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So Why is Cindy Anthony Looking to Start a Foundation for Caylee Marie Anthony? (Registration of Fictitious Name)

Isn’t this interesting …

Caylee Anthony is still missing, Casey Anthony has been indicted by a grand jury on murder one and Cindy Anthony appears to be forming a foundation. So why is Cindy Anthony forming a Foundation for Caylee Anthony and for what purpose will it serve? One question would be whether this Foundation is a Private or Charitable Foundation. Or is it a Foundation in registration name only?

The question that needs to be asked and answered is why now is a Foundation being created in the name of Caylee Marie Anthony?

OnLine Fictitious Name Registration for Florida

865.09 Fictitious name registration.

Fictitious Names – Frequently Asked Questions


larger version of application

To discuss the case, provide your opinions and get further updates go to Scared Missing Persons Forum: Caylee Anthony.

However, is this application for the Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation really a foundation in the 501(c)3 sense that people have known to understand?

Florida, like many states, has long required by statute that any person operating a business under a fictitious name file a certificate in a public office disclosing the true names of the owners of the business. (Some states refer to fictitious names as assumed names.) The purpose for this registration is to provide notice to the public, and especially to creditors, of the identities of persons who are doing business under fictitious names for the purpose of protecting creditors from fraud and deceit. (See Jackson v. Jones, 423 So.2d 972 (Fla. 4th DCA 1982), review denied, 436 So.2d 99 (Fla.1983); 1957 Op. Att’y Gen.Fla. 057-283 (September 17, 1957)).

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Cole Puffinburger Has Been Missing Since Wednesday Morning 10/15/08 Abducted By Gumnaen From Home

6 year old Cole Puffinburger has been missing since Wednesday morning after home invasion where Cole was kidnapped at gun point. An Amber Alert as issued in Nevada, Southern California and New Mexico. According to reports 3 Hispanic men posing to be police officers entered the home, tied up Cole Puffinburger’s mother and her fiancĂ© in the home, then took the six-year-old.

Three Hispanic men knocked on the door of the home near Hollywood and Lake Mead just after 7 a.m. They claimed to be police officers. When Cole’s mother opened the door, the men burst in.

Police say they had guns, tied up Cole’s mother and her fiancĂ© in the home, then took the six-year-old after they didn’t find any money. Police believe the family was targeted by the suspects.

Description: Cole Puffinburger     Cole_Puffinburger

  • Sex: Male 
  • Age: 6 years old
  • Race: White
  • Height: 3′ 11″
  • Weight:  48 pounds
  • Eyes:  Blue
  • Hair:    Blond
  • Shirt/Blouse:  black, John Cena Sweatshirt 
  • Pants:   dark jeans
  • Shoes:  black Vans tennis shoes
  • Other Features:  silver-rimmed glasses
      Date/Time of Disappearance:   10/15/08 -  7:15 a.m. 

If anyone has any information about Cole or Tinnemeyer please call the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department at 702-828-3591 or, to remain anonymous, call Crime Stoppers at 702-385-5555.

To discuss the case, get further updates and provide opinions, go to Scared Missing Persons Forum: Cole Puffinburger.

Police focusing on 3 in Las Vegas boy’s abduction

The Mexican man, identified as Jesus Gastelum, is in his mid-30s and believed to be in Las Vegas or Southern California, police said at a news conference. The other “person of interest” was not identified.

Authorities already had arrested the grandfather of Cole Puffinburger, who was abducted Wednesday morning by two men posing as police officers. Police said they believe that the men were Mexican drug dealers and that the kidnapping at gunpoint was a “message” to the grandfather, Clemens Tinnemeyer, 51

UPDATE I: Grandfather could be link to missing Nevada boy

It appears that the 6year old Cole Puffinburger may be paying for the sins of his grandfather, Clemens Fred Tinnemeyer. Cole’s abduction may be tied to grandfathers drug dealings with Mexican nationals.


6 year old Cole Puffinburger, left & 51 year old grandfather Clemens Tinnemeyer, right.

Investigators were looking for the grandfather of a kidnapped 6-year-old boy Friday, saying they believe the abduction may be linked to the man’s drug dealings with Mexican nationals. The boy, Cole Puffinburger, was abducted from a Las Vegas home Wednesday morning by three men posing as police officers. Police said they believe the men were Mexican drug dealers and that the kidnapping at gunpoint was a “message” to his grandfather, Clemens Fred Tinnemeyer.

“Tinnemeyer has stolen a large sum of money, all proceeds from illegal drug activity,” Las Vegas police Capt. Vincent Cannito said.

UPDATE II: Grandfather of Abducted Las Vegas Boy Arrested in Riverside

A little boy from Las Vegas remains missing, and the child’s grandfather remains locked up in the Inland Empire, as police have identified a second “person of interest” in a kidnapping case that may involve drug runners from Mexico.

Although six-year-old Cole Puffinburger remained missing, a national Amber Alert was taken down this morning “because of a lack of significant tips,” said Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Capt. Vincent Cannito.

Grandfather of abducted Nevada boy arrested

Grandfather of Kidnapped Nevada Boy Is Arrested

Mr. Tinnemeyer, who had not been heard from by family in several months, is not charged with a crime but is being held in hopes he may lead police to the abductors of Cole Puffinburger.

Captain Cannito said Mr. Tinnemeyer had “stolen a large sum of money, all proceeds from illegal drug activity.”

The kidnappers, Captain Cannito said, “wanted to send a very clear message.”

“Message sent; message received,” he went on. “They’ve got the attention of an entire nation.”

On Saturday, the police called off an Amber Alert for the boy, saying that its effectiveness had run its course. They also had narrowed their search to Southern California and Nevada.

The police were also looking for Jesus Gastelum, a Mexican national in his mid-30’s. Captain Cannito would not say why he was sought. The police said Mexican authorities had been notified of the case.

UPDATE III: Cops Chase Leads in Missing Boy Case
Seek New ‘Person of Interest,’ Conduct Searches in Disappearance of Boy Whose Grandfather Has Been Tied to Mexican Drug Ring

UPDATE IV: Search for kidnapped Nevada boy expands to Utah

UPDATE V: Cole Puffinberger Found ALIVE in Las Vegas

Tremoundous news out of Las Vegas, NV … Cole Puffinberger has been found alive and safe.

A six-year-old boy kidnapped from a Las Vegas home by alleged drug dealers has been found alive north-east of the Strip.

Cole Puffinburger was found on Saturday after a member of the public told detectives a child was walking the streets, Las Vegas police officer Jay Rivera said. He said the child appeared to be healthy.

Cole was abducted on Wednesday morning by two men posing as police officers.

The boy’s grandfather, Clemens Tinnemeyer, was arrested on Friday in connection with Cole’s disappearance.

Kidnapped boy found in Vegas

A 6-year-old boy who authorities said was kidnapped by Mexican drug dealers ripped off by the child’s grandfather was found in “extremely good condition” after being dropped off near a church, authorities said early today.

Cole Puffinburger was spotted walking in northeast Las Vegas at about 10:30 p.m. Saturday night. Detectives handing out missing persons fliers about the boy receieved a call that someone matching his description was wandering the streets.

“It’s just a blessing that this child has been found,” Las Vegas Metropolitan police Capt. Vincent Cannito said at an early morning news conference.

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