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Elderly Couple Missing Aboard Cruise Ship Carnival Paradise … Presumed to have Gone Overboard

An elderly couple has gone missing aboard the Carnival Paradise that set sail from Long Beach, CA. A 90 year old man and his 79 year old wife were last seen Tuesday, January 13, 2009 aboard the Carnival Paradise. They are presumed to have gone overboard. The couple’s names and hometowns have not been released. Their cabin door was double locked from the inside with a “do not disturb” sign hanging on the door handle. It is also being reported that the door to the balcony from their room was unlocked.

A statement released overnight by Carnival says the 90-year-old man and his 79-year-old wife were aboard the Carnival Paradise when it set sail from Long Beach, Calif., on Monday but could not be found when the ship returned Friday.

“Their cabin door was double locked from the inside with a do not disturb sign on the handle and the door leading from the cabin to the balcony was unlocked,” the statement says. “The couple’s personal belongings remained inside the cabin.”

Carnival says all proper authorities have been notified, including the U.S. Coast Guard and FBI, and the cruise line is providing full assistance.

The Coast Guard has suspended the search for the elderly couple who are believed to have fallen overboard.

The Coast Guard suspended its search Saturday for an elderly couple believed to have fallen off a cruise ship between Long Beach and northern Mexico.

The aerial search for the 90-year-old man and his 79-year-old wife was halted after officials determined that their chances of surviving in the water were slim, said Chief Warrant Officer Scott Epperson.

“Factoring in their age and weights, their survivability in 59 degrees water was about 4 to 6 hours,” he said. “The last time they were seen was 84 hours ago.”

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77 Year Old John J. MacDonald Missing in Bristol, CT Since Morning of July 3, 2008

77 year old John J. MacDonald has been missing since the morning of July 3, 2008 in Bristol, CT. He left his home at 10 am and has not been seen or heard from since. MacDonald lives with his daughter and she says it is very unusual that he did not return home. According to Police, MacDonald is described as being in good physical condition with no known medical problems

Description and circumstances of missing John J. MacDonaldJohn MacDonald

  • He is a 77 year old white man
  • 155 pounds, 5-foot-10
  • hazel eyes
  • gray hair
  • He was wearing navy blue pants and a plaid shirt
  • MacDonald was driving a gray 2003 Chevrolet Malibu with Connecticut plates AB7712.

John J. MacDonald left his home around 10 a.m. Wednesday and hasn’t returned, police said. He has no health problems, and no history of staying away from his home, according to what his daughter told police.

After the family reported MacDonald missing, police supervisors notified patrol officers to keep watch for him. They’re asking that anyone who sees him call 860-584-3011.


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Tim Miller & Texas EquuSearch Attend the 21st Annual meeting of Parents of Murdered Children (Family of Kenny Ebarb)

Kenny Ebarb has been missing since July 17, 2005 in the vicinity of the 21000 block of Countryside Rd. near FM 1960 East. The next day, July 16, 2005, Ebarb’s truck was found, abandoned and burned, about 23 miles away, in Huffman, TX. For two years, Ebarb’s family has dealt with Kenny’s disappearance with a range of emotions from hope to despair, frustration to anger, grief to loneliness not knowing what happened or having recovered his body. The case was deemed a homicide without a body.

More than 400 people including the Ebarb family and Tim Miller of Texas EquuSearch attended The 21st annual meeting of Parents of Murdered Children. So many times we forget about the pain and anguish that family members go through after their loved one’s body is found. It can be even worse psychologically for those left behind when a body is never found. They are just left to wonder and anguish over what happened. Tim Miller of Texas EquuSearch said during the conference:

The couple were joined in the hotel lobby by Tim Miller, founder of Texas Equusearch. Miller said cases of missing young men are “often overlooked or ignored” by the media, which “tends to focus on cases of missing women, or children.”

Miller was the luncheon speaker at the convention. Still, he took time to sit with the Ebarbs, gently advising them to attend one of the many workshops held for parents, relatives and siblings of murder victims.

“Everybody in this room thinks they’ve gone through the worst possible thing – losing a child,” Miller said. “I can tell them they have not. The worst possible thing is what you two are going through – not knowing. Not having that closure that allows you to fully grieve.” (Houston Chronicle)

The families of murdered and missing loved ones are a breed apart and have special issues and problems that none of us could even begin to relate to. Please remember that even after their family members are found. That although their missing loved one has been returned home, their grieving process goes on for years.

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Scared Monkeys Missing Persons – Texas EquuSearch T-Shirt TES Fund Raiser … Help Support Finding Missing Persons

Scared Monkeys is proud to sponsor this special Texas EquuSearch T-shirt offer. 100% of all proceeds go to TES to help fund searches for missing children, teens and adults. Each shirt costs $25.00, and for your donation you will receive a personally autographed Tim Miller t-shirt, a picture and an update of one of the recent TES searches. Do not forget to add the name you want Tim to sign the t-shirt to.

TES is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit so each donation is tax deductible.

Make all payments, checks or money orders payable to: Texas EquuSearch.


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Recently, at the Texas EquuSearch fund raiser – “Hogs & Horses“, an autographed Tim Miller, TES t-shirt would have been auctioned off for well over $100.00. We can certainly order more than one and they would make a great gift. Let everyone know that you support TES and the fine work the TES volunteers do.


We are making this available to you through the above order form; please use this form when ordering. Either print it and send your request in the mail or contact TES directly, credit cards are accepted.

