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Two teenage boys Arrested in Murder & Burning of Amber LeAnn Hess

Two teenage boys who attended Coolidge High School have been arrested in the murder of Amber LeAnn Hess. Amber LeAnn Hess’ body was recently found burned in the desert. The two teenage boys will be booked on first degree murder charges. What was the motive why these two boys would commit such a hideous act of violence?

Two teenage boys, including one who was described as a one-time close friend of the victim, were arrested Wednesday in the killing of a Queen Creek girl whose burned body was found in the desert, authorities said.

The 16-year-olds made statements that led detectives to believe they took part in the killing of Amber LeAnn Hess, 17, whose body was found Monday near Florence, Pinal County Sheriff Chris Vasquez said. Her body has been positively identified using dental records.

From all indications in that there was an attempt to cover up the crime by taking her body and her car, one would have suspected that Amber knew her killers. As it turns out they were both acquaintances, one of the boys having been a past very good friend.

Candy Hess said one of those arrested was one of her daughter’s best friends, who spent hours in their home playing video games and would call constantly.

“He was like a brother to her, which makes this even more confusing to us,” Candy Hess said.

Candy Hess said her daughter had a falling-out with the boy, who had called the girl a disrespectful name. The mother emphasized the boy wasn’t her daughter’s boyfriend.

From all accounts the attack was brutal and Amber LeAnn put up quite a fight. What would possess two people to act in such a heinous way and brutally murder Amber LeAnne Hess? The two will most likely be charged as adults. One seriously has to wonder what evil lurks in some people’s hearts.

“Basically they just didn’t like her and for whatever reason were planning to kill her,” Vasquez said. “They went to her home and through a combination of beating, stabbing and choking, killed her.”

The teens will be booked on first-degree murder charges, and other charges are likely, Vasquez said. They likely will be charged as adults, and had a court appearance set for Wednesday afternoon in juvenile court in Pinal County.

“From what I’m told this girl fought for her life in that home, and she didn’t die easy – it was very brutal,” Vasquez said in an interview from Salt Lake City, where he is attending a law enforcement convention. “If they had been adults I would be screaming for the death penalty in this case.” (FOX News)

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Amy Giordano, 25, of Hightstown, NJ Missing Since June 6, 2007

Police are searching for 25 year old Amy Giordana who has been missing since June 6, 2007. She is accused of abandoning her 11 month old son in a parking lot.

Amy Giordano, 25, of Hightstown, N.J., was last heard from June 6, when she spoke by telephone with a friend, state police said.

An 11-month-old boy believed to be Giordano’s son was found June 9 in the parking lot of Christiana Hospital. Inside the boy’s diaper was a scrawled note that read “Please help my baby John Vincent I can no longer take care of him. Lost job, lost medical. God have mercy on me.”

Police said the owner of a building where Giordano rented an apartment saw a picture of the boy distributed by Delaware authorities, identified the toddler as Giordano’s son, and contacted Hightstown police Thursday afternoon. (FOX News)

Search is on for mother of abandoned child

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A Morgan Nick Amber Alert was issued Monday for 17-year-old Casey Crowder

Amber alert Morgon nick

Casey Crowder, 17, has been missing since Sunday when she was last seen leaving her  Casey Crowder 1boyfriends home. Casey was last seen at 5:30 AM, Sunday August 27th, 2006 near 105 Wilbrun Brake in the community of Pickens, south of Dumas.  A Level II, Morgan Nick Amber Alert in connection with the disappearance of Casey Crowder.

Crowder’s family says her car later ran out of gas on Highway 65. (See story link for more background information.)

Investigators have conducted polygraph tests on several of her friends and a search of Crowder’s bedroom, but none has offered any help.


Casey Crowder’s description:

Name: Casey Crowder
Sex: Female
Height: 5’1″
Hair Color: Blonde
Race: Caucasian
Age:  17
Weight: 105 Lbs.
Eye Color: Green

(Project Safe Kids)

If you have information that could help find Casey Crowder please contact the Desha County Sheriff’s Office at (870) 877-2327.

Pine Bluff Mother Cries Out Over Missing Daughter

(Melinda Crowder, mother of missing girl) “Casey, you know how much we love you and how hard we’re trying to find you and we’re going to find you. And we love you very much.”

A mother cries out as her only daughter vanishes along Highway 65 early Sunday morning. Police believe 17-year-old Casey Crowder disappeared somewhere near Dumas early Sunday morning. Crews continue to search and they’re hoping for a safe return.

Casey Crowder just began her senior year at Watson Chapel last week.  Tuesday her mother says she feels empty with her only daughter missing.




Her vehicle was found abandoned on U.S. 65 near the new Dumas hospital. The gas tank was empty, the doors were locked and the emergency flashers were turned on. The vehicle revealed no evidence of foul play, according to police.

Smith said 30 or 40 law enforcement officers and volunteers searched the farmland, breaks, and a bayou between Pickens and Lincoln County on Tuesday. More volunteers and law enforcement officers joined the search Wednesday when they combed the cotton and bean fields north and east of Dumas.

Two investigators and an FBI agent spent the day canvassing businesses along U.S. 65, from Pickens to Gould, and a volunteer from Dumas distributed flyers in Pine Bluff and Lake Village, and all the towns between, Smith said.

