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Possible Sighting of Caylee Anthony at a Mall in Northwest Orlando, FL … Make Comparison For Yourself

According to Local 6 out of Orlando, FL there was a possible sighting of missing 3 year old Caylee Anthony. This is just one of the many sightings of Caylee Anthony since she went missing. All other previous sightings have turned out to be false leads. The picture below seems to be more and the same.


Picture of potential sighting of Caylee Anthony

A photo of a girl involved in a possible Caylee sighting at a mall located northwest of Orlando was released on Friday by a group searching for the missing girl, but a family investigator would not identify the mall nor say when the photo was taken.

D & A Investigations, an agency working with the Anthony family in the search for Caylee, obtained the photo, which was taken by a patron at the unnamed mall.

The person who took the picture has declined to comment, Dominic Casey with D & A Investigations said. Casey said the mall has not been named because of his agency’s ongoing investigation.

When asked for specifics about the photo, Casey told Local 6 News reporter, “You’re not law enforcement.”

The photo has been provided to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI, according to a news release. Investigators with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office have not commented on the photo, but the agency has said that it believes Caylee is dead.


Left: Caylee Anthony, Center & Right pics of Orlando sighting

In doing a simple comparison of Caylee Anthony to the two photos taken of a potential sighting one can notice the obvious difference of the chin and nose. Once again it would appear to be a false sighting of Caylee and another attempt to perpetrate the notion that Caylee Anthony is alive. A convenient ruse to put forth to the public and potential jurors when tot mom Casey Anthony is brought to trial in the disappearance and death of Caylee Anthony. This plays right into the hands of the acts of denial from Cindy and George Anthony. Let’s just over look the evidence of human decomposition from the trunk and continue to follow pipe dream sightings. Might we add that there are still Elvis sightings and we know The King is dead.

The picture of the potential sighting of Caylee was reportedly snapped by a shopper at the mall and was given to D & A Investigations, a firm that is working with the Anthony family

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