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Missing Caylee Anthony; Leonard Padilla Says Casey Anthony had an Accomplice?: “So there had to be somebody giving her a hand”

Leonard Padilla discusses new ideas and theories in the case of missing 3 year old Caylee Padilla_LAnthony.  Why would an FBI agent and a lead investigator from Florida fly all the way to California to talk with Leonard Padilla and three others on his team? Padilla states its because they wanted an official statement as to what Casey Anthony told him with regards to Mom Casey dropping Caylee off with the so-called babysitter.


Another interesting comment came from Texas EquuSearch spokesperson who said, “she is in constant contact with folks here at the Sheriff’s office and according to her there are big developments to come in this case as she puts it will surprise us all.”

However, it was on Nancy Grace Show that Leonard Padilla made the following eye opening comment and accusation. Full transcript from the September 17, 2008 Nancy Grace Show.

LEONARD PADILLA, BOUNTY HUNTER: Well, the situation is, she ran out of gas at the checking cashing store on the 26th. And there was a tremendous amount of communication on her phone on the evening of the 26th and also on the 27th, when she called her boyfriend to come pick her up, that the car had run out of gas. And it goes on into the 28th and then it stops. It just stops. No communication with hardly anybody. And the car naturally got towed off on the 30th.

So there had to be somebody giving her a hand at that time because if you`re dealing with a body in a garbage bag, it`s, like — you know, it`s an awful thing to say, but if you talk to a coroner or somebody that`s handled cadavers, they`ll tell you it`s like having 30 pounds of stew in a garbage bag. And if you have a bone breakthrough, it`ll just literally cover the trunk of the car with fluids. So you basically have to have somebody with you to help you keep somewhat your composure and also to get it over into the dumpster.




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