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Remains found in Holden ID’d as Norwood Mass Woman, Tyra Wilkerson, Missing Since 2006

32 year old Tyra Wilkerson was reported missing in 2006. The human remains that were found earlier this month in Holden, MA have been positively identified as the Norwood woman, Tyra Wilkerson.  According to the Holden Police Department, the skull was discovered by a jogger on April 3. Her remains were identified by using dental records.

Human remains found in Holden earlier this month belonged to a Norwood woman who has been missing since 2006, according to Worcester District Attorney Joseph D. Early Jr.’s office.

The woman has been identified as Tyra Wilkerson of Norwood, Early said in a statement. She was approximately 32 years old when she was reported missing in 2006.

No other information on Wilkerson was immediately available. Norwood police referred questions to Early’s office.

Police have yet to determine how Tyra Wilkerson died; however, stated that they would now begin the next phase in their investigation … “We will now move forward in attempting to determine the circumstances surrounding her death.”

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Search for Two Missing Campers, Floyd Frey and Randal Lis, in Middlesex, NY on Canandaigua Lake

 19 year old Floyd Frey and 20 year old Randal Lis are missing from an over night camping trip at a trailer park in Middlesex, NY on Canandaigua Lake’s southeast shore 35 miles south of Rochester. Randal Lis is still missing.

Police are searching 1 of the Finger Lakes for two young men reported missing after they failed to return from a camping trip.

The Yates County Sheriff’s Office says 19-year-old Floyd Frey of Canandaigua and 20-year-old Randal Lis of Victor went camping Wednesday but weren’t back home the following day as expected.

Authorities say they were on an overnight outing at a trailer park in Middlesex, on Canandaigua Lake’s southeast shore 35 miles south of Rochester.

Deputies say the car with their camping equipment inside was found near a boat launch at the camping site. Officials say their canoe is apparently missing.

State police and deputies from Yates and neighboring Ontario County were searching the area Friday.

Search continues for Randall “RJ” Lis, missing Canandaigua Lake boater

Sad new to report in the search for the two missing boater. The body of 19 year old Floyd Fey was recovered.

On Saturday, the body of Floyd “Zach” Frey, 19, of Canandaigua, was found in 18 feet of water about 200 feet off shore, according to Yates County Sheriff’s officials.

The body of one of two men reported missing Friday on Canandaigua Lake has been recovered.  It is presumed that missing Randal Lis has drowned.

Spike said the two men are believed to have gone canoeing shortly after arriving at the trailer park in Lis’ vehicle.

“Indications are they capsized and both drowned as the water temperature is approximately 41 degrees,” Spike said.

Articles of clothing and the canoe were recovered Friday 0.25 miles north of Vine Valley, according to Spike.

The search, involving 20 divers from four agencies, was first launched early Friday morning after an unidentified relative reported the men were missing.

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Body of 24 Year Old Missing Katherine Huether Has been Found in the Columbia River Gorge in Portland, OR

24 year old Katherine Huether has been missing since March 4, 2010 when she went hiking in Washington’s Skamania County near the Bonneville Dam. Sadly, her body was found Saturday, March 13 by hikers in the Columbia River Gorge wedged behind rocks at the base of an 800 foot cliff.

He says deputies confirmed the body was that of Huether but because of darkness and hazardous conditions authorities postponed recovering it until Sunday morning.

Cox didn’t disclose any information how she died in a news release, but he told the Portland Oregonian that Huether appears to have fallen from a cliff that is part of a steep rock face marking the site of the historic Bonneville Slide.

The only information that authorities had to go on was her car found at a trailhead and a credit card receipt with her name found about four miles north of Bonneville Dam.

 Body of missing hiker Katherine Huether found in Columbia River Gorge

A Stevenson father and son who set out today on a four-wheeler and by foot discovered the body of Katherine Huether, 24, among rocks at the base of an 800-foot high-cliff. Skamania County Sheriff’s deputies responding to the scene confirmed the body was Huether’s.

James Martin, 43, told The Oregonian tonight that he and his son went to search the area below the southeast-facing slope of Table Mountain because he thought it hadn’t been thoroughly searched by ground rescuers.

“I thought, if she’s going to be anywhere, she’s going to be below that cliff face,” Martin said.

Martin said he first spotted Huether’s blue North Face jacket, then his son noticed her body nearby about 15 feet down a slope in rocky, steep terrain.

“Her clothing blended right in. I was standing 15 feet from her and didn’t recognize her,” Martin said. “From the air, there was no way they could have seen her.”

