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Robert Krivolavy, Missing Iowa Man with Alzheimer’s Found in San Diego, CA

Robert Krivolavy, a 64 year old man with Alzheimer’s disappeared from his Des Moines, IA last Saturday. Amazingly, Robert Krivolavy was found safe in San Diego, CA.

Krivolavy’s wife, Bobbi, got a call from him Tuesday night. He told her that he was safe and that he had no idea where he was.

“I know how scary it is for me. I can only imagine how frightened that makes the person with Alzheimer’s,” she said.

His trip began outside the motel that he and his wife manage in Des Moines. He went to get a karaoke machine in their van and never came back.

“It’s like having your kid missing. It’s just the worst thing you can imagine. It’s the same thing for your spouse to be missing,” she said. (KCCI)

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Gerda Probst, 70, Diagnoses with Alzheimers Missing from Alexandria, NY

Gerda Probst, 70, from Alexandria, NY and who has Alzheimers has been missing since Thursday. Police have searched for the past three days for Gerda Probst who has been known to wonder off due to her Alzheimers.Gerda Probst


  • She has light shoulder length hair
  • approximately 5’6″ tall
  • weighs 120 lbs.
  • She was last seen wearing a pink shirt and white shorts.

Authorities and volunteer searches have scoured the area to help find the missing woman.

“The community support and volunteer support has been excellent. We have over 75 volunteers here today assisting us with the search,” New York State Police Sergeant Robert Simpson said.

But, as the volunteers take to the grounds and begin helping, police are making sure they are taken care of and have everything they need to beat the heat.

(News 10 Now)

If you have any information at all, you’re asked to call state police at (315) 782-2112.

Missing woman in Town of Alexandria

The search continues for a missing North Country woman. It’s being centered in the Town of Alexandria and surrounding areas.

They’re looking for Gerda Probst, 70. Probst has been missing since Thursday night.

(News 10 Now)

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Orlando woman, Marcell Taylor, 63, Missing since Wednesday

An Orlando, Florida woman, 63 year old Marcell Taylor was last seen around midnight on Wednesday. Marcell Taylor suffers from Alzheimer’s and is without her medication.

Marcell Taylor, 63, was last seen around midnight on Wednesday when her sister-in-law was getting her ready for a doctor’s appointment.

Taylor has Alzheimer’s disease, according to the report.

“She’s out there and she hasn’t had her medication,” family member Debra Lenier Brown said. “She takes five medications a day. We just don’t know where she’s at.”

(WKMG via Yahoo News)

Anyone with information about Taylor’s whereabouts is asked to call Orlando police.

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Valeta Marino, elderly Alzheimer’s patient found Alive

Valeta Marino was found safe by Harris County Constable Jones of Pct 4 at 4:15am, Sunday, February 19, 2006 when he double checked an area before ending his shift. He found her just in time as her car had run out of gas.

For the rest of the story go to Texas EquuSearch
Also ABC13

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Valeta “Val” Marino has been missing since Thursday, February 16, 2006


81 yr old Valeta “Val” Marino has been missing since approx 4pm on Thursday, Valeta MarinoFebruary 16, 2006. Val was last seen wearing a navy blue & light grey (horizontal striped) v-neck top, navy blue slacks, and navy blue sandals; she does not have a coat with her.

She suffers from Alzheimer’s and high blood pressure and needs medication. She left her home located in the 1500 block of Sweet Grass Trail in Houston, TX heading to her beauty salon called Envogue, 12615 I45N, Houston, TX; she never arrived.

There is no response to her cell phone. Mrs Marino is driving a 2-tone tan & brown 1985 Cadillac Seville, Texas License Plate #V69LPM (see picture of car on poster).Valeta Marino Cadillac

Valeta “Val” Marino

  • 81 yrs old: DOB 2/14/25
  • White/Female
  • 5’4: 110lbs
  • White hair: Blue eyes
  • Fair complexion
  • Missing: 4pm, Thursday, February 16, 2006

Harris Co Constable Pct 4

Deputy J. Perry: 281–376-3472 Pct 4 Case #06-0217B280

Texas Equusearch Case #06-524 , 281-309-9500 or Toll-free (877) 270-9500

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Missing Alzheimer’s patient, Mary Cole, Dies shortly after being Found

Mary Cole, a 66 year old Alzheimer’s patient who disappeared for four days was found in a storage room of the nursing home where she lived . Unfortunately Mary Cole later died at a hospital most likely from dehydration.

