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Jason Young Ordered to Give Evidence in the Murder of Michelle Young … Jason Young named Suspect

Jason Young, the husband of murdered and pregnant Michelle Young was ordered by a Jason_Young1judge to provide investigators with fingerprints, blood samples and other forms of evidence. Jason Young has been named a suspect. The case somewhat resembles the Entwistle murder where the wife was found murdered in her home, husband was not present. However, in that case, sadly, the young child was killed as well.

Young, 32, is named as a suspect on the order, however, he was not required to make a statement, nor was he subject to interrogation, according to Willoughby. Detectives had already seized his car as part of their investigation.

Young has not been charged with anything. A call to his attorney for comment was not returned Wednesday afternoon.

According to the Sheriff’s office, Jason Young complied with the order and went to the City-County Bureau of Identification.

According to the North Carolina general statutes, sheriff’s investigators can use a nontestimonial order to obtain an array of material evidence including fingerprints, palm prints, footprints, blood specimens, hair samples, voice samples and photographs.

Willoughby said the order is less intrusive procedure than a search warrant that requires a lower standard of proof.

“A search warrant requires probable cause, but with a nontestimonial order you are only required to have reasonable suspicion to suspect some person,” Willoughby said Wednesday. (News Observer)

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Neil Entwistle to return to US and Face Murder Charges of Wife and Daughter

In a bit of a shocking turn of events, Neil Entwistle has agreed to be extradited back the United States and face the murder charges for the death of 27-year-old Rachel Souza Entwistle and his 9-month-old daughter Lillian Rose.

LONDON (Reuters) – A man accused of shooting dead his wife and infant daughter in Massachusetts agreed on Friday to be extradited to the United States to face charges of murder.

Neil Entwistle, 27, was arrested at a London underground train station on Thursday by British detectives and later charged with what U.S. prosecutors said might have been an aborted murder-suicide.

During a three-minute hearing at Bow Street Magistrates Court, Entwistle’s lawyer Judith Seddon said his client had signed a waiver giving his consent to return to the United States as soon as possible.

Entwistle consents to return to U.S.

“Yes, that’s right,” Entwistle replied. He glanced briefly at his father, Cliff Entwistle, as he signed the form consenting to return.

“He was always inclined to consent,” Judith Seddon, another lawyer representing Entwistle, told reporters outside court. She said he was likely to return to the United States within a week.

“He wants to cooperate with the authorities in any way that he can, and he is anxious that the delay may cause his late wife’s family and his own additional distress, something he wishes to avoid,” Seddon said. “He believes that he will receive a fair and a proper hearing in the U.S.A. of these very serious allegations.”

Stating that he does not want to cause his late wife’s family and his own additional distress with a delay is hardly solace for a family that has lost their daughter and grandchild. One would think that the damage has already been done, kind of late for Neil Entwistle to suddenly start caring. As Joe Flaherty, the family spokes person said, “It’s going to be a long road for them,” he said. “There will never really be closure in a case like this.”
(Boston Herald)

FOX News: Briton Accused of Killing Wife, Daughter Agrees Return to U.S.

District Judge Anthony Evans told Entwistle, 27, that his decision to voluntarily return would be irrevocable.

“Yes, that’s right,” Entwistle replied. He glanced briefly at his father, Cliff Entwistle, as he signed a form consenting to return.

Judith Seddon, one of the lawyers representing Entwistle, said he was likely to return to the United States within a week. “He was always inclined to consent,” she told reporters outside the court.

CNN: U.S. suspect agrees to extradition

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Neil Entwistle arrested for Murder; Its About Time

Neil Entwistle has been arrested in England according to reports. Entwistle hasEntwistle CNN been considered a “person of interest” in the murder of his wife Rachel Entwistle, 27, and 9-month-old Lillian.

British authorities arrested a man Thursday in the shooting deaths of his wife and infant daughter, whose bodies were found in their Massachusetts home last month, officials said.

London’s Metropolitan Police said Entwistle was arrested at a subway station on a provisional extradition warrant issued Wednesday evening. His first court appearance is to be Friday at Bow Street Magistrates Court, the customary venue for extradition cases.

Neil Entwistle had purchased a one way ticket to London and left on the morning of Saturday, January 21 from Boston’s Logan Airport where his vehicle was found. Interestingly enough the Entwistle’s only owned one vehicle and that would have meant that Neil would have left to London with a one way ticket and stranded with wife an 9 month old baby at home without transportation. Also, Entwistle did not return for his wife and daughter’s funeral on February 1. The true sign of a caring father distraught by the loss of his wife and child. Investigators now believe that Neil Entwistle borrowed a gun from his father in law to commit the crime.

Investigators believe Entwistle used his father-in-law’s handgun to shoot his wife and daughter on the morning of Jan. 20, Coakley said. She said he may have intended to kill himself as well, possibly because of financial difficulties as his Internet business ventures failed, but he didn’t follow through.

The next morning, Entwistle bought a one-way ticket and got on a flight to London. His family home is in Worksop, in central England.

Before leaving, Entwistle returned the .22-caliber handgun to his father-in-law’s home in Carver, Coakley said.

(CNN) Briton charged in killing of wife, baby Entwistle family CNN

Neil Entwistle was arrested about noon (7 a.m. ET) and charged with two counts of murder, one count of illegal possession of a firearm and one count of illegal possession of ammunition, said Melissa Sherman of the Middlesex, Massachusetts, district attorney’s office.

(Daily Mail) Brit ‘killed wife and baby in suicide bid’

A British man killed his American wife and baby daughter in what was believed to be a failed murder-suicide bid, US authorities have said.

“We believe possibly that this was intended to be a murder-suicide, but we cannot confirm that.

“Obviously the murder was effected, the suicide was not.

“What we believe happened next was that Neil Entwistle returned the gun to his father-in-law’s home in Carver, that he then made preparations to leave the country.”

He bought a one-way ticket to the UK on the phone at around 5am on the Saturday, and flew from Boston’s Logan International Airport at 8.15am that day, Ms Coakley said.

What is most puzzling is for it to have been a murder/suicide, Neil Entwistle certainly changed his mind in an amazing turnaround. Going so far as to return the gun used in the crime? There is something insidious to murdering a nine month old child who could never pose a threat to Entwistle in any way as a witness. A just horrific act.

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