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Missing Madeleine McCann, PI Marcelino Italiano Says She was Kidnapped by Portuguese Pedo Ring & Possibly in the US

Could there finally be a break in the case of missing Maddy McCann?

Madeleine McCann, 3 years old at the time, disappeared in 2007 while on vacation while on vacation with her family in Praia da Luz, Portugal. It has often been speculated that Maddy McCann was abducted by pedophile. Now comes the following breaking news from private investigator Marcelino Italiano.

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Missing Madeleine “Maddie” McCann: Is Raymond Hewlett, Convicted British Pedophile, Suspect in Maddie McCann Case

Did convicted and wanted British pedophile make comments to individuals that implicated him in the disappearance of Madeleine “Maddie” McCann?


Raymond Hewlett, is this man responsible for the disappearance of Maddie McCann?

64 year old Raymond Hewlett, a convicted British pedophile who has been responsible for numerous sex attacks against young girls during the past 40 years was once considered a prime suspect in the case of missing, then 3 year old Madeleine McCann. Hewlett was reported to be living about one hours away from the resort of Praia da Luz, in Portugal where Maddie McCain went missing in April of 2007. Hewlett was staying with his family in a motor home an hour’s drive from the McCanns’ apartment in Praia da Luz.

New information may have the convicted sex offender once again linked to the disappearance of Madelein McCann.

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Kate and Gerry McCann, The Parents of Missing Madeleine McCann Say they will Sue Portuguese Police

Kate and Gerry McCann, the parents of missing Madeleine “Maddy” McCann say they will sue Goncalo Amaral, the former Portuguese police officer who at one time led the investigation of their daughter’s disappearance. The parents of Madeleine McCann said that they were going top sue the former police officer for defamation over claims he made that the McCann’s were involved in concealing dead body of their daughter.

Madeleine McCann 3

Kate and Gerry McCann said on Saturday they will sue Goncalo Amaral for defamation over claims he has made that Madeleine is dead and that the McCanns were involved in concealing her body.

The McCanns won a libel case last year against a British newspaper that had made similar claims.

Amaral was removed from the case in October 2007 after he criticized British police to a Portuguese newspaper. He later retired.

3 year old Madeleine McCann as been missing since May 3, 2007 when she disappeared from the resort that her family was staying in Praia da Luz, Portugal. She has never been seen since.

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Madeleine McCann Disappearance: British Pedophile Suspected in Maddy’s Abduction

Authorities are now investigating the pedophile direction in the case of missing Madeleine_McCannMadeleine McCann vs. accusing the parents of harming their their own child.  A British paedophile, whose name has been known to police since May, with links to Portugal was yesterday revealed as a potential suspect in the Madeleine McCann investigation. As we celebrate the holiday season and Christmas, the McCann family states they will not  be celebrating Christmas as they face it without 4 year old Madeleine McCann.

Authorities are investigating a known British pedophile as a possible suspect in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, The London Daily Mail reported Sunday.

The suspect is one of 52 British pedophiles with links to the Portuguese resort where the McCann family was vacationing when 4-year-old Madeleine disappeared from her hotel room while her parents were dining at a nearby restaurant, the Mail reported.

The suspect, whose identity has not been revealed, is the only person on the list of pedophiles who has not been cleared in the case. (Fox News)

British paedophile ‘with links to Portugal’ suspected of abducting Madeleine

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Private Detective for Missing Madeleine McCann’s Parents Says “100% Certain Madeleine is Alive”

Madeleine McCann has been missing since May 2007 when she disappeared while on vacation with her parents in Portugal. Now some interesting news is being reported by the PI hired by the family of Maddy. 

Francisco Marco, the private investigator for the family of missing Madeleine McCann has stated that he is 100% certain that Madeleine is alive and they are close to finding her. It is believed that the abduction of Madeleine McCann was a carefully planned and organized plot to get Maddy out of the country.

Portuguese investigators are “100 percent sure” missing toddler Madeleine McCann is alive, Britain’s Sunday Mirror reports.

Francisco Marco, a private eye hired by the McCann family to track the missing girl – who would be 4 years old if she’s still alive – told The Mirror he is “sure she was abducted.”

“We are very, very close to finding the kidnapper,” he said.

Madeleine was ‘targeted’ by abductor Gerry McCann says

McCann tells of ‘predator’ belief

Madeleine investigation ‘to finish at Christmas’

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Portugese Police Name Kate McCann, the Mother of Missing Madeleine McCann, as Suspect in Girl’s Disappearance (Update: Gerry McCann as well)

Four year old Madeleine McCann went missing four months ago while she and her family  were staying in Praia da Luz, Portugal. After all the investigation, after all the searching for missing Madeleine McCann, Portuguese police are about to do the unthinkable. The mother of Madeleine McCann is about to be named a suspect in the disappearance of her daughter.


