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Caylee Anthony Missing: Body Decomposition Detected In Casey Anthony’s Trunk

The much anticipated results are in from the tests of the car trunk of Casey Anthony. The University of Tennessee Body Farm reveal that the smell in the trunk of Casey Anthony, the mother of missing 3-year-old Caylee, is human decomposition.

Air sample tests taken from Anthony’s trunk were sent on Aug. 10 by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office to be analyzed at the University of Tennessee Forensic Anthropology Facility, known as the “Body Farm.”

According to two sources, including one with direct knowledge of the investigation, initial tests on that foul odor in Casey Anthony’s car have come back positive for human decomposition. The finding is the first scientific signal that a dead body was in Casey Anthony’s car.

DNA Tests From Car Trunk Indicate Caylee Anthony Is Dead

Concrete results were back from FBI DNA tests on physical evidence found in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car. The samples, which included hair that investigators said was scientifically linked to Caylee, a stain and dirt, came back positive for signs of decomposition. Investigators said more results were expected from tests done on other evidence but all indications are Caylee Anthony is dead.

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August 28th, 2008 at 12:05am Posted by | Caylee Anthony, Missing, Missing Children | 4 comments

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  1. I believe Casey waited for a construction site with fresh poured concrete to bury Caylee in, therefore to never be found-even by cadaver dogs. that is why i believe she waited the 31 days to report her missing and first had her body stored somewhere in the yard, then put her in the trunk and took her to the site where she left her. i feel investigators need to look at construction sites that were being worked on since June til august in the area. i hope they do. this lil angel should be put to rest in a proper and deserving manner. i am disgusted with that casey. i hope she gets the death penalty-she chose that for her innocent child, so a jury should choose that for her. all she had to do was give that baby to her parents-i can tell-they would have taken that child with open arms so casey can go be an immature partying irresponsible jerk that she is. and i don’t wanna hear a defense of mental illness and personality disorder–i work in mental health and my clients don’t go around killing their children!!!!! its an excuse and a poor one!

    Comment by tami | August 28, 2008

  2. It is very hard to cut Casey any slack. We feel so much for the missing little girl whom we assume she killed, whether by direct actions or by gross neglect. But Casey is a human being even if we are not inclined to think of her that way. In the USA she is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law even though our gut instincts may be to declare her guilty without that process. If the justice process [which is not a perfect process but is more perfect than lynch mob justice"]is not there for Casey Anthony, it is not there for anyone. Our society developed its justice process for the general good, and we need to allow Casey the privilege of going through the normal justice process no matter what we think she did. We need that process intact for ourselves, for all of us. Otherwise we would have tar and feathers or
    lynch mobs instead of trials. That would not be a good thing. Please have enough faith in the justice system to leave Casey’s fate to the justice system. Name calling and angry crowds outside her house/jail, etc, serve no useful purpose. We have to clear our collective minds of bias because we are the populace from whom her jury will have to be chosen. Broadcasting inflammatory rhetoric either on the Internet or through any other media only contaminates the jury pool leaving fewer people whom can look at her case with an open mind. We would not want that done to ourselves or to a loved one of ours who was suspected of a crime, so lets stop doing it to Casey Anthony.

    Comment by Ann | August 30, 2008

  3. I don’t understand why they don’t dig up the newly poured concrete patio the Anthony’s poured while Caylee was supposedly missing. I don’t understand why they have stopped searching for her body. Why so much delay?

    Comment by Caylee's Friend | October 26, 2008

  4. I have been reading & listening and viewing the info about this case from the beginning and something is very wrong with this entire picture. How can the mother Casey not know where her child was or is today? She was responsible for the 2 year old. And Casey is saying she does not know where she went? How is this possible?

    But the true troubling issue is why Casey did not report this child missing within hours of her disappearence? That is the key to her active involvement in this case. A normal person, a person who did nothing wrong, a person who is not fearful of anything, a responsible person/mother would have reported the child missing immediately. No ifs ands or buts.

    The issue isnt that the child died or was missing. It could have been an accident, however the child got missing is not the issue the issue is why the mother did not report this child missing within the hour she was missing. That is the entire case. And the case does not look good for the mother at all.

    Just not reporting this missing child makes or reflects the mother’s guilt.

    After all one of Casey’s own friend’s said Casey herself said, “I am a good liar” and said it with much pride.

    Another issues I saw with Casey while her and her mother and father were talking on the jail phone was Casey kept laying the foundation that she can do no good for looking for Caylee where she is still in jail. Casey wants her mother and father to get her out on bail. I pray they do not.

    Casey is not crying for Caylee her missing child, Casey is crying for herself. Casey is very self centered and a first class actress, first class. Hollywood is missing her very much.

    May God have mercy upon Casey’s soul and the entire Anthony family.

    Comment by Rose Marie | June 3, 2011

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