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Body of Coreen Wiese May Have been Found in Saco River (Update: Confirmed Body is Coreen)

It has been a little over 6 months since 15 year old, Bonny Eagle High School Coreen_Wiese22sophomore Coreen Wiese went missing on November 8, 2006. Just recently a 6 months vigil was held for missing Coreene Wiese.

 During the search for the missing teen suicide notes were found as well as possible sighting of Coreen Wiese. On late Friday night a body was found floating in the Saco River that is being speculated as being that of the missing Coreen Wiese. A group of teenagers found the body around 11:55pm on Friday night about 6 miles downstream from where Coreen Wiese was reported last seen. It looks like this case has come to an all to sad end.

The family of missing teenager Coreen Wiese is awaiting word on whether the body of a female found floating in the Saco River late Friday night is that of the 15-year-old girl.
State medical examiner Dr. Margaret Green-wald plans to perform an autopsy on the body this afternoon, according to her office.

“The hope is a positive identification will take place at this time,” said Stephen McCausland, spokesman for Maine’s Department of Public Safety.

A woman answering the phone at the Wiese home identified herself as a family member and said the girl’s parents would have nothing to say before the autopsy.
The woman added that everyone in the community probably can understand how the family must feel about “not knowing.”

The Maine Warden Service said that after the body was found, it canceled a search for Wiese that had been scheduled for May 20. (Portland Press Hearald)

Body Found In Saco River


Buxton Police say a body was found floating in the Saco River by several teenagers just before midnight Friday night. The body was found near Warren Road in Buxton, which is between Routes 112 and 35. (WCSH)

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UPDATE I: Today’s announcement, the body of a girl found in the Saco River early Saturday is Coreen Wiese.

“We now know that the body found in the Saco River is our beloved daughter Coreen,” Wesley and Cynthia Wiese said in an e-mailed statement after the body was identified by the state Medical Examiner’s Office today.

“We are deeply saddened with her loss, she is loved and missed by all. We wish to thank the community of Buxton, all of Coreen’s family and friends, the media, and law enforcement personnel that have been so helpful with the search for Coreen during the past 6 months. Because of all your help and God’s will we are able to bring Coreen home.” (Maine Today)

Body found in river identified as that of missing teen

The Maine Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed that the victim was Coreen Wiese of Buxton, a student at Bonny Eagle High School.

Preliminary identification was made by comparing orthodontic work, while confirmation came through DNA tests at the Maine State Police Crime Laboratory.

The autopsy Sunday revealed no significant injuries prior to death and the medical examiner concluded that the findings were all consistent with drowning. A ruling on the manner of death was deferred pending results of toxicology tests and further investigation. (Boston Globe)


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The Search Continues for Coreen Faye Wiese With Few Clues

15 year old Coreen Wiese has been missing over 3 months from Buxton, ME. There have been few leads for police to go on to find the missing teen.

Authorities are investigating several possible scenarios: that she killed herself, ran away, or was kidnapped by a stranger. They have no suspects, just a few tantalizing clues.

Two days after her disappearance, searchers found Coreen’s cellular phone and MP3 player on a steel I-beam underneath the Route 25 bridge over the Saco River beside a picnic and rest area that straddles the Standish -Limington town line about 10 miles from her home. Several cryptic messages were scratched into the bridge’s rusty girders: Coreen’s birthdate and the date she went missing, “7/22/91-11/8/06,” along with the words “Coreen Wiese RIP.” (Boston Globe)

Coreen Wiese Time Line

Coreen_Wiese Timeline

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Coreen Wiese: Was She Hitchhiking the Day She Disappeared?

Coreen Wiese has been missing since November 8, 2006 from Buxton, ME. The sophomore at Bonny Eagle High School never returned home from school that day. It was originally thought that Coreen Wiese may have committed suicide. Then possibly that she faked her death and was a possible runaway. It is now being reported that Coreen Wiese may have been seen hitchhiking the day she disappeared. According to Don Blake of Limington, ME, he states that he positively saw Coreen Wiese hitchhiking on November 8.

Don Blake of Limington said he is positive he saw Wiese on Wednesday, Nov. 8.

“I saw the girl the day she disappeared,” Blake said. “She was hitchhiking.”

Blake said he was traveling east on Route 25, toward Portland, when he saw a teenage girl hitchhiking sometime between 10 and 10:30 a.m. that day. He has told his account of the sighting to the FBI.

The girl’s hair looked “wet and straggly,” Blake said. He recalled thinking that the girl looked young to be hitching a ride. After seeing published photos, he said, he has no doubt the girl he spotted was Wiese.

He said she was hitchhiking toward Cornish. Blake said a blue van pulled off the road near Town Line Billiards, a short distance from the bridge. The driver rolled down a window, and she walked toward the van, Blake said. (KeepMECurrent)

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FBI Involved in Search for Missing Coreen Wiese, Did she Fake Her Death?

The FBI are now involved in the search for missing Bonney Eagle High School student Coreen Wiese. She has been missing since November 8, 2006. The FBI has set up a command post and a tipline in an effort to help find missing Coreen Wiese.

Morelli said 10 to 15 FBI agents are working on the case. At 2:15 p.m. Friday, there were 16 cars with Massachusetts license plates in the parking lot at the Buxton Police Department as well as one car from Rhode Island and two from New Hampshire. (Keep ME Current)
There had been initial reports that Coreen Wiese may have committed suicide for evidence found; however, that may not be the case. The FBI may have new evidence.