The mother of a British girl who disappeared four months ago in southern Portugal is to be named a formal suspect in the case Friday, a family spokesman said, a shocking twist to a case that has gripped much of Europe. Kate McCann was questioned for almost 11 hours on Thursday, and is due back at a police station in Portimao, a town in Portugal’s Algarve region, later Friday morning, family spokesman David Hughes told The Associated Press. (FOX NEWS)Madeleine McCann 3

Madeleine: Blood In Parents’ Car?

Portuguese police have suggested to Kate McCann that traces of her daughter’s blood were found in a car the family hired 25 days after the girl went missing, a family friend said.

Mrs McCann, who is being questioned again by police, fears she will be charged today over the death of Madeleine.

In this bizarre turn of events, after all the efforts put forth by the parents of missing Madeleine McCann, either this is one of the most strange efforts by parents to find their missing child or the Portugese police have blown it. Kate McCann was questioned for over 10 hours. Both Kate and Gerry McCann have denied any involvement in their daughters disappearance.

After Mrs McCann was questioned for over 11 hours yesterday, the McCann’s lawyer Carlos Pinto de Abreu, insisted she was interviewed only as a witness.

Portuguese laws severely restrict what those privy to an investigation may say publicly, but Mrs McCann is said to be “amazed and concerned” by the news that her status has changed.

Previously Kate McCann and her husband Gerry had always met police together and officials described the meetings as informal. Both have denied any involvement in their daughter’s disappearance.

But yesterday Mrs McCann was interviewed alone and Mr McCann is expected to be interviewed separately at around 2pm today. (The UK Telegraph)

What does it mean under Portuguese law to make one a suspect?

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Possible Sighting of Missing British Girl Madeleine McCann

Authorities are investigating a possible sighting of a girl resembling four-year-old missing Madeleine McCann. The sighting of Madeleine McCann took place in a restaurant in the Dutch-speaking town of Tongeren, near the Dutch border east of Brussels. She was reportedly with a man and a woman who were acting suspiciously. Authorities will be doing DNA testing on a bottle taken from the restaurant.

DNA test results are expected next week on a bottle taken from a restaurant where a girl resembling four-year-old Madeleine was seen drinking, local prosecutor Katja Van Doren said.

A child psychologist reported seeing the girl with a man and woman in the restaurant in the Dutch-speaking town of Tongeren, near the Dutch border east of Brussels.

The three people drove away in a black Volvo with Belgian plates, local police said, stressing that the number plate could be false.

The couple were said to have been acting in a suspicious manner.

Belgian police have issued an identikit picture of the man involved, said to be in his 40s with black hair and stubble on his prominent chin.

He was said to speak with a Dutch accent, while the woman, who also had dark hair, spoke to him in English.

Madeleine McCann sighting treated seriously

  • Police release computer image of suspect
  • Couple fled cafe before challenged
  • Girl turned around at “Madeleine” call

An artist’s impression, released by Belgian police Aug. 3, 2007, shows a man who had been seen with a small girl sitting at the terrace of the roadside cafe “De Pauze” in the eastern town of Tongeren near the Dutch border.

Madeleine sighting puts Belgium on alert

Officers have taken a fruit milkshake bottle the child had been seen drinking from away for analysis but there are as yet no results, a police spokeswoman said yesterday.

Jolien Houbrech: Served suspects

Jolien Houbrechts, a waitress in “De Pauze” bar, described how she was approached by the witness on Saturday afternoon.

“The woman said to me that the couple looked strange and the girl looked like Maddie. I told her to call the police,” she said.

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Anonymous letter claims missing 4-year-old Madeleine McCann’s is buried in Portugal

Let’s hope that this lead is a hoax. Police have received a letter stating where missing Madeleine McCann is buried. It claimed that she was buried under rocks in a remote area. Could this be the lead that finds the missing 4 year old or just a cruel hoax?

MADRID, Spain (CNN) — Portuguese police are investigating an area nine miles from where a young British girl was abducted after a tip-off to a newspaper in the Netherlands.

An anonymous letter claiming 4-year-old Madeleine McCann’s body is buried under rocks in deserted scrubland was sent to newspaper De Telegraaf and passed on to the Portuguese Policia Judiciaria.

A Dutch police spokesman said: “On Monday De Telegraaf received a letter from an anonymous sender which contained information about where Madeleine McCann may be.

“The letter included a map of the area where the sender claims she is. The newspaper handed the letter over to the police on Tuesday and immediate forensic tests were carried out.

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Madeleine McCann Still Missing … Suspect had Child Porn on his Computer

As the search goes on for Madeleine McCann, a witness is guilt ridden for not reporting Madeleine_mccann8what she had see. At the time the witness just did not realize the importance of what she had seen.

The vital witness, a close friend of Kate and Gerry McCann, was on her way to join Madeleine’s parents for dinner at the tapas bar when she saw a man with a blonde girl wrapped in a blanket.

The scene is eerie. On the night Maddie was snatched, she saw a man with a blonde girl wrapped in a blanket. She was wearing “distinguishable” pink pajamas, the woman has told police. At the time she thought it was odd, but only realized to her horror too late that it was probably Madeleine.