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54 Year Old Douglas Schantz, a Houston Energy Exec Missing Since March 5, 2010 in New Orleans, LA (Update: Found Deceased)

 54 year old Douglas Schantz has been missing since March 5, 2010 from New Orleans, Louisiana. Douglas Schantz is president of Houston, TX based Sequent Energy Management, one of the largest wholesale gas marketers in the country. Schantz was last seen by colleagues between 1 and 2 am on Friday in a Bourbon Street bar. He was wearing a blazer and tie. Douglas Schantz was reported missing when he failed to meet his daughter for a flight home.


54 Year Douglas Schantz Missing in New Orleans, LA

Colleagues last saw Schantz wearing a blazer and tie between 1 and 2 a.m. Friday in a Bourbon Street bar, Assistant Police Superintendent Marlon Defillo said on Saturday.

Schantz’s wife reported him missing after he failed to meet his daughter for a flight home later that morning. Schantz’s hotel key card had not been used since Thursday, and his bank and phone accounts were untouched, Defillo said.

Schantz Description:

  •  white male
  • about 5 feet 11 inches tall
  • 200 pounds
  • medium build
  • blue eyes
  • short, straight, dirty-blonde hair.

Video surveillance shows missing Texas exec leaving Bourbon Street, New Orleans bar.

Surveillance cameras show a missing Texas energy executive leaving a New Orleans night club early Friday, but no other clues have been made public in his disappearances.

New Orleans Police Assistant Superintendent Marlon Defillo said video from a nearby camera on Bourbon Street shows 54-year-old Douglas Schantz leaving the Razzoo Bar and Patio about 2 a.m. Friday.

Authorities suspect foul play in the disappearance of the 54 year old Houston Energy executive. Crime Stoppers is offering a $5,000 reward for information in this case. $5000 reward for an executive that was compensated millions. Really?

Anyone with information regarding Douglass Schantz should call 911, the Orleans Police Department at 504.821.2222, or Detective Gwen Guggenheim at 504.658.5300.

UPDATE I: No new information in search for Houston exec

UPDATE II:  Body Found in Mississippi River Identified as Missing Businessman Douglas Schantz

The body found in the Mississippi River has been positively ID’d  as Douglass Schantz, the Houston, TX business man who went missing in New Orleans, LA.

New Orleans Police have positively identified the body found this morning in the Mississippi River as Douglas Schantz.


Tim Miller from Texas Equusearch, who was key in the search in Aruba for missing teen Natalee Holloway of Birmingham, AL, aided in the search on the Mississippi River for the missing Houston, TX businessman.

Schantz, a 54- year old oil executive from Houston has been missing since early Friday morning.

 Houston Executive Douglas Schantz’s Body Found in Mississippi River

Schantz may not have met with foul play at all, but may have fallen into the water after a night of drinking on Bourbon Street.

Michael Schantz said that one video showed his father “stumbling” and “grasping for a wall” as he made his way to the dock.

“[In the video] he walks down near the water and there is a gate that he opens,” the son said. “I’m sure he just wanted to go reflect or look at the boat.”

“There is only one way for him to come back and the tape never shows him coming back,” he said.

The New Orleans Times-Picayune reports that a video camera spotted Schantz walking up the narrow gangplank of the Natchez, and then suddenly disappear.

For more updates, information and to provide your own opinion, go to Scared Missing Persons Forum: Douglas Schantz. 

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21 Year Old Danielle T. Brown Missing Since February 5, 2010 in Tallahassee, FL

21 year old Danielle T. Brown has been missing since Friday, February 5, 2010, in Tallahassee, FL when she was last seen at 8:30pm leaving her residence in the 7200 block of Springhill Road. Danielle Brown was driving a 1994 Silver Buick with Florida Tag 694YBX and wearing South Pole brand jeans and a yellow shirt.

Danielle T. Brown description:

  • DOB: 08/03/1988
  • Race: White
  • Sex: Female
  • Height: 5’2″
  • Weight: 130lbs
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Red/Auburn

On February 8, 2010 the vehicle of missing Danielle T. Brown was located at approximately 10:00 am by the Pavo, Georgia Police Department. They responded to the report of an abandoned vehicle found at the Pavo City Refuse Site.

On February 8th, three days after Brown’s disappearance, her car was found at the Pavo, Georgia dump with the license plate removed.

Thirty-five year-old Elijah James, who authorities called her on again, off again boyfriend, is charged with stealing and burning Brown’s car.

Authorities and community members have searched Miccosukee, Florida; and more than 100 officers sifted through garbage in landfills in Thomas County.

