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Tara Grinstead Investigation: Anita Gattis; “her sister left the house under her own will and then something went very wrong after that.”

Its been nearly two weeks and there have been no solid clues or leads as to the disappearance of Tara Grinstead. Several volunteer search parties have been organized on multiple days and have turned up empty.

Searches have been conducted every day in various ways, including on foot, by horse, with helicopters and with all-terrain vehicles. Wednesday, cadaver dogs were used, though authorities stressed it wasn’t because they were looking for a body.

In an interview with CBS, The Early Show co-anchor Hannah Storm, Tara Grinstead’s sister Anita Gattis discusses her ideas of what may have happened the night that her sister went missing.

Anita Gattis, Grinstead’s sister, says police “didn’t find a lot” when they searched Grinstead’s home in Ocilla, Ga.

“The house was locked,” Gattis told The Early Show co-anchor Hannah Storm Friday. “Her cell phone was back in the charger. She always takes her cell phone with her everywhere she goes. Her purse and her keys were missing. The car was home but it was unlocked, which is very unusual. Tara always kept her car locked.”

Gattis says she suspects her sister left the house under her own will “and then something went very wrong after that. I don’t know if it started out to be an abduction and she was just lured out of her home, or she went with somebody and then something happened. I’m just not sure. But I really do feel like it is an abduction at this point.”

We have learned from authorities that Tara’s former boyfriend, Marcus Harperhas, been questioned on numerous occasions and a former student of her that was accused of stalking her had been questioned also.

Authorities have questioned a former boyfriend of Grinstead’s, Gattis confirmed. “They broke up about nine months ago,” she says. “He has been questioned many times at length. He has obtained an attorney.

“They had had a very bad argument, I just found out, several days before she went missing, concerning an 18-year-old that he was dating. My sister did not think that (the 18-year-old’s) parents would approve of a 30-year-old dating an 18-year-old. I’m told that she threatened to tell the parents, and they had a very heated argument over this.”

A former student, Anthony Vickers, accused of stalking Grinstead has also been interrogated.

If anyone has any information regarding the disappearance of Tara Grinstead, her disappearance, or her whereabouts, police ask that you call 912-386-2564.

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