The man is white, 35 to 40 years old, of medium build and 5ft 10in. He has short hair and was wearing a dark jacket, light beige trousers and dark shoes.

Mad McCann_poster

The suspect in the Madeleine McCann disappearance, Robert Murat, did according to The Suns front page headlines, have kiddie porn on his computer. More HERE.

Ever since Madeline went missing, child pornography and paedophilia have been the tabloids’ main line of speculation.

No meaningful debate on “every parent’s worst nightmare” has been had in the past two weeks. There have been no calls for a paedophile amnesty, a period of grace in which anyone with child porn on their PC or in their locker can contact the authorities and explain how they came by it without fear of being branded and charged. The police could then trace the material to source and catch the evil profiteers.

What we have is finger-pointing and the news that Robert Murat “visited a string of depraved sites”. And this is Murat who lives “yards” from the holiday flat where Madeleine was snatched. Or Maddie, as the Sun insists on calling her.

Why The McCanns Need To Stay In Portugal

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3 Year old British Toddler Madeleine McCann disappeared from a tourist resort in Praia da Luz, Portugal

Three year old British toddler, Madeleine McCann, disappeared from the resort that her Madeleine McCann 2family was staying in Praia da Luz, Portugal. Police have initially speculated that she was abducted by a pedophile. Time is of the essence and the clock is running to save this child from a sexual predator.

Police searching for a British toddler abducted during a family holiday in Portugal, fear she has been taken by a paedophile.

Three year old Madeleine McCann disappeared from a tourist resort in Praia da Luz on Thursday evening, while her parents were dining nearby.

The couple has released new photographs of her to help with the search. (Sky News)

VIDEO of search and story

Pedophile seized British toddler, say Portuguese police

Police searching for a British toddler abducted while on holiday in Portugal fear she has been snatched by a pedophile.

Madeleine vanished between 9pm and 10pm on Thursday night from her room at a holiday complex in Praia da Luz, a fishing village on the Algarve, as she slept between her twin brother and sister, aged two. (Sydney Morning Herald)

Madeleine McCann

(missing 3 year old Madeleine McCann)

Police believe that Madeleine is still alive and being held 2-3 miles from where she was abducted.

Madeleine was taken from the ground-floor apartment at the Mark Warner Ocean Club holiday village between 9:30pm and 10pm. Mrs McCann found that the outside shutter and window to Madeleine’s room had been opened and her daughter was missing shortly before 10pm local time.

Detectives searching for Madeleine have said they are convinced the child is still alive, that they know the “prime suspect” and that she is being held close to the resort. Police also said they had an artist’s impression of the suspect, which they were not releasing for fear of endangering Madeleine’s life. (The Scotsman)

There are numerous media reports of the police drawing heavy criticism for the manner in how this case was initially handled.

Madeleine McCann 3

UPDATE I: Portuguese police under fire over missing UK girl, 3

But there were recriminations in the Portugese media over the police’s handling of the investigation in the first few hours after Madeleine’s disappearance.

The Portugese daily newspaper, Diario de Noticias, claimed that border police were not told that a child had been kidnapped until about midday on Friday, more than 12 hours after Madeleine was reported missing.

As a member of the EU, Portugal has no border controls with Spain, and motorists can cross from one country to the other unchecked.

The newspaper claimed that proper procedure would have been for Portugal’s Judicial Police – the local equivalent of CID – to have tipped off the country’s Borders and Aliens Service as soon as they knew that a child had been kidnapped.

Another paper, Correio de Manha, said the main border crossing from the Portuguese Algarve to Spain had no special controls in place whatsoever until Saturday afternoon. (NZ Herald)

Madeleine McCann 1

UPDATE II: UK girl’s parents pray for her return

VIDEO of parents plea for safe returnMadeleine McCann_family

Gerry and Kate McCann attended church in the Praia da Luz holiday village, where their daughter Madeleine disappeared on Thursday night from the family’s villa apartment.

“Please continue to pray for Madeleine,” Kate McCann said as she and her husband left the church in a statement to reporters waiting outside.

“From today’s service the thing we are going to take from this is strength and courage and hope, we continue to hope for the best possible outcome from this for us and for Madeleine,” her husband added.

UPDATE III: Balding man seen dragging blonde girl towards marina

Portuguese police investigating the abduction of Madeleine McCann are hunting for a balding man who is believed to have been seen dragging a girl to a marina in a town close to where she disappeared.

Madeleine McCann 5

Detectives have not identified the man but have said that he is a suspect in the kidnapping of Madeleine from a holiday apartment on the Algarve on Thursday night

A police artist’s impression of a balding man who was seen with a blonde girl similar to Madeleine shows just the back of his head. He is described as being white, 5ft 11in and is understood to have been wearing white trousers. The man is believed to have been seen dragging the girl on a road leading to a marina in the town of Lagos, about 5 miles (8km) from Praia da Luz. Another witness is reported to have seen a girl struggling in the back of a car on a road leading from Praia da Luz. (Times on Line)

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