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Texas Equusearch; Getting Involved with Tara Grinstead and back to Aruba

Texas Equusearch and Tim Miller are going to Ocilla, GA to help aid in the search for the missing school teacher, Tara Grinstead. So far all search efforts have failed to produce Tara. According to sources Tim Miller landed in Georgia this morning and will be meeting with the LE.

Texas Equusearch (TES) in this search will be utilizing some high tech equipment that will include remote control airplanes equipped with night vision and a GPS tracking device.
TES will also be utilizing GPS devices recently donated by Academy Sports and Outdoors.

Tim Miller stated thats he is very optimistic and is very familiar with the type of terrain they’ll be searching in GA. Tim Miller said, “the LE is very dedicated in resolving the case as quickly as possible and have not let up in their diligent search efforts … we’re (TES) are simply another tool for the LE to use”.

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UPDATE: We have NOT stopped searching! Volunteers are needed this weekend 8am – 8pm Sat. & Sun. Please come!


Also, Tim Miller and TES will be returning to Aruba to continue the search for Natalee Holloway in the next couple of weeks. Although initial reports state that the equipment is not coming from the FBI; however, TES was able to secure a boat, equipment and divers that can go 12,000 feet below. Thus the 1000 foot depth that was previously needed will be attainable.

More to follow …

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  2. Good luck Tim…. Maybe there will be some answers one way or the other.

    Comment by DC | November 18, 2005

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