“Hopefully they’ll find her because I know she’s got a family.” Said, Chastaine.

Pieces of Brown’s driver’s license and her cell phone were found in Beachton, Georgia on February 15th.

But, deputies still need more pieces of the entire puzzle to resolve her disappearance.

The fact thatBrown’s ex-boyfriend Elijah James has been arrested on arson and car theft charges is hardly a positive sign to this missing persons case. One, driving a vehicle of a missing person where the individual did not have permission to drive.Two, abandoning the vehicle in a dump so to hide the vehicle and three, burning the vehicle in an attempt to hide evidence. All terrible signs in finding Danielle T. Brown alive.

Brown’s ex-boyfriend, Elijah James, was arrested Tuesday on a first-degree arson charge after Brown’s car was found in the dump. The car had been damaged by fire. James, who is being held in the Leon County Jail, faced an additional charge of grand theft of a motor vehicle Thursday after witnesses said they saw him driving around Pavo alone in the car Saturday. Brown’s father is the owner of the car. He said James didn’t have permission to drive it.

Thursday, there were singed stumps and other pieces of wood in the dump. The woods surrounding the acreage were also searched. Twelve-to-15-foot bamboo-looking stalks filled the muddy city dump which is next door to a park on West McDonald Street in Thomas County. On the other side of the dump is a small pond where officers searched its murky depths with underwater gear.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the sheriff’s office at 850-922-3300.

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BIZARRE: Pentagon Gunman John Patrick Bedell Had Been Reported Missing January 4, 2010

John Patrick Bedell, the crazed gunman who was shot and killed while attempting to fire upon officers the other day at the Pentagon in Washington, DC had previously been declared missing on January 4, 2010.

John Patrick Bedell had been reported missing by his parents who were concerned of their son’s mental state.Knowing what we know now, I guess the parents were correct in having concern over the mental sanity of their son.

The parents of John Patrick Bedell, who pulled a gun on the guards, reported him missing Jan. 4 in Hollister, Calif., the Los Angeles times reported.

They filed the report after receiving a call from a Texas state trooper who had stopped Bedell for speeding west of Amarillo.

The trooper apparently tried to determine if there was sufficient cause for a mental-health hold on him, the Times said.

“There’s an inference in [the report] that he was concerned about his mental health,” San Benito County Sheriff Curtis Hill said.

Family Filed a Missing Person Report for Pentagon Shooter

According to the report, Oscar Bedell had not seen his son since December 30th after John Patrick Bedel got in a fight with his brother. Oscar Bedell said that he was concerned for his son’s safety.

In the report is states that the last contact they had with Bedell when he went missing was on January 3rd. John’s mother, Karen Bedell received a phone call from a Texas Highway Patrol Officer saying that he had pulled her son over for speeding. The officer said that Bedell’s vehicle was in a state of disarray. According to the report the officer asked Bedell’s mother if she believed that Bedell was a danger to himself or others. The reports says that Karen Bedell said that her son was okay.

The report states that Bedel had a medical Marijuana card and had been detained for a mental evaluation.

John Patrick Bedell returned home the week of January 18th. According to his father upon returning home, Bedell told them not to ask any questions about where he was or what he was doing. In retrospect I guess it is too bad the parents did not ask Bedell what he was up to and what he was thinking.

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TV Show ‘Growing Pains’ Actor Andrew Koenig Missing in Vancouver, Canada Since 2/14/2010 (Update: Found Deceased)

Andrew Koenig, who played Boner on the 1980′s TV sitcom ‘Growing Pains’ has been reported missing according to Vancouver police. Koenig has not been seen for a week and missed his flight back to the US on February 16. He was last seen on Sunday Feb 14, 2010 in Vancouver, Canada.

Andrew Koenig is the son of Star Trek actor Walter Koenig, where the following post of his son’s disappearance can be found.

He was reportedly last seen a week ago. Koenig was supposed to be on a flight back to the United States on February 16, but didn’t make it.

The family is asking that anyone with information contact that Detective Raymond Payette of the Vancouver Police Department at 604-717-2534.

It would appear that fameos friends of the missing Andrew Koenig have put out their own pseudo Twitter Amber Alerts forKoenig.

According to Star Celebrity,  he was last seen on February 14, 2010 in Vancouver:

He was last seen on Sunday Feb 14, in Vancouver, Canada. His sister Danielle Koenig said that “ He went to Vancouver on Feb 14th to visit friends who last saw him.”

