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According to WFTV Man Who Runs Kid Finders, Dennis Milstead, has Serious Problems with his Criminal Past and his Non Profit Group (Caylee Anthony)

What is going on with the Kid Finders Network?

The Kid Finders Network, a not for profit group that deals with missing children has been at the forefront of the Caylee Anthony missing persons case and also in the camp of the parents of indicted tot mom Casey Anthony. For quite some time there have been stories simmering under the surface regarding Kid Finders. There have been several allegations and rumors swirling regarding Kid Finders and their involvement in this case and several others.

Now comes this bomb shell from WFTV regarding Dennis Milstead who runs the Kid Finders Network …


Watch the above video of  Dennis Milstead getting physical once again with a camera man has he did just recently in Blanchard Park during a meeting with the Anthony’s and Leonard Padilla. Temper, temper.

He’s been arrested twice, once for assault and once for impersonating a police officer, and he’s the man Caylee Anthony’s grandparents are trusting to help find their granddaughter.

Dennis Milstead runs the so-called Kid Finders Network, but Eyewitness News uncovered serious problems with his criminal past and his not-for profit group, including the fact Kid Finders has never found anybody.

Still, the organization is out every day, collecting donations using jars with Caylee’s picture on them. Even the Palm Beach County sheriff’s sergeant who helps run their Crime Stoppers operation says Orange County deputies have been warned about Milstead.

When Eyewitness News confronted Milstead about his criminal past, he got very quiet and then he grabbed WFTV reporter Kathi Belich’s microphone and pushed the camera while WFTV photographer Adam Liberatore was holding on to it.

Pictures of the confrontation can be seen here.

WFTV also goes on to report that Milstead in the past claimed he was a law enforcement officer, was arrested for a felony but plead down to a misdemeanor and seven months later another arrest for assault.  Eyewitness News also reported that the president of Crime Stoppers in south Florida had a restraining order against Milstead.

Milstead’s pickup truck had a “Gotcha” emblem on the side of it instead of the Kid Finders emblem he has now. West Palm Beach police say he flashed phony blue lights and claimed he was a law enforcement officer. He plead his felony down to a misdemeanor and seven months later another arrest for assault.

Eyewitness News has also learned that the president of Crime Stoppers in south Florida had a restraining order against Milstead after he allegedly tried to connive a 90-percent cut of any donations he solicited for the group. At the time, Milstead was operating a business called Gotcha Billboards, but he was reportedly representing himself as an employee of the non-profit Crime Stoppers.

Milstead’s Kid Finders Network mentions its intentions to raise funds a number of times, mainly so it says it can build more billboards to report on missing children. Its list of accomplishments does not include finding any missing children.

So the grand parents of missing Caylee Anthony are putting all their eggs in the Kid Finders basket? A basket that has never found a missing child and has no track record of success. Bizarre to say the least.

Are Caylee Anthony’s Grandparents Trusting The Right Organizations?

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  1. My heart still goes out to George and Cindy Anthony as they wait for answers that they dread. It is the not knowing that is unmerciful. George is the hero here in my eyes. He has to be strong for his wife, the mother of his children and Caylee’s grandmother. He knows that the day is coming when they will have to hear that their own flesh and blood has taken the life of God’s most precious gift. I can understand because my firstborn daughter, Heather, has been missing since August 26, 1995. Just this past weekend new information has come to me, with another horrible story of her death, without a place to find her remains. I have as much evidence that she is alive as she isn’t. I know how devastating it is everyday for Cindy as she opens the kitchen cabinet and sees Caylee’s empty sippy cup. I know how her heart is breaking. Somewhere deep down, she knows that smeill and so does George. And someday, when they have proof, they will be able to say good-bye to the not knowing days and celebrate precious Caylee’s life. I pray I get to do the same. Matthew 10:26!

    Comment by Sarah Teague | November 20, 2008

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