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The Body of Tara Grant Found … Torso Found in Garage, Stephen Grant Suspect (UPDATE: Suspect Arrested, Confession)

The torso of missing 34 year old Tara Grant has been found in the garage of a Tara_GrantMacomb County’s Washington Township home that the couple shared. Tara Grants has been missing since February 9, 2007 and was not reported as missing until 5 days later by her husband.

Investigators found what is believed to be the torso of a 34-year-old suburban wife and mother of two who disappeared last month and are seeking her husband as the suspect in her slaying, the Macomb County sheriff said Saturday. (WFRV)

Her husband, Stephen Grant, is now being sought in the murder of Tara Grant.

Hackel said Stephen Grant was wanted for questioning and was last believed to be driving a white pick-up truck. He said his office was working with county prosecutors to seek murder charges.

“He is the number one and at this time the only suspect in the murder of Tara Lynn Grant,” Hackel told reporters at a news conference in Mount Clemens. (Fox News)

According to reports, Stephen Grant’s attorney has been in contact with his client and trying to make efforts for Stephen to turn himself in. From the outset of this case it had all the similarities of Scott Peterson and his missing wife Lacy Peterson. The peculiar disappearance, the suspicious husband, and the other woman.

Stephen Grant’s lawyer, David Griem, told The Associated Press on Saturday morning that he spoke twice with his client earlier in the day. He said he hoped to arrange for Grant to turn himself in to authorities.

“He was suicidal,” Griem said. “I spent some significant period of time begging him to meet with me and reminding him of all the reasons why he had to live: the foremost being a 4-year-old and a 6-year-old who love him very much.”

Griem said his client last was in the Detroit area, but he didn’t know exactly where.

UPDATE I: Stephen Grant on the run

Stephen Grant is on the run, Macomb County Sheriff Mark Hackel said this morning, after investigators found his wife’s torso hidden in the garage of the family’s Washington Township home.

But his lawyer David Griem fears Grant has killed himself: “I think he’s gone.”

“I spoke with him twice early this morning,” Griem said. “And after the second conversation I had no doubt he was going to commit suicide within minutes.”

Griem said Grant turned down repeated pleas to meet. Grant called from a pay phone at a home, Griem said.

“He was increasingly emotionally distraught,’ Griem said. “He had a hard time getting sentences out coherently. He was rambling. I was telling him all the reasons he needed to live – most especially, two main reason: a little 4-year-old and a little 6-year-old.” (Detroit Free Press)

UPDATE II: Police Arrest Husband Accused of Murdering and Stephen GrantDismembering Tara Grant

WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. —  Police arrested a man Sunday wanted in connection with the dismembering death of his wife as searchers continued the hunt for her remains.

Michigan State Police arrested Stephen Grant early Sunday in Emmet County, Mich., after a statewide manhunt. The county is near the tip of the state’s Lower Peninsula, about 225 miles from his home in Washington Township in suburban Detroit.

Grant was upgraded from serious to stable condition at Northern Michigan Hospital in Petoskey, Mich., after being airlifted following his capture to be treated for frostbite and hypothermia. He’s expected to make a full recovery with the exception of damage to his feet. (FOX News)


Stephen Grant Hospitalized With Frostbite, Hypothermia

Officials announced the capture of Stephen Grant on Sunday, following a massive manhunt.

Grant was found in Emmet County at 6:50 a.m. on Sunday.

Local and federal law enforcement agencies found Stephen Grant barefoot inside the Wilderness State Park in northern Michigan. Officials airlifted him to Northern Michigan Hospital due to health concerns.

Hackel: Grant will be convicted in wife’s grisly slaying

UPDATE III: Stephen Grant Reportedly Confesses

During a news conference, Macomb County Sheriff Mark Hackel stated, “He gave a very lengthy confession.” After weeks of claiming his innocence, Stephen Grant has confessed according to news reports. From the news conference we learn that it would seem that Stephen grant murdered Tara while the children were in the home.

Stephen Grant admitted murdering his wife, Tara Lynn Grant, after police found a Ziploc bag in the woods containing human blood, latex gloves, plastic bags and metal shavings. It was the final piece of evidence authorities needed for probable cause to search the Grants’ house, in which they found a human torso, Prosecutor Eric Smith said.

The metal shavings linked the bag’s contents to Stephen Grant, who worked at a tool-and-die shop, the prosecutor said.

“He’s presumed innocent at this time,” Smith said. An arraignment was expected on Tuesday.

Stephen Grant wanted to “clear his mind,” Hackel said. He “did indicate the method in which he caused her death,” after which he took the body to a creek to dispose of the remains. Hackel said he would not discuss the motive. (FOX News)

 Grant murder shocks, saddens

“To find out what he did is just unthinkable,” said Melissa (Elliott) Hanson of Rock, a long-time friend of Tara Grant. Hanson knew Grant since they were in elementary school. Their families were involved in 4-H together. Following their graduation in 1990, the two friends kept in touch until a few years ago.

“When she was first missing, we were hopeful … she would be found OK,” Hanson said Sunday. “We never thought she would leave her family.” (The Mining Journal)

Tara Grant likely strangled

Tara Lynn Grant likely was strangled to death before her body was dismembered and its pieces scattered, Macomb County Medical Examiner Daniel Spitz said Sunday.

Spitz said a preliminary examination of the body parts, presumed to belong to Grant, that sheriff’s deputies brought him over the weekend showed no visible injuries — except for bruising around her neck that could mean she was strangled.

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Macomb Sheriff holds news conference in missing Tara Grant case

Macomb County Sheriff Mark Hackel is holding a news conference at 11 a.m. today regarding the missing to discuss a missing Tara Grant.

