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Stephen Poaches Sentenced to Life in Prison For Murder of LaToyia Figueroa and unborn baby

Stephen Poaches was found guilty of two counts of first degree murder in the deaths of LaToyia FigueroaLaToyia Figueroa and her unborn baby. Poaches was sentenced to life in prison without parole as he waived his rights to an appeal in exchange for the prosecutors taking the death penalty off the table.

Figueroa was five-months pregnant when she disappeared in 2005. Her case drew national attention after a blogger asked national news organizations why the disappearances of a white woman had drawn a lot of attention while that of Figueroa – who was black and Hispanic – had not. (ABC 6)

What a sad state of affairs when an individual takes the life of two people because LaToyia Figueroa refused to have an abortion.

In his closing argument yesterday, Vega said Poaches had strangled Figueroa, a West Philadelphia mother of a 7-year-old girl, on July 18, 2005, because she refused to have an abortion.

“He asked her, and she said she would not have an abortion,” Vega said. “What do you do? You plan to get rid of her.” (Philadelphia Enquirer)

Of course the defense argued unsuccessfully that Poaches temper got the best of him and he killed Figueroa in the heat of an argument. Because that some how makes killing someone who is defenseless better. Just another defense trick to try and get the premeditation aspect of the crime taken away; however, thankfully Judge M. Teresa Sarmina saw through the nonsense.

Defense attorney Michael Coard argued that Poaches had strangled Figueroa in the heat of an argument, without premeditation.

“How many times has it been seen that a defendant with access to a firearm would strangle someone?” he asked.

Coard also noted Poaches’ statement to police that “I accidentally let my temper get the best of me.”



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Remains of LaToyia Figueroa Found. UPDATE Boyfriend Arrested

The Washington Post is reporting that the remains of a woman found outside of Philadelphia are likely to be those of 24-year-old LaToyia Figueroa, and that a person is in custody. We extend our prayers to her family.

There is a 10 AM press conference scheduled.

Update: Fox News; Cops: Woman’s Remains Found, Father Arrested

The father of the unborn child of a Philadelphia woman whose remains were found Saturday has been arrested and charged with murder, police say.

CNN; Pregnant woman’s remains found near Philadelphia

The suspect, Stephen Poaches, is a former boyfriend of 24-year-old LaToyia Figueroa, who has been missing for a month. When Poaches, 25, was arrested in nearby Chester, police said he was wearing a bulletproof vest and carrying a pistol.

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Update: LaToyia Figueroa, 24 Case to be covered on Greta at 10pm EST

Father to appear and latest news on case.

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LaToyia Figueroa, 24, is five months pregnant and has a 7-year-old daughter.


LaToyia Figueroa, has been missing since July 18th, another blogger over at The all Spin Zone has been instrumental in setting up the reward fund which is up to $10,000. The scaredmonkeys are discussing this case in the forums, the monkeys are leaning to the boyfriend being involved.

Fox News Latest Story

The Citizens Crime Commission of Delaware Valley offered a $10,000 reward for information about her whereabouts. Police have declined to speculate about what happened to her.

Relatives are getting infront of the media, and we know that is key to keeping a case in the media.

An uncle who is a police officer, Jose Figueroa, said Wednesday, “It’s hard to see a young lady her age go missing. It’s hard to imagine a young lady of 24 just disappear out of thin air.”

She is 5-foot-2 and 130 pounds, and African-American.

Anyone with information about her disappearance can call 215-686-3183


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