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American soldier, Spc. Ahmed K. Altaie, being held hostage in Iraq

From Rusty at The Jawa Report, a video posted on a Shiite Islamist website has emerged of an American soldier, Spc. Ahmed K. Altaie, being held hostage.


(click on picture for link to video)

Altaie was born in Iraq but immigrated to the United States. Even though he was much older than the average U.S. serviceman, he volunteered right after the Iraq war broke out. He felt it was his duty to help the effort and his native language skills were much needed. Not only that, but here was a chance to serve both his adopted country and the country of his birth.

Pray for his safe release.

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Four Americans missing in Iraq after convoy attacked

Five people in Iraq, including four Americans, were taken hostage in southern Iraq when a civilian truck convoy was hijacked just after crossing the Kuwaiti border.

“The convoy was seized near Safwan yesterday,” one source told Reuters in Basra, the main city in southern Iraq. An Austrian and nine Iraqis were also abducted by the gunmen but some of the Iraqis had already been released, he added.

The family of one American security contractor told a U.S. newspaper that U.S. officials said he had been captured. (Reuters)

Four Americans Kidnapped in Iraq, Austrian Civilian Killed

The five men work for The Crescent Security Group, which provide security for military, civilian, and diplomatice convoys in Iraq (The Jawa Report)

Go to the Jawa Report for updates … UPDATE: Now reports of two Americans freed.

Spc. Ahmed K. Altaie is still hostage in Iraq. Other American hostages in Iraq still missing.
Dean Sadek
Aban Elias
Jeffrey Ake

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Charles Carl Roberts IV Said He Molested in the Past and Dreamed of it Again

The killings perpetrated by Charles Carl Roberts IV in Nickle Mines, PA was a tragic as it was senseless. To date five innocent, little school girls have died for what can only be described as the actions of a deranged lunatic. Charles Carl Roberts, the man that every one thought was a mild mannered and kind dad, turns out to be a man haunted by his past actions and his mind.


 NICKEL MINES, Pa. – A man who laid siege to a one-room Amish schoolhouse told his wife he had molested young children decades ago and left a note saying he had “dreams of molesting again,” state police Commissioner Jeffrey B. Miller said Tuesday.

Police said they could not confirm the claim by Charles Carl Roberts IV and that family members knew nothing of the alleged molestation.

The shootings were senseless as even the reasons provided in notes by Charles Carl Roberts make no sense. Why would he take human life by being burdened by a 20 year old issue where he claims to have molested prior? In essence he turned his dreams into reality; however, instead of molesting the school girls, he attempted to kill them all instead?

Roberts wrote his wife and children suicide notes, took three guns and ammunition and went to the West Nickel Mines Amish School ready for an extended siege. He also had sex lubricant with him, but there was no evidence that any of the Amish children had been sexually assaulted, Miller said. (MSNBC)

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Natascha Kampusch Held Captive for 8 Years Gives First Interviews to Media

The details of one of Austria’s most notorious crimes have kept the nation spellbound since Natascha escaped from her abductor, Wolfgang Priklopil. She discusses her story for the first time.

The story of Natascha Kampusch has sparked a media and human interest frenzy the like thatNatascha Kampusch 1 has not been seen in Austria. Natascha Kampusch’s tale of being held captive by her abductor Wolfgang Priklopil for 8 years has enticed the curiosity of all. Natascha showed her face for the first time since her escape from her 8 year long captive hell. Natascha dreamed of escaping and fleeing her captivity although she had not planned to the day that she finally did.

The eighteen-year-old said her escape hadn’t been planned that day and that it was a flight of opportunity. She thought about fleeing many times but knew that if her attempt failed she would never come out of the windowless dungeon she was kept in for eight years.

Also, Natascha Kampusch admits that there were several times she dreamed of killing her captor. Is it any wonder with the torment she went through that she did not carry out her thoughts.

“I also had nasty thoughts… Sometimes I dreamt of chopping his head off, if I had an axe,” the teenager told the magazine, but added that the man’s suicide was “a waste” as no one should resort to suicide.

(Sofia News Agency)

Natascha Kampusch would ask herself according to reports why of all people did this happen to her? During her eight year ordeal all she could do was dream of escaping.

Kidnap victim Natascha Kampusch has said all she could think of during her eight-year ordeal was how to escape and despaired when she learned that people believed she was dead.

“I asked myself again and again ‘why among all the million people did this happen to me?’,” Natascha told News magazine.

Priklopil had locked Natascha in the windowless cell in his house in Strasshoff, some 15 miles outside the capital, after abducting her on her way to school in 1998.

“I felt like a chicken in a hen battery,” she said.

“I promised myself that I would never lose the thought of escape.”

(UK Telegraph)

I tried to ask for help using my eyes, says kidnapped girl

The Austrian girl who was held captive in an underground cell for eight years has told how she tried in vain to signal for help with her eyes when she met people during occasional outings with her captor.

Last night, Feurstein said: “There were moments in the interview that really gave me the creeps. She told me she made eye contact with people time and again, and wanted to signal them, ‘Please help me’. And nobody reacted.”

(UK Telegraph)

Kampusch Interview “Gave Journalist the Creeps”

Christoph Feurstein, the ORF journalist who landed a career-deciding interview with Austrian abduction escapee Natascha Kampusch said to the BBC that talking to her gave him the creeps.

Kampusch claimed she had made eye-contact with people trying to ask them for help, but no one got her signals. This and other moments in the interview shocked the journalist, and the effect of Kampusch’s words was increased by the fact that she was not disguised or hidden in any way.

(Sofia News Agency)

Natascha Kampusch’s open letter, This must is a must read.

A transcript of the letter by Natascha Kampusch, the Austrian teenager who was held captive for eight years, as it was read to the media by her psychiatrist, Dr Max Friedrich

(The Austrialian News)


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American Soldiers save British hostage, Phil Sands, no one knew was missing

A British man, Phil Sands, a freelance journalist, was kidnapped in Iraq and held for five days by armed terrorists who threatened to behead him. Phil Sands was rescued last week by American special forces. An amazing part of the story was that no one knew Phil Sands was missing.

A British man kidnapped in Iraq and held for five days by armed men who threatened to behead him was rescued last week by American special forces and astonished to discover that no one had noticed he was missing.

Phil Sands, 28, a freelance journalist, was held by gunmen who ambushed his car in Baghdad. He said the worst aspect of his ordeal was imagining the anguish of his family. But his parents were holidaying in Morocco and knew nothing of his sufferings until he called them after he was released during a chance raid by US forces on a farm outside Baghdad.

With the situation at hand Phil Sands had pretty much given up all hope and expected his demise to be a mere formality. Luckily US Special Forces made that formality a non-reality for Phil Sands.
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