Do you want to know just how busy TES is these days? Since May 7, 2007 Texas EquuSearch has participated in 15 searches for the following individuals:

Franco Maldonado, Jose David Leon, Danielle Hooks, Hilario Cano, Harold Sissom, Randle Terry, Harvey Rawls, Cristina Ortega, Kelsey Smith, Jared Newkirk, Kenneth Cummings, Stepha Henry, Joshua Dorchak, Joseph Cronin and Alicia Minton.

TES always needs our help so that they can help others. Help be a part of the caring process that helps people find their missing loved ones. Help support TES.

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Police believe Body of Doris Phillips, Aunt of NBC’s Stone Phillips, has been Found

Police believe they have located the body of Doris Phillips who has been Doris Phillipsmissing since July 2006 when she was last seen on the 25th.

Officials said, Doris Phillips, 81, was last seen Monday morning along U.S. Route 287 near Old Church Road between Waxahachie and Ennis and was last heard from on Tuesday.

Doris Phillips is the aunt of NBC Dateline anchor Stone Phillips. The woman’s body is being transported to the State Medical Examiners office in Dallas, TX for positive identification. Doris Phillips was found in an abandoned farm house as they were led to the location by the man in custody.

Late Friday night, officials report they believe they found the body of a woman who has been missing since July.

The remains were found on FM 984, 1/2 mile north of Bardwell, police said.

Although they have not charged anyone with the crime, a man who was arrested earlier in the day led police to the body.

The 49-year-old man in custody on several robberies charges.

(CBS 11)


Arrest made in the connection with the disappearance of Doris Phillips

A 49-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the disappearance and death of Doris Phillips, the elderly aunt of Dateline NBC anchor Stone Phillips.

Ellis County sheriff’s officials would not identify the man, who was charged with the burglary of Mrs. Phillip’s home, but described him as a longtime friend of the victim.

The lieutenant would not say how she was slain, but said that the suspect has not confessed to the killing. The arrest brought some relief to Mrs. Phillips’ family Saturday.

(Dallas News)

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Missing Marine Lance Hering Missing after climbing fall in Eldorado Canyon State Park

Lance Hering was last seen Wednesday Morning when he and a friend were free-climbing Lance HeringEldorado Canyon State Park. Lance Herning fell while climbing and suffered a head injury.

Hering, on leave from duty in Iraq, was free-climbing with a friend on Tuesday when he fell and hit his head. The friend said he stayed with him until he regained consciousness and then left to get help early on Wednesday.

That was the last time anyone saw Hering. He was gone when rescuers arrived three hours later at the makeshift camp where the two had spent the night.

(The Denver Channel)

read the rest here…

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Gerda Probst, 70, Diagnoses with Alzheimers Missing from Alexandria, NY

Gerda Probst, 70, from Alexandria, NY and who has Alzheimers has been missing since Thursday. Police have searched for the past three days for Gerda Probst who has been known to wonder off due to her Alzheimers.Gerda Probst


  • She has light shoulder length hair
  • approximately 5’6″ tall
  • weighs 120 lbs.
  • She was last seen wearing a pink shirt and white shorts.

Authorities and volunteer searches have scoured the area to help find the missing woman.

“The community support and volunteer support has been excellent. We have over 75 volunteers here today assisting us with the search,” New York State Police Sergeant Robert Simpson said.

But, as the volunteers take to the grounds and begin helping, police are making sure they are taken care of and have everything they need to beat the heat.

(News 10 Now)

If you have any information at all, you’re asked to call state police at (315) 782-2112.

Missing woman in Town of Alexandria

The search continues for a missing North Country woman. It’s being centered in the Town of Alexandria and surrounding areas.

They’re looking for Gerda Probst, 70. Probst has been missing since Thursday night.

(News 10 Now)

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Orlando woman, Marcell Taylor, 63, Missing since Wednesday

An Orlando, Florida woman, 63 year old Marcell Taylor was last seen around midnight on Wednesday. Marcell Taylor suffers from Alzheimer’s and is without her medication.

Marcell Taylor, 63, was last seen around midnight on Wednesday when her sister-in-law was getting her ready for a doctor’s appointment.

Taylor has Alzheimer’s disease, according to the report.

“She’s out there and she hasn’t had her medication,” family member Debra Lenier Brown said. “She takes five medications a day. We just don’t know where she’s at.”

(WKMG via Yahoo News)

Anyone with information about Taylor’s whereabouts is asked to call Orlando police.

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A Special Mother’s Day Wish to those Mothers of Missing Children

Mothers Day is usually a joyous day to spend time around mom and thank her for the many things that she has done over the year and years that we have taken for granted. It is also a day to remember our moms if they have since passed. Remember the great times and the special moments.

For some mother’s out there, the mothers of missing children, today is a difficult one. To those mothers of so many missing children we wish you a special Mothers Day and God Bless.

Please read the following post and transcript from the Nancy Grace Show where she had the many mothers of missing children. These moms are a breed a part.

With we wish them a Happy Mother’s Day.

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Valeta Marino, elderly Alzheimer’s patient found Alive

Valeta Marino was found safe by Harris County Constable Jones of Pct 4 at 4:15am, Sunday, February 19, 2006 when he double checked an area before ending his shift. He found her just in time as her car had run out of gas.

For the rest of the story go to Texas EquuSearch
Also ABC13

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