

The child was riding in a black extended-cab Dodge pickup truck, according to police.

The first three numbers of the truck’s license plate were possibly 915 or 519, according to the Amber Alert. A sticker on the rear bumper of the truck read “SPORTS 4×4.”

Police also issued a description of a man seen in the vehicle with the child. He is approximately 40 years old, 5 foot 5 and 160 pounds with black hair. He was wearing black pants, a white shirt, a baseball cap and skater shoes.

Americas Most Wanted: Little Girl Lost

A massive search effort is currently underway in Salt Lake City, Utah for a missing 5-year-old girl named Destiny Norton.


Amber Alert Canceled; Destiny Still Missing

Police canceled the Amber Alert for Destiny Norton after the pick-up truck that match the description as the one having Destiny in it was located. Destiny was not in the pick-up, the investigation continues.

(KUTV) FARMINGTON, Utah Police have canceled an Amber Alert that was issued late Sunday after a man told police he saw a girl in a pickup truck who matched the description of missing 5-year-old Destiny Norton.

The Amber Alert was canceled after the truck was found, police said. The girl was not in the truck and investigation was continuing.

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Destiny Norton investigation; No breaks in the search. Lori Hackings Father Joins the Search

Five-year-old Destiny Norton has been missing since Sunday, July 16th. To date Destiny Norton 2there have been no real leads, it is like she just vanished in to the air. Hundreds of volunteers have searched in brutal 100 degree conditions for the missing Destiny Norton.

Printable Flyer


Rachael Norton, Destiny’s mother, also spoke at Friday’s press conference, thanking the volunteers for helping with the search. With temperatures reaching over 100 degrees, searchers are being well taken care of with everything from drinks to snacks and even sunscreen. All generously donated by local businesses.

(ABC 4)

Lori Hacking’s father joins search for Destiny Norton


Three father of past missing children come to help in the fraternity of parents of Destiny Norton postermissing persons.

Eraldo Soares, the father of Lori Hacking, who went missing two years ago this week. It was later discovered that Lori Hacking was murdered by her husband. Eraldo Soares never forgot the help and giving that was provided to him and his family by the people of Utah in searching for his daughter. He felt he needed to thank them and repay them by coming to help search for Destiny.

But Soares will be forever be grateful to the people of Salt Lake City.

“They searched with us. They cried with us,” he said. “I am here because the people of Salt Lake City are wonderful and I want to give back to them.”

Eraldo Soares lives in the Los Angeles area. But when he heard about the disappearance of 5 year old Destiny Norton, he got on a plane for Salt Lake.

Soares landed in Salt Lake around 4:00 p.m. on Thursday. He went directly to the volunteer headquarters at the old Liberty Ward House at 445 East Harvard. He signed in just like any other volunteer and then attended a briefing with his assigned team before going out to scour the around around 6th East and 300 South.

(ABC 4)

Family web site for Destiny Norton:

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Destiny Norton, 5, Still Missing; Reward Doubles to $30,000

Five year old Destiny Norton is still missing. Police and search teams have been looking for Destiny Norton since last Sunday. VIDEO

70 of his officers are assigned to the Destiny Norton Case with more coming from surrounding agencies as well as the FBI. 250 people have been interviewed in detail. 260 tips have come in from the 799-INFO line as well as the police department’s website. 70% of those tips have been cleared — in other words, they were dead ends.

The reward for information to the return of Destiny Norton has been doubled from its original $15,000.00.

The Mayor announced that the reward for information leading to Destiny’s whereabouts is doubling. The FBI is now pledging $15,000. That will be added to what’s already been donated by Meadow Gold and the Sund Foundation, making the total cash reward $30,000. (ABC 4)

National Media Doesn’t Show Up for Destiny Norton Story

The search for Destiny Norton has generated plenty of local coverage on TV, radio, in the newspapers and on the internet.

One of the few MSM types that have at least referenced Destiny Norton’s disappearance was staunch victims rights advocate Nancy Grace, thank you. VIDEO

It is true that we have not seen any news in the Main Stream Drive by media either on the case of the disappearance of Destiny Norton. That is rather unfortunate. Upon writing this post we are sending a plea to several producers in the MSM in hopes that they will cover this story. In my opinion it has all the aspects of what they normally do cover. Sometimes they just need a nudge.

A five-year-old girl disappears without a trace, and a community searches. Among the apparent mysteries is why, so far, the national media have stayed away. Jeannie Hill/ Friend, Search Coordinator: “It is a little frustrating, especially since the fact that we haven’t found her yet. It should have national attention. It should.” The kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart drew blanket coverage in 2002, though in that case her younger sister actually witnessed a man taking the girl. The national media showed up two years later when Lori Hacking disappeared and her husband Mark became a prime suspect. Lori’s father says he’s surprised they’re not back now. (KLS)

Family web site for Destiny Norton:

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Destiny Norton, 5, Missing Since Sunday Night in Salt Lake City, Utah … Amber Canceled

Five-year-old Destiny Norton has been missing since Sunday. Destiny Norton went Destiny Nortonmissing from her home around 8:30 Sunday night in the area of 720 South and 500 East near Trolley Square. Even though Destiny as not been found, the Amber Alert has been cancelled as it does not meet the requirement. One of the flaws of the system of helping missing children.

Police said that they are missing criteria required for an Amber Alert because they do not have a suspect or direct evidence that the child was kidnapped. They have now changed the status of the case to “endangered child or juvenile”.


  • She is 3’ 6” tall
  • weighs between 45 and 50 pounds.
  • She has blond hair with green streaks in the back
  • Was last seen wearing an adult-sized black shirt with gray stripes.

Sevkija Ferhatovic was questioned and released by the police in her disappearance. Sevkija FerhatovicHe may be re-questioned, there is no evidence that Sevkija Ferhatovic was involved in her disappearance; however, he has been charged in the past of sexual abuse but was found not guilty.

In 2002 Ferhatovic was charged in 3rd District Court with two counts of sexual abuse with a child and one count of sexual abuse of a minor but was found not guilty on all those charges.



UPDATE: Police ask for help in search for missing girl

Police today, emphasizing their belief and hope that Destiny Norton is alive, issued a passionate plea for residents to scour their immediate surroundings and to reflect back to what they were doing and may have noticed Sunday evening, when the young girl was reported missing.

Meanwhile, searches by volunteers continued in Millcreek Canyon and surrounding areas in hopes of turning up some clue that may help produce a resolution in the case.
(Desert News)

A $15,000 reward has been offered leading to Destiny’s return. Call 799-INFO (4636)

Project Safe Kids: Missing Endangered Child Alert for Destiny Norton

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