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Tara Grinstead: Interesting Findings from Dr. Maurice Godwin

Dr. Maurice Godwin, President of Godwin Forensic Consultancy will be in Ocilla, GA March 9th — 12th to investigate the Tara Grinstead missing person case.

The following is a rather interesting statement from Dr Godwin regarding the Tara Grinstead disappearance.

Released 3.19.06: Dr. Maurice Godwin has provided the following statement after his recent visit. A complete report will be posted soon. Please check back.

“Tara was attacked and abducted between 11:05 PM Sat. night and 5:00 AM Sunday morning. The perpetrator returned to Tara’s home sometime Monday morning after 12:15 am and dropped the latex glove. This suggests that the perpetrator was very comfortable with being in the area and his vehicle would not stand out for being at Tara’s house. HD did phone Faye Grinstead around 12:15 am Monday morning sitting in front of Tara’s home and Faye in turn phoned Mrs. Portier to see if she had seen Tara.”

March 20th, 2006 at 10:59pm Posted by | Missing Adult, Tara Grinstead | 2 comments

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  1. Your Tara is so beautiful. I pray she is found soon. My Heather has been gone almost 11 yrs now. I KNOW every tear and every fear and every thought you have…It is the most unmerciful crime that there could ever be, isn’t it? I hope you have the time to visit Heather’s site and to say a prayer for her as I will for Tara. Matthew 10:26 says that there will be nothing hidden that won’t be revealed and covered that won’t be uncovered.

    Comment by Sarah Teague | July 15, 2006

  2. Please check out this website regarding Tara. Remote viewing 069 maybe of some help

    Comment by Robin De La Fuente | August 13, 2006

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