(Pine Bluff Commercial)

FBI seeks help finding missing girl

DUMAS (AP) — The FBI on Thursday joined perplexed investigators from Arkansas in the search for a Pine Bluff teenager who disappeared along a busy federal highway after running out of gasoline last weekend.

Agents put out a notice nationally seeking information about Casey Crowder, a senior at Watson Chapel High School. Crowder, traveling back from a friend’s house in Pickens on Sunday morning, telephoned her mother to say she had run out of gas and would walk to a gas station

(The Baxter Bulletin)

Missing Pine Bluff Teen Update (Casey Crowder)

Casey Crowder disappeared early Sunday morning and has not been seen or heard from since. FBI and other agencies have been searching the “ditches and bodies of water” near Pickens where they believe Casey was last.

Crews were searching ditches and bodies of water. Several agents, including the FBI, spent most of the day in the town of Pickens.  It’s believed that’s where Casey Crowder was seen last.

Thursday marks day 4 of searching by air, by foot and by four wheelers. Crews flood the tiny town of Pickens hoping to find any clue as to the whereabouts of Casey Crowder.  Sheriff Don Smith says no evidence has been found.  And there are no suspects either.

(Sheriff Don Smith, Desha County)”We’ve interviewed her boyfriend two or three times, two of his friends, at least three times.  Several polygraph tests, everything comes out fine.” (KATV)

Where Is Casey Crowder? Sheriff Don Smith of the Desha County Sheriff’s Department, Casey Crowder’s mother Melinda and her aunt Cindy Bennett go “One The Record”.

VAN SUSTEREN: Melinda, any idea is there — would your daughter ever take off? It doesn’t sound like a case where she’d take off but any idea would she take off?

CROWDER: No, she would not. She was very close to all of her family and friends and there was no reason at all for her to run off. That’s just not an option. She didn’t have any reason to. She had just tried out for the school’s softball team the Saturday before. All of her clothes were in her room.

She had just called me and, you know, I told her that if — you know, I asked her if she wanted me to come and pick her up and she said, “No, mom, don’t worry about it. I’ll call so and so and get him to get them to bring me some gas and it will be all right” you know. And I said, “OK, are you sure?” And she said, “Yes.” And I said, “Well call me back if you need me” and then I didn’t hear from her anymore.

Full Transcript from Fox News, ‘On the Record” with Greta Van Susteren.

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Search for 53-year-old Beatrice Walker Called Off

Beatrice Walker, a 53 year old Pittsburgh woman, has been missing since December 29 when her vehicle was found abandon on the railroad tracks in Brownsville. After several searches for Beatrice Walker the land search was called off.

The land search for Beatrice Walker, the missing 53-year-old Pittsburgh woman, was called off after several search and rescue teams spent all day Saturday futilely searching for any piece of evidence that would warrant a prolonged search.

Walker, whose abandoned vehicle was found near the railroad tracks that run parallel to Albany Road in Brownsville the morning of Dec. 29, has been missing for more than a week. Emergency personnel have been searching for her off and on ever since but have yet to find any physical evidence that would warrant more in-depth searches.

Search and Rescue Team have spent six days searching the wooded area surrounding the riverbank of the Monongahela River, but have found nothing.

“We haven’t found clothing, footprints, anything,” said Steve Burkholder, vice president of the tactical search and rescue team. “We really don’t know. We have no clues.”

Burkholder said search and rescue teams have scoured the area surrounding Albany Road and, without any concrete evidence, are running out of places to search.

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Pittsburgh woman , Beatrice J. Walker Missing

(The Herald Standard)

UPDATE: Divers search Mon for missing woman

Divers searched the Monongahela River near Brownsville Sunday, but failed to find the body of 53-year-old Beatrice Walker, causing the lead investigator of the case to call off the search for the body of the Pittsburgh woman with local ties.

Lead investigator in the case, Brownsville Police Officer Josh Mrosko, said the search Sunday did not turn up the woman’s body or any other evidence connected to her disappearance.

Among the items in the car was a suicide note penned by Walker, Mrosko said. He said the woman’s family, including her brother and sister who live in Brownsville, are concerned with their relative’s disappearance.

After a daylong land search proved fruitless on Saturday, Mrosko called divers in to search the area where the car was discovered around noon on Saturday. On Sunday, the divers searched from morning until 4 p.m. without finding Walker’s body or clues as to her disappearance.

The unsuccessful searches seem perplexing since search and rescue dogs have picked up the woman’s scent over the course of the 11-day search.

Mrosko said a dog picked up Walker’s scent along the tracks by the river the day her vehicle was found and followed the scent northbound to a railroad trestle.

On Dec. 30, the following Friday, a cadaver dog picked up the scent on the water in the same area. Divers searched the area without results, Mrosko said.

(The Herald Standard)

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Unknown Child found in Bremen, GA

The following is the information for this unknown child who was found on Holly Unknown ChildSprings Drive in Bremen, Georgia on September 11, 2005. His identity and the whereabouts of his caretakers are unknown. He is believed to be approximately 2-3 years old and was wearing blue overalls, a blue striped shirt and black sandals when he was found. His weight is approximately 25-30 pounds.


National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

1-800-843-5678 (1-800-THE-LOST)


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