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Prosecutors Want to Collect DNA of Kenneth Osburn’s pets in Murder of Casey Crowder

Analysts at the State Crime Lab discovered animal hairs on the clothing of murdered 17 yearCasey Crowder 2 old Casey Crowder, a senior at Watson Chapel High School. The prosecutors now wish to collect DNA from the pets of Kenneth Osburn, the 46 year old truck driver who is charged with capital murder and kidnapping of Casey Crowder.

Analysts at the state Crime Lab recovered animal hair resembling that of a dog and cat on Crowder’s clothing, according to an affidavit for a warrant to collect DNA from Osburn’s dogs and cats.

Prosecutor Thomas Deen says an out-of-state lab will need to analyze the animals’ DNA because the Arkansas crime lab does not perform mitochondrial DNA testing on animal hairs. (KATV)

And in typical defense attorney fashion, Osburn’s attorney, Bing Colvin said, “investigators ‘mentally tortured’ Osburn to obtain a confession of Crowder’s murder.” Cry us a river … please. According to Court documents there was an affidavit that included an alleged confession.

Kenneth Osburn was arrested for the death of Casey Crowder September 28th. According to court papers Osburn “admitted that he caused the death of Casey Crowder.  He admitted that he took Casey to 43 Canal in his Chevrolet truck where her body was found.” 

Crowder’s body was discovered by National Guard troops on September 2 in a wooded area in Desha County. She ran out of gasoline six days earlier and disappeared while walking along Highway 65.

Osburn’s attorney, who declined an interview, says the alleged confession came after his client was questioned for 23 hours and repeatedly denied council.

Documents go on to say agents noticed “numerous scratches on both arms and one small cut on one of his arms”. (KATV)



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Hans Reiser,Linux Filesystem Creator, Held in Murder of Wife Nina Reiser as Reward stands at $25,000

Hans Reiser is being held without bond as even with no body, police have enough circumstantial evidence to keep him locked up. Amazing that murder crimes make strange bed fellows as one of Reiser’s attorneys is Daniel Horowitz. Howrowitz’s own wife was murdered last year.

Reiser, 42, is being held without bail in the Santa Rita jail in California pending a hearing on November 28, when he is supposed to enter a plea. His lawyers, who now include Daniel Horowitz, whose own wife was murdered last year in a highly publicized case, said they delayed entering a plea so they could review the evidence against him.

The cops don’t have a body, only circumstantial evidence, but enough to lock Reiser up. According to a police statement, “We interviewed a host of individuals. All avenues led back to Mr. Reiser being responsible for the death and disappearance of Ms. Nina Reiser.” (Open Source Magazine)

The reward for information leading to the location of the missing Nina Reiser has increased from $15,000 to $25,000.

For further information, go to

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