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The Casey Anthony Three Ring Circus Continues … Chloroform, Another Bail and A Gun Removed from Home

What is the latest in the 3 Ring Circus that is supposed to be about little Caylee Caylee_Anthony_2Anthony?

In Circus Ring #1 we have the recent announcement that significant levels of chloroform were found in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s trunk. We also learned that on Casey Anthony’s hard drive were recent searches made regarding chloroform and its uses. Because everyone knows that chloroform should be a naturally existing gas in a trunk.

In Circus Ring #2 we are presented with the second release from jail by Casey Peterson on a $500K bail. It was a mob scene when Casey was released from the Orange County, FL jail as protesters yelled, “baby killer”.  Does anyone wish to speculate as to how the Anthony family suddenly was able to secure $50,000? It couldn’t be that the family may have already signed a book or movie deal?

And in Circus Ring #3 w are presented with the search this morning of the Anthony residence where they discovered and removed a gun from the vehicle owned by George Anthony.

The case is supposed to be about a missing now 3 year old Caylee Anthony. Little Caylee went missing on June 9, 2008; however, was not reported missing until July 16, 2008. That was the first red flag that this case was going to have some twists and turns. The second was when Cayle’s grandmother Cindy Anthony initially stated that her daughter Casey Anthony’s trunk smelled like a dead body was in it only to later have Cindy tell us it was really a pizza.

Why is it that the grandparents were initially skeptical of Casey and have now closed ranks insulting everyone’s intelligence as to the story and insulted law enforcement and searchers as well as to their efforts to help find missing Caylee?

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23 Year Old Hannah Upp Missing NYC School Teacher … Last Seen Friday, Aug. 29, 2008

23 year old New York City school teacher Hannah Upp has been missing Hannah_Upps_1since the afternoon of August 29, 2008. According to reports Hannah Upp was last seen in her Hamilton Heights apartment on the afternoon of 8/29/08. Upp has been described as a “very smart, very sensible young woman who is always aware of where she is and what’s going on around her, and who is conscious of the fact that not everyone she may meet has good intentions.”

According to Upp’s friends, she has planned to go away for the weekend and return on Saturday or Sunday. However, when Upp had not returned by Monday night they began to get concerned. Upp’s disappearance has baffled family and friends as she has all but vanished without a trace.

Upp’s two roommates, a man and a woman, became worried about her Sunday night when they hadn’t heard from her, roommate Samantha Gallardo, 25, told

According to Gallardo, Upp’s other roommate, fellow teacher Manny Ramirez, searched her room and saw that her purse, wallet, cell phone, ATM card and subway card were all there.

“My roommate woke me up and we went down to the police station. They didn’t seem too concerned about it at first, but at 4 a.m. that night there were already detectives in our apartment,” Gallardo said. “There’s been police in our apartment since.”

Hannah Upp, Thurgood Marshall Academy school teacher missing

A $10,000 reward has been offered for help in finding the missing NYC school teacher, Hannah Upp. The United Federation of Teachers has offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to Hannah Upp’s return.

More than a week after teacher went missing, her mother begs for clues

Anyone with any information regarding Hannah Upp is asked to contact Detective Perez, 30th Precinct Detective Squad, at 212-690-8842 or 212-690-8843.

UPDATE I: Missing teacher Hannah Upp spotted at store in Midtown Manhattan

read the rest here…

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35 Year Old Tony Jacquet Missing in San Bernardino County, CA … Last Seen on 9/1/08 near Valley of the Falls Drive

35 year old Tony Jacquet has been missing since Monday, 9/1/08, when he was last seen going on a hike. Jacquet was seen walking his dog and believed to have been going on a hike in the Falls area. On Tuesday, neighbors reported seeing Jaquet’s dog; however, he was no where to be found. According to reports Tony Jacquet has a serious medical condition and takes medications daily critical to his well-being. Time is of the essence in order to locate missing Tony Jacquet as he suffers from violent seizures as a result of a head injury he suffered in a past automobile accident.

Tony Jacquet Description:Tony_Jacquet

  • Jacquet is 35 years old
  • 6 feet 2 inches tall
  • weighs 180 pounds
  • green eyes
  • curly brown hair
  • full beard and mustache.
  • He was last seen wearing a blue t-shirt with green sleeves, tan colored shorts and brown hiking shoes

Jacquet was last seen walking with his dog, Scamper, east on Valley of the Falls Drive on Monday between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m., and was believed to be going on a hike in the Falls area.  

Search resumes for missing Forest Falls man

Some 30 searchers are resuming the hunt this morning for a Forest Falls man who went for a walk and his dog returned without him, according to San Bernardino County sheriff’s officials.

UPDATE I: Sad Ending … Tny Jacquet Found Deceased

It was a tragic ending to the story of missing hiker, 35-year-old Tony Jacquet. Although Jacquet’s family says his death is devastating news, they say, at least there is some form of closure.

“It didn’t come out the way we wanted to but Tony did what he loved the most and we’re okay with that,” said Normand Jacquet, the hiker’s father.

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