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Georgians pull together for missing teacher, Tara Grinstead

The disappearance of Tara Grinstead has captured the hearts of many in Georgia and nationally. Tara’s disappearance has made national news as family, friends and volunteers search for the missing 30 year old school teacher.

And news of the missing teacher is gaining national and even worldwide attention. Monday, Tara Grinstead’s sister spent the day in Atlanta doing interviews. Volunteers say several national cable news channels have picked up on the story and they’ve even received emails from as far away as Canada.

Volunteers have even had to change fliers to reflect a new reward amount. It’s now up to at least $25,000, some of which has been donated by people who’ve never met the missing teacher. “The word’s getting out there and we’re not going to rest until we bring Tara home,” says search volunteer Linda Fletcher.

As in all searches the volunteers remain cautiously optimistic and to be ever present and vigilant when searching as one never knows what they might find as a clue or lead.

Still Fletcher, like many others remains optimistic, but warns everyone to be careful and keep their eyes open. “Be aware of everything around you because we don’t want anything to happen to anybody else,” Fletcher says.

The searches continue for Tara Grinstead in Ocilla and all the surrounding areas and counties. She has been missing for ten day and hundreds of people continue to search for the missing school teacher.

The search continues for missing Ocilla teacher Tara Grinstead. The 30 year old disappeared 10 days ago. Now, a search and rescue operation from Albany is going to help in the search.

Hundreds of people search by foot, by horse, and by air. Now, four more people, this time with Albany-Dougherty County Search and Rescue are going to help find Tara .

“Anytime the surrounding counties contact us to help out, we’re glad to help out. We have a mutual aid agreement with any of the counties in Georgia. This is what we train for and we’re always glad to assist,” says Commander Chuck Mitchell.


TIP LINE: 1-229-468-TIPS (8477)
Private Anonymous Tips: 912-386-2564

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  1. What about finding Sue Ann Ray and Christie Wilson? Nothing is being said about them, specially Sue Ann. Anyone following up on these two probaly murder cases by now?

    Comment by oneyka | November 2, 2005

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