Tara Grant went missing on Feb. 9. Since then, there’s been a firestorm of local and national media attention surrounding the mysterious disapperance of Grant, who’s a wife, mother of two and operations manager for a large engineering company.

Missing woman’s husband: ‘I am the No. 1 suspect’

Grant said he couldn’t verify risque e-mail exchanges purportedly between himself and a former girlfriend in late January that were turned over to authorities this week. He said some portions were familiar but that he didn’t recognize some of the entries.

However, he dismissed their racy flirtatious tone as the playful joking of former lovers.

“It was the kind of banter we had,” he said, refusing to identify the woman. (Detroit Free Press)

Husband of Missing Michigan Mom: ‘I Have Nothing to Do With It’

UPDATE I: News Conference

“We’re not going to leave any stone unturned,” Hackel said today during a news conference, without getting into specifics of the search area. “We’re hopeful that she’s still alive.”

Reserve deputies will canvass wooded areas near places like Stony Creek and nearby trails on all-terrain vehicles and horseback. The public is also asked to keep an eye out for Grant and call the Sheriff’s Office at (586) 307-9358 with leads.

UPDATE I: Search for Macomb County woman ends with no clues

A four and a half hour search this morning for a missing Macomb County mother turned up no clues in her disappearance.

Macomb County Sheriff Mark Hackel called off the search for Tara Lynn Grant at about 12:30 p.m. today. About 150 members of the sheriff’s department, including deputies and reserves, and members of the Stony Creek Metropark Police had fanned out about 8 a.m. over the 5,000-acre park and adjacent wooded areas.

“We didn’t find anything,” Hackel said.

He said deputies would regroup over the weekend and “come Monday morning we might have another plan (Detroit Free Press)

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Tara Lynn Grant, 34, Missing Since February 9, 2007 (UPDATES)

UPDATE: All Current posts and updates can be read here.

34 year old, mother of two Tara Lynn Grant has not been seen or heard from since February 9, 2007. Her husband, Steven Grant, stated that she was on her way to San Juan Puerto Rico on a business trip. However, there are no records of any such trip.

Her family said she got into a black vehicle on Friday in front of her home — she was on her way to a business trip in San Juan, Mexico, but never made the trip.

Tara Lynn Grant

Tara Lynn Grant Description:

  • 5′ 6″ tall
  • 120 lbs
  • brown hair
  • brown eyes

Stephen Grant has been questioned by police and hired a criminal defense attorney. Is this a precaution or does he have something to hide?

Investigators tell that Grant, 34, an executive with the Washington Group construction company in Troy and mother of two children, hasn’t been seen nor heard from since Feb. 9. Her husband, Stephen Grant, says she was heading to San Juan, Puerto Rico — but investigators say there’s no record of her trip, no credit card activity since she left, and her cell phone has been turned off.

Adding to the mystery, the sheriff’s department says, is the fact that Grant and her husband argued prior to her disappearance from their home in Washington Township. And that her husband has hired prominent criminal defense attorney David Griem.

In a letter to investigators obtained by, Griem explains why he was hired and how his client will continue to cooperate:

If anyone has any information regarding this case please call the sheriff’s office at 586-307-9358 or 586-307-9412.

UPDATE I: Missing woman’s family gets a detective

As investigators continue searching for a missing 34-year-old Washington Township woman, an attorney for her husband said a private detective is also on the case.

Tara Lynn Grant argued with her husband over taking business trips and left her home late Feb. 9, said attorney David Griem, retained by Stephen Grant.

Tara Grant’s cell phone has been turned off, and she hasn’t used her credit cards since she left, Hackel said. She has not returned to work, he said.

Hackel said Tara Grant made her last cell phone call to her husband on Feb. 9 after she returned to Michigan from a business trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico. (Detroit Free Press)

UPDATE II: Missing woman’s husband refuses lie detector test

Why won’t Tara Lynn Grant’s husband take a lie detector test? Does he have something to hide or is it advice from an attorney that is only making the husband look suspicious? Normally an innocent person would want to clear themselves so that police can put their efforts toward other directions in solving a case. What’s up here?

Relations between a missing woman’s husband and police investigating her disappearance may be turning bitter, with allegations of police harassment and an attorney’s refusal to let the husband take a polygraph test. (Macomb Daily)

UPDATE III: Husband Suspected Tara Grant of Having an Affair

Stephen Grant suspected his wife, Tara Lynn, was cheating on him, and he planted a device on their home computer to track who she was corresponding with, according to a former girlfriend and e-mails obtained by police Tuesday.

A woman who identified herself as Stephen Grant’s ex-girlfriend, who did not want to be publicly identified, turned over a series of e-mails to police Tuesday. The e-mails the girlfriend received said Stephen Grant, 37, told her he thought his wife was cheating with a man he called “the old geezer.”

“So what are you going to do about the cheatin’ wife?” the former girlfriend asked.

“Don’t know yet,” was the reply, which went on to say that his wife talked to the subject of her interest in code. “And because of that, I don’t know what is actually going on,” the e-mail said.

The e-mail said he knew this relationship was physical because a friend helped him load special software on a computer. “The magic of intercepted e-mail and phone calls.”

In one e-mail, he raised his suspicion that his wife had had a nonphysical relationship with another man about two years ago. His e-mail said that relationship amounted to “just txt and e-mail and phone calls.” (Detroit News)

UPDATE IV: Men deny affairs with missing Washington Twp. woman

Police questioned two co-workers who were said to have had affairs with Tara Lynn Grant, but both men denied any involvement with the missing woman.

Hackel said investigators questioned the man referred to as “the old geezer” in the e-mails, and a second man who co-workers told police may have had an affair with Tara Lynn. Both men denied the allegations, Hackel said.

“There was no indication that there was anything but a professional relationship,” Hackel said. (Detroit News)

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