Jenny Magenta, a Burlesque dancer said that Koeing is stayed with her in Vancouver, she also said that there’s some evidence he was in the Stanley Park area of Vancouver.

Let’s just hope he went off on his own and just did not bother to inform any one of his whereabouts.

UPDATE I: Body of Andrew Koenig Found in Vancouver Park

A tearful Walter Koenig appeared at a press conference Thursday evening to confirm that a body found earlier in the day in Vancouver’s Stanley Park was that of his son, missing “Growing Pains” actor Andrew Koenig.

“My son took his own life,” Walter Koenig said, wife Judy at his side.

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21 Year Old Kidnapped & Missing Courtney Beard Found Injuried But Alive

Courtney Beard, a mother of two who was kidnapped while going to work at the Green Oak Township Olive Garden by her ex-boyfriend 23 year old Brandon Jay Smith of South Lyon from the parking lot at about 5:20 p.m. Friday after a “physical altercation” occurred as the woman was heading to work.

Kidnapped Courtney Beard found injured by alive

It was first believed Smith had a gun, but witnesses said he had a knife, police said.

Antrim County sheriff’s deputies found Beard at about 5:49 a.m. Saturday at a remote hunting cabin north of Mancelona that Green Oak Township Police Chief Robert Brookins said belongs to a Smith family member.

There is good news in the end from this story as Courtney Beard was found injured but alive in Antrim County early Saturday morning. Courtney Beard suffered from wounds and hypothermia.

Beard had been injured and was suffering from hypothermia from reportedly walking for several hours in the snow to reach the cabin. She was flown by helicopter to Otsego Memorial Hospital in Gaylord for emergency medical treatment.

The nature of her other injuries was not immediately known. The reason for the altercation also was not immediately known, but police said Smith was on electronic tether from a domestic violence case involving Beard. His criminal record also includes a misdemeanor conviction for assault and battery.

Brandon Jay Smith was also at the cabin with Courtney Beard and was taken into custody and arrested.  It is reported by police that Brandon Jay Smith is on probation in connection with a recent assault against Courtney Beard.  Beard’s family says he was ordered to stay away from Courtney Beard, but apparently removed his tether before the alleged kidnapping. The judicial system needs to throw this individual in jail before this stalking winds up in murder.

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23 Year Old Reyna Lopez with Downs Missing in Oceanside, CA Since 12/25/09

23 year old Reyna Lopez has been missing in Oceanside, CA since about 1 AM Christmas Eve. Lopez has Downs syndrome and was last seen near the intersection of College Boulevard and state Route 76.


  • 5 feet tall
  • 140 pounds
  • black hair
  • brown eyes
  • She was wearing blue jeans and a red sweatshirt when her family last saw her

An Oceanside woman with Down syndrome was reported missing Friday, Oceanside police said.

Reyna Lopez, 23, was last seen at 1 a.m. Christmas Eve at her home, near the intersection of College Boulevard and state Route 76, police said. The family reported the woman missing late Friday afternoon, police said.

If anyone has any information regarding the whereabouts of Reyna Lopez, please call the Oceanside Police Department Field Operations at (760) 435-4980.

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23 Year Old Myles Robinson Missing in Swiss Alps Since 12/22/09

 23 year old Myles Robinson has been missing since Tuesday, December 22, 2009. Robinson was last seen at 2 AM Tuesday when he escorted a family friend to her hotel. He was supposed to walk back just 200 yards back to his hotel but never arrived. Hmm. When Myles Robinson disappeared he was wearing blue jeans, a white shirt, a dark sweater and a dark jacket.

Myles Robinson, 23, was last seen outside the Blue Monkey bar in Wengen just after 2 a.m. on Tuesday when he escorted a friend to her hotel.

Last night his family, who were with him on holiday, spoke of their frantic search.

His sister Cara, 25, said, “We’ve heard absolutely nothing since then. It’s a total mystery.”

She said her family could think of no reason why he would suddenly disappear.

Despite a large scale search involving the army, police sniffer dogs and helicopters armed with heat-seeking equipment, there has been no trace of Myles Robinson has been found.

A comment from Myles parents regarding their sons disappearance. Generally folks, people do not plan to go missing. Could this be another alcohol related missing persons case like that of the disappearance of Devon Hollahan?

What should have been a happy Christmas break has turned into a nightmare for the Robinson family. His parents, Michael and Sarah, said their son had “everything to live for” and no reason to go missing.

His girlfriend was planning to fly out to Switzerland this Sunday to see in the New Year with him, and he is due to start a new job with a London financial services company on January 4.

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