Police originally thought the 15-year-old killed herself because of suicide markings they found on rocks near a river.

Now the FBI has joined the investigation with new information that the girl might actually be staying with relatives in Massachusetts.

“We bring some resources and some things to the table that the local agencies in Maine we feel could use and they asked us for them,” said Mark Morelli of the FBI.

For now, the federal investigators will only say Wiese may have faked her suicide because of personal problems. (CBS 4)

Anyone with information regarding Coreen Wiese please call the FBI Tipline 1.800.225.5324.

Flyover of river comes up empty

FBI agents appealed Friday for the public’s help in finding a 15-year-old Buxton girl, and a break in the weather allowed the Maine Warden Service to fly search planes over the Saco River.

Andy Bertin, a janitor at Bonny Eagle, walked along the river near sunset Friday. For the past two days, he said, he has gone to that spot after work to continue the search for a girl he didn’t know well but recalled as being quiet and polite. Bertin said FBI agents had gone to Bonny Eagle on Friday to conduct interviews, and rumors were flying around the school regarding Wiese’s disappearance.
“Nobody knows what’s going on,” he said. “It doesn’t make any sense.”
Wiese’s parents, Wesley and Cindy of Buxton, declined to speak about the search for their daughter Friday. (Portland Press Herald)

FBI, Buxton police establish command post

FBI spokeswoman Gail Marcinkiewicz said FBI agents met Thursday night with officers from several Maine agencies investigating the case. Marcinkiewicz said the FBI is doing all “logical things,” adding that the Buxton police are still the lead agency in the investigation.

Mark Morelli, assistant special agent in charge of the FBI’s Boston division, was in Buxton today (Nov. 17) and said the agency has established a special toll-free number for residents to call with any information regarding Wiese’s disappearance. The number is 800-225-5324 (800-CALL FBI). (Keep ME Current)

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Police confirm Coreen Wiese of Buxton, ME Suicide Notes from Teen

Officials in Buxton, ME have confirmed reports of new evidence in the search for missing Coreen Wiese1teen Coreen Wiese. It had been rumored that police had found suicide notes written by Coreen Wiese.

Mark Latti, of the Maine Wardens Service, on Tuesday told News 8 that searchers have found a pair of suicide notes written by Wiese — one at her home and another scratched on a beam of a bridge over the Saco River. He said the notes indicated that Wiese, 15, intended to jump into the river.

Latti said searchers also found a cell phone and an MP3 player. (WMTW)

Authorities stated they will continue to search with an airplane once weather permits. The weather has been terribly rainy in Maine the last couple of days.

Suicide note found on bridge

Searchers looking for a Buxton girl who has been missing for almost a week say an apparent suicide note scratched on a beam supporting a bridge is the strongest evidence they have found to guide their ongoing effort to find 15-year-old Coreen Wiese. (Kennebec Journal)

It would appear that Coreen may have left several clues that she was planing on committing suicide. One would hope that this is not the case. Coreen Wiese is far too young to be contemplating death.

He said the evidence suggesting a possible suicide was consistent with other items police found at the girl’s school and home.

“She left messages that it was her intention to jump into the river,” Tibbetts said. “That’s the only lead we’ve got.”

Coreen’s dad fails to beleive that his daughter would kill herself.

Buxton police officer Mike Grovo said there is no evidence to suggest Wiese was the victim of a crime, but the girl’s father said he found it difficult to think of any other explanation.

“They say it’s not suspicious,” Wiese said. “I have doubts.”

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Coreen Wiese, Missing Buxton, ME Teenager

15 year old high school sophomore, Coreen Wiese, has been missing since Wednesday. Coreen WieseCoreen Wiese attended school at Bonny Eagle High School on Wednesday, but never returned home that night. Coreen is 5 foot 3 inches tall, weighs 115 pounds, and has long brown hair and brown eyes. She also has epilepsy and is believed to be without her medication.

Police and others launched a massive search of a wooded area around the high school Thursday involving dogs, boats and aircraft. Searchers changed their focus Friday after discovering evidence near a rest area where Route 25 crosses the Saco River in Limington and said a witness reported seeing a girl resembling the missing teenager at the rest area at about 11:30 Wednesday morning.
“We have recovered some items,” Buxton police Officer Michael Grovo said Saturday. He said the evidence was being held by the Maine Warden Service and he did not release any details.
The evidence was found near an area known as the “Limington Rapids,” Grovo said. “The kids hang out there sometimes.” (Press Herald)
As of Saturday Coreen Wiese’s on-line MySpace account was still up; however, had no new messages on it since she disappeared.


If anyone has any information as to her whereabouts please call Police at 207– 929-6612.
Searchers Scale back search and adjust to new evidence
The Maine Warden Service scaled down the search for a missing Bonny Eagle High School sophomore Friday after searchers found evidence that led them to believe the girl is not lost in the woods.
Police are still looking for 15-year-old Coreen Wiese of Buxton, who has been missing since Wednesday. But the evidence discovered at a rest area where Route 25 crosses the Saco River in Limington made the Warden Service conclude that Wiese is not in a wooded area, said Warden Chris Cloutier.
Cloutier would not say what the searchers found, but he said a witness reported that Wiese had been at the rest area at 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday.
“We confirmed she was there, definitely,” he said. (Portland Press Herald)

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