Mary Cole, 66, had disappeared Monday from Liberty Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, authorities said. She was found Friday under a table in a storage room at the center, said her daughter, Tammy Terry.

At that point, she was dehydrated but had a heart beat and pulse, Terry said. But she died soon after she arrived at Presbyterian Hospital. An autopsy will be performed.

There seems to be some issue as to why the storage room that Mary Cole was ultimately found in was not searched during the six searches that took place.

A police investigation will focus on why the storage room wasn’t locked and why Cole wasn’t found after six searches, said Charlotte-Mecklenburg police spokesman Keith Bridges.

Terry was perplexed as well.

“The people in that nursing home were wonderful to us. They sat up all night with us. They searched from 7 a.m. to nightfall with us. They cried with us,” Terry said. “But I don’t understand why she wasn’t found.

“They told us they’d searched every nook and cranny of that place.”
(Charlotte Observer)

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UPDATE: Charlie James Townsel (FOUND SAFE)

Update: Charlie James Townsel has been located!!!

Charlie Townsel was located at 6:20pm, Saturday, January 21, 2006 thanks to the extensive search efforts of Joe Huston, Steve Pitzer, and other Texas Equusearch members. Special thanks to all media for their help. Charlie is in route to an area hospital. Please pray for his recovery.

Kudos to the great team effort of individuals getting the word out, volunteers searching and the Texas EquuSearch Team for a tremendous job.

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Charlie James Townsel Missing, Need Your Help


Texas Equusearch Search Director Joe Huston needs volunteers for the search of 74 yr old, Charlie Townsel. The search will begin at 8am on Saturday, January 21, 2006CharlieTownsel. Joe will need ground pounders, 4 wheelers & possibly horses. Command Center: Tweety’s Motel: 11122 Almeda Rd, Houston, TX.

Please contact Texas Equusearch 281/309-9500 for any details.

Charlie James Townsel: Description

  • 74 yrs old:
  • DOB 6/12/31
  • HPD Case #10250306R
  • 6ft: 172lbs
  • Black Male
  • fairly full head of grey hair; grey mustache

Mr. Townsel wondered off from the Tweety’s Motel located at 11122 Almeda Rd in Houston, TX on Thursday, January 19, 2006 at 11am. He suffers from Alzheimers, dementia, emphysema & failing kidneys; has no meds with him. He has a very noticeable stagger when he walks; suffered a stroke months back. We can’t imagine that he made it far.


  • Wearing: Red, White and Blue vertical striped Tommy Hillfiger button down short sleeved shirt; long blue jeans; black braided belt; light brown moccosan house shoes; white socks; wedding band left hand; play boy ring: pinky on left hand. Does not have a coat with him.
  • Other features: stomach and back scar; watch: flexible bans silver in color; $23 in bill fold with Charlie on it: has TDL,ID card; insurance card; social sec card; Medicare card; fishing license.

Loves to curse (especially MF); has good and bad days: could be a bit angry; partial paralysis on right side due to stroke: cant straighten out fingers on rt hand; Wil answer to Pops or Poppa. Hey ” Hey, how you doing?” should answer and ask name: should tell you.

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Dellena Jones, 71, is Missing and has Alzheimer’s

Dellena Jones, 71, wandered from her home Monday between 1 am and 3am. Jones lives near 158th Street South and Pacific Highway and is reported to haveDellena Jones Alzheimer’s.

Dellena Jones, 71, was wearing a blue long-sleeved sweatshirt when she wandered from her home Monday between 1 a.m. and 3a.m.

Jones lives near 158th Street South and Pacific Highway.

Tukwila police and relatives have searched the neighborhood and found no trace of her.

Police asked anyone who has seen her to call Tukwila police at (206) 433-1808


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Herbert Moore, Sr, 86, Alzheimer Patient Missing

Herbert Moore, Sr., 86, has been missing since Monday from the Carolina Moore 1Assisted Living House. Moore is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. A reward of $10,000 has been offered for any information that could help find him.

A reward of up to $10,000 is being offered for any information that could help find a missing North Carolina man.

Herbert Moore, Sr., 86, has been missing since Monday from the Carolina Assisted Living House. Moore is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. Moore

The assisted living home checked on Moore Monday morning and found he was not in his room. An extensive search of the grounds and the surrounding area turned up no sign of him.


  • height: 5’8″ weight:
  • 140 pounds
  • was last scene wearing a t-shirt and plaid pajamas
  • He had been a resident of the facility for only a week.

If you see him, you’re asked to call 252